Tweedledum vs. Tweedledee

A few months ago, Tucker Carlson had University of Connecticut Professor Matthew Hughey on his show. They engaged in a predictably superficial Liberal/Conservative “debate” on immigration, which perfectly encapsulates current Establishment ways: The discussion centered around liberal Tweedledum Hughey’s lecture called “Make America White Again? The Racial Reasoning of American Nationalism,” which purported to show  … Read more

An Intimate Relationship

The Preservation Society is above all a brotherhood of privileged capitalists. We are devoted to the Great Institution, for without it We are nothing special. Profit logic would not make sense and would not justify Our actions. This separates Us from the rest of Our classmates who get it backwards. They think they belong to … Read more

The Anti-Democratic Origins Of Capitalism: Enclosure

Read The Anti-Democratic Origins Of Capitalism: The Tragedy Of The Commons II The commons had been an effective way communities managed land among themselves. It had proven to be an effective means of social relations for centuries, but it was entirely incompatible with the new form of profit and private property emanating from an new … Read more

The Forbidden Ego

“The individual is the fundamental unit of society. Ego is the driver of the individual. Control the ego of the individual, dominate society”, We wrote some time ago. We endeavor to reshape each and every ego coming out of the womb into … the image of a ruling class loyalist — epitomized by the unquestioning … Read more

The Anti-Democratic Origins Of Capitalism: The Tragedy Of The Commons II

Read part I here. In his famous article, “Tragedy Of The Commons”, Professor  Garrett Hardin said Adam Smith’s economic “invisible hand” — letting economic actors play  without interference — led to a “dominant tendency of thought” that warps rational thinking. Perhaps. The “invisible hand” he says, has led to: the tendency to assume that decisions reached individually … Read more

The Anti-Democratic Origins Of Capitalism: The Tragedy Of The Commons I

Read The Transition as a part of this series. One of the greatest embarrassments of free market thought, among the many, is an essay called the Tragedy Of The Commons written in 1968 by professor of biology Garrett Hardin. It demonstrates the difficulties capitalists ideologues have with their ideology’s anti-democratic nature and origins. The commons … Read more

The Anti-Democratic Origins of Capitalism: The Transition

The origins of capitalism are not democratic. Capitalism was not created in a community meeting of equal members. They did not gather in the public square to ask how best to provide for the well being of the individual and society.

Deep State Studies

In Our last post Alt Media Rising — And Its Discontents, We said: These “left” and “right” alternative media need to be married: the political and economic analysis of the “left”, with the deep state studies of the “right”. Liberal leaning individuals are too trusting of their government, and their conservative counterparts are too distrusting … Read more

Alt Media Rising — And Its Discontents

Time Magazine selected The Donald for Person of the Year. Trump’s rise to “power” certainly marks a sea change in the political arena and beyond. A good choice, but Our unanimous preference at the Preservation Society was for Wikileaks. No one has affected politics and life in recent years as this outlet. The Donald might … Read more

Same Old Song and Pizza

Another democratic crisis averted. Or has it been? The corporate mainstream media (MSM) thinks, along with a significant portion of their ruling class masters, that they have weathered the political storms of pizza and a discontented masses. There are a few prominent voices who point out the disconnect between the system and its parties on … Read more

The Tough Cult, Part II

“Tough” Society (continued) Fear and insecurity are natural enough in ruling class society, but sometimes the masses become hardened to their effects simply because they have come to accept “the way it is”, or they have internalized tough society as reflected in the individual’s behavior and judgmentalism. This state of society must be diligently maintained. … Read more

The Tough Cult, Part I

From the Preservation Society’s point of view, a ruling class society is, among other things, a society of nurtured cowards who get “tough” with, or at least shun, those who don’t follow along.

Profit Logic

The relationship between the ruling class and its masses hinges upon, among other things, the ruling  class’s ability to translate its agenda into policies acceptable to the masses. This feat requires the individual to actively work against their own interests — ideally with an abundance of enthusiasm and patriotism. We marvel at the willful ignorance … Read more

Wasting the Masses — A Ruling Class Imperative

In October 2013, Jonathan Gruber, an MIT economics professor, said at a conference held at Wharton Business School, “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage,” and “…. basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass.” “Dr.” Gruber was talking … Read more