Lanka’s Landmark Papers

In 2020, Dr. Stefan Lanka, the famed German virologist, authored two papers revealing the “Misconception of the Virus” that were translated into English. If you wish to know the truth about not only the pandemic, but about how pharma- and government-sponsored medical science fabricates “viruses” and “vaccines”, you must read and share these papers. They are revolutionary.

CIA Coup Comes Home

Not only did the Capitol false flag achieve the most important immediate goal of avoiding Congressional review of the massive 2020 election fraud and thus completing the steal, it is proving to be a key part of the coup operation to ‘take out’ Trump and the MAGA movement. Indeed, mainstream media will no longer even refer to the MAGA movement. Now the Trump populists are “domestic terrorists” and “white supremacists”. Of course they are neither. They are the nearly 80 million people, including significant numbers of black and brown people, who legally voted for the legal President of the United States for another term.

Revisited: Divide and Conquer In The Age of Collapse

The RCO first published this post on February 13. With a few name changes, the statements on the “election” is more or less the same. Unfortunately it still highly relevant today. Are we actually headed for mass civil unrest or civil war with the election?

Liberals and Conservatives: Who’s Hip?

No matter how hip an individual thinks they are, even if they “see through the system”, they will never get anywhere as long as they allow themselves to be divided along lines that suits their ruling class. They need to find common cause that unites the masses against the masters. Being “awake” means nothing without solidarity among the masses, otherwise you’re not fully awake.