The Ruling Class and Its Masses

Here at the Preservation Society, we are proud of our intellectual independence from the ruling class though we are part of it. We like to draw out the buffoonery of the Liberal and Conservative mainstream and undermine their authority. As it is, we have been too successful in herding the masses into a deferential and unquestioning mindset. We need a little push back from the lower orders to keep the Great Institution honest, and you won’t get it from the herd.

Here is a little diagram of our depiction of society:



The Sign of the $

Sign of the dollar

At the beginning of every meeting of the RCPS we make the Sign of the $ to remind us of our unique and privileged position in the cosmos. We are reminded of our mission to protect and preserve the Supreme Executive who makes it all possible. We make the sign whenever we utter the name of the SE or give thanks for what we have.

How to make the Sign of the $:

With only the middle and index fingers of the right hand extended and together, representing the unity of the SE and the ruling class individual, point to (1) the forehead, and then (2) the chest. Then (3) beginning on the left side, at around cheek level but outside the face draw an “s” to end (4) just above the right chest muscle. To ensure the “s” shape give a nice curving loop in line with the forehead/chest axis (3a and 4a). After much practice, perform the Sign with eyes closed and repeat at each stage of the $ these latin words: (1) potentia, (2) opulentia, (3 to 4) et Exsecutivus Supremus. Translation: power, wealth and the Supreme Executive.


Ruling Class Society Vs.  Paradise

Call of the Wildcall-of-the-wild-cartoon A wonderful little cartoon from Guardian Newspaper of London. The point is well understood despite one’s idea of freedom. It was reprinted in an equally curious and out of print volume from Our studies library called, Why Work? Published by Freedom Press, London. It is a collection of essays challenging the necessity of toil and what constitutes “useful work”.  The anarchists will recognize one of their prophets in Peter Kropotkin. Also making an appearance is none other than Bertrand Russell with a piece called In Praise of Idleness.