Paradise Suppressed

A unit of consciousness becomes alienated  from the Great Whole. It feels vulnerable. It becomes aware of its condition and feels compelled to control its environment. Before long the unit of consciousness challenges the Whole for supremacy, confusing it with security. But the unit cannot “conquer” reality. It is forced to compromise, and finally finds harmony … Read more

The Individual Among Us, Part II

The Three Aspects of the Individual

There are three aspects to every individual: the Herd, the Apathetic and the People. These aspects refer to the individual’s attitude toward the ruling class. Attitude is everything. It is a constant battle for the hearts and minds of the individual of the masses and for the continued privilege of the ruling class individual.

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The Individual Among Us, Part I

The individual is the most basic unit of ruling class society. One cannot divide society further without damaging either. The Supreme Executive, Our ruling class guiding spirit, hates and needs this creature.

Invocation to the Supreme Executive

At the beginning of every session of the Ruling Class Preservation Society, We offer up a prayer for the Supreme Executive and the status quo. The chairman of the proceedings reads out the Invocation. With every “let it be so” and “amen” a chorus of voices rises up from the gathered members, followed by each … Read more

The Glass Ceiling: Obscuring the Light at the End of the Tunnel or the Prison Ceiling Above?

An Effective Ruling Class Tool

The “glass ceiling” is a ruling class consolation prize. We keep the status quo, the masses get to break this coveted social “impediment”. Obama was our first black president. Clinton could be our first female president. And The Donald could be our first orange-headed president. There have been many red-headed presidents, but no orange ones.

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Superior Beings, Hard Work And Fruit

Superior beings do not have to work hard. Truly superior beings almost never do.

Virtues of Idleness

They say God created the world in 7 days. We contend he didn’t lift a finger. But many object. They tell us, “it shows the miracle of Creation, that is beyond hard work!” That is not so, we respond. God merely says, “let there be” this, that and that other thing. Where is the sweat, the flexing of muscles, the craft, the patience and determination, where are the examples to the toiling masses? Divine common sense says that is not hard work. We think it’s not even a miracle. It’s merely religion.

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Exits and Elections

When people don’t have access to power, they don’t have power.

The Preservation Society neglected to include this proposition in Ruling Class Axioms. In many ways this principle lies at the heart of ruling class society. Elections, whether for presidents or Brexit, are more or less founded on the idea that the rank-and-file are of the belief that they decide who is to be in charge or what direction to go in, yet the average individual has no access or connection to Washington or the EU’s capitol in Brussels, never mind (local) London. Nor do most have any idea what to do in the event that power acts against their wishes. In other words, the masses have no access to power, ergo, they have no power. That’s what it comes down to.

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Labels: The Doors of Perception

The label is a wondrous development in the evolution of the ruling class. It is a form of thought that takes away the need for actual thinking. The label, in fact, replaces thinking with its short comforting familiarity of definition tailored to sooth the insecure individual and justify their “thoughts” and “opinions”, while delivering the individual into ruling class service.

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Ruling Class Axioms

The Ruling Class Observations has distilled the fundamental, universal and common sense principles of all ruling classes and their societies. When a small group of individuals benefits from a significant disparity of material privilege, a ruling class condition exists in society. A ruling class implies widespread poverty. A “healthy” ruling class society means a sick … Read more

Ego and the Ruling Class

In Common Features of Ruling Class Society We summarize the major features common to all ruling classes, regardless of mode of domination. Indispensable as these qualities are to the existence of a functioning ruling class, the ego of the individual is the key without which those characteristics can not function properly. The individual is the fundamental unit of the society. Ego is the driver of the individual. Control the ego of the individual, dominate society.

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The Supreme Executive: God of Gods

The Preservation Society has developed a close brotherhood over the years — no women, its a men’s thing. We are a special breed among the ruling class, for we recognize our class faults and encourage revolution! As a consequence we are a relatively small group, and are considered a cult by many of our fellow ruling class-mates who know of our existence. We view the Preservation Society as the vanguard of ruling class evolution.

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Religious Capitalists vs. Common Sense Capitalists

One of the goals of the Ruling Class Preservation Society is to change the way the masses (and the ruling class) think about capitalism. Hitherto, the Great Institution has bred its subjects to believe that capitalism is a positive good — good for them,  and good to them — and that its negative effects are the anomalies perpetrated by unscrupulous individuals taking advantage of the system. Its enemies, we are bred to believe, are a mob of resentful, envious failures. We call this thinking religious capitalism.

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How Liberals and Conservatives Like Their “Democracy”

How do Liberals and Conservatives — our precious Democrat and Republican loyalists — like their “Democracy”? Pretty raw if you ask the Preservation Society.

Let us pretend for a moment that Liberals and Conservatives understand what they are doing. Let us take at face value that when they vote, they are informed citizens casting the ballot with full knowledge of the facts. This is not to say that all politicians are against the rank-and-file individual’s interests. The system they must labor in forces them to run with the pack, or remain ineffectively alone.

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