Lanka’s Landmark Papers

In 2020, Dr. Stefan Lanka, the famed German virologist, authored two papers revealing the “Misconception of the Virus” that were translated into English. If you wish to know the truth about not only the pandemic, but about how pharma- and government-sponsored medical science fabricates “viruses” and “vaccines”, you must read and share these papers. They are revolutionary.

CIA Coup Comes Home

Not only did the Capitol false flag achieve the most important immediate goal of avoiding Congressional review of the massive 2020 election fraud and thus completing the steal, it is proving to be a key part of the coup operation to ‘take out’ Trump and the MAGA movement. Indeed, mainstream media will no longer even refer to the MAGA movement. Now the Trump populists are “domestic terrorists” and “white supremacists”. Of course they are neither. They are the nearly 80 million people, including significant numbers of black and brown people, who legally voted for the legal President of the United States for another term.

Revisited: Divide and Conquer In The Age of Collapse

The RCO first published this post on February 13. With a few name changes, the statements on the “election” is more or less the same. Unfortunately it still highly relevant today. Are we actually headed for mass civil unrest or civil war with the election?

Gilead’s Disastrous Remdesivir Trials

The dangerous, unapproved drug from government-linked pharma company Gilead Sciences is reportedly being given to U.S. President Donald Trump, along with another experimental drug. Will he survive the treatment?

Inspiration from Trafalgar

From the thousands protesting in Trafalgar Square, London last weekend, in addition to numerous other protests around England against COVID lockdowns and prohibitions on liberty, we bring you Piers Corbyn’s speech. Corbyn’s speech is one for sore ears in the U.S. and around the world.

Liberals and Conservatives: Who’s Hip?

No matter how hip an individual thinks they are, even if they “see through the system”, they will never get anywhere as long as they allow themselves to be divided along lines that suits their ruling class. They need to find common cause that unites the masses against the masters. Being “awake” means nothing without solidarity among the masses, otherwise you’re not fully awake.

COVID Sadism Against Youth in Germany and England

Amidst mass awakening in Germany and England as witnessed in recent protests, the German and English establishments have doubled-down on their fascist attacks on the population. Youth in particular are being targeted by their COVID psychological operation.

COVID Jamming Memes

Here are some sticker-size COVID truth memes that can be printed or sent to the deluded among us. Let’s make these go viral.

Ohio to Pilot US COVID Detention Facilities

The directive, which is actually issued by Ohio Department of Health Interim Director Lance Himes, orders that: “non-congregate sheltering be utilized throughout the state for those who are unable to safely self-quarantine in their place of residence and to isolate those diagnosed with or showing symptoms of COVID-19”.

The COVID Lawsuit Everyone’s Talking About

Make Americans Free Again has posted a federal lawsuit from a group of plaintiffs under the heading “Ohio Stands Up”, alleging that there is no COVID emergency, and calling for a permanent injunction on lockdowns and other COVID prohibitions, including masks.

Stefan Lanka Exposes COVID Science Fraud

German virologist Stefan Lanka has launched a complaint against Prof. Christian Drosten, the alleged “co-discoverer” of both SARS coronaviruses and head of the Institute of Virology at the Charité Medical School in Berlin, for scientific fraud. The complaint was submitted to German and international law enforcement authorities.