Ruling Class Observations

Ruling Class Observations (RCO) is a way of looking at politics, culture and society in general from a perspective that encompasses the totality of society. It is a wholistic approach to observing a grouping of individuals. Traditionally, analyses begins from an arbitrary starting point like ideologies, politicians and tribalism. And while we may feel justified in that approach, it is usually hopelessly mired in personal interest and bias. We are all conditioned to favor one ideology, tribe or faction over all others. This is a “built-in” divisiveness that clouds thinking and aids domination and control (see Allegory of the Clenched Fist for a short illustration of this point).

RCO makes any examination of politics much more objective than the traditional approach. This is because it takes the elephant in the room into account: the ruling class. That is the RCO starting point. The ruling class is the most influential entity in any society around which everything else revolves. RCO says be careful, ideologies and tribalism are used and influenced by the ruling class imperative.

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