Covid-19 Plandemic

When #Plandemic Models Fail, Invent “Hidden Outbreaks”

 by Guest

As people are now aware from Our previous reporting that the case and death counts for the alleged COVID-19 disease have been fabricated and inflated in many (and likely most) countries, and especially in the US, establishment operatives have done their best to end run this information to suit their illegal universal testing and vaccination agenda and extend their illegal lockdowns.

When a #Plandemic Becomes a #Shamdemic

 by Guest

There is evidence that the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as well as the governments of Italy and China – and thus likely many other governments – are or have been essentially cooking their COVID books to fake an epidemic by falsely counting deaths from other conditions as COVID or “COVID-associated” deaths. 

Wag the Microbe

 by Guest

Reports of empty, ghostlike hospitals have been circulating on TwitterFacebook and YouTube, despite claims all over corporate and mainstream media that hospitals are overwhelmed globally, and in New York City that morgues are overflowing, crematories are working overtime and bodies are being stored in refrigerated trailer trucks

Viral Gullibility

 by Guest

Unfortunately, as the Plandemic exercise, aka World War on a Microbe, continues at a historically head-spinning pace, some of even the enlightened masses have expressed a complete belief in the superstar microbe. 

Plandemic Planet

 by Guest

In 2010, in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, the Rockefeller Foundation, one of Our major “philanthropic” organs, convened what is called a “scenario planning exercise” where future events that we may or may not be planning are “gamed”. Ostensibly, future and scenario planning is simply prudent, especially as regards public health, so it was not seen as any threat by the masses at large.