Common Features of Ruling Class Society

The ruling class is a minority of society, a malfunction of the human community, where one small portion of the populace sucks more resources and wealth, and grows disproportionately more powerful than the rest of society. It is cancerous minority on society to be quite honest.

This ruling class minority rises to vie with the larger community as society’s main focus. Once the individual cared for the community when they cared about themselves. But under the minority of the ruling class they are dedicated to its upkeep, sometimes knowingly, most of the time not. Every individual that does not challenge the established order contributes to it. All of which is guided by the Supreme Executive, the great spirit of the ruling class.

Ever since recorded “civilization”, began the ruling class has hung oppressively over society. Throughout history it has changed forms and identities but existence of a ruling class has never been in doubt, except, perhaps, in modern times and in “democratic” societies. In fact, the ruling class is hardly given thought, yet always assumed in one way or other. Even our relatively “free” and “democratic” societies share the same basic features as all other ruling class societies in history and around the world.

The the common features arise out of the dynamics created by the Great Disparity and the Five Primal Divisions:

The common features of all ruling class societies are:

The Minority 
The ruling class is the Minority group in society. Its interests are the opposite of the those of its much bigger masses, and dependent on their  exploitation. On the other hand, a healthy ruling class society is sustained by the masses’ resistance to the their superiors.

The Patriarchy 
Patriarchy is a condition symptomatic of imbalances between social energies—ying and yang, if you will. It is a predominance of the sensibilities of competition, authoritarianism, rash judgment and war in the relations of society. Such a condition can only be achieved by reducing the natural authority of the mother, and relations that promote cooperation and empathy. This imbalance in favor of violence and authoritarianism is a necessary foundation of the ruling class. It is the only way to prop up the minority against the interests of the masses, namely by promoting judgment rather than understanding. It makes the individuals much more amenable to the ruling class imperative and agenda. One need not feel like a threatened male to comprehend this. In fact, the We like to believe that it takes a real man to accept the ugly, ugly truth.

The Establishment 
The real world does not always cooperate with ruling class “needs”. Thus an alternate reality must be constructed. One that is tailor made to justify and promote the ruling class agenda, and that makes sense of the dominant ruling class ideology. The Establishment includes, among other things, the media, education, entertainment, religion, traditions, and the well bred conventional individual.

The Guilt Society – 
Within the established order, populations are taught that they do not “deserve” things, and that they must sacrifice for what they want, etc. This feeds the notion that life is “difficult” even without one’s “guilt”. “Nothing comes easy”, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”, the “Protestant work ethic”, etc. While some of these memes may come from a kernel of truth, they are greatly exaggerated through the Establishment. This is patriarchal thinking. One must be cut down, the ego weakened and made vulnerable for ruling class exploitation. A self-respecting masses, on the other hand, is much more difficult to manage, and always demanding more than the ruling class is willing to give.

Society Divided Against Itself – 
Ruling class society can only exist if society is divided against itself. Playing factions and groups off each other, and promoting bigotry deflects anger against the Great Institution and greatly weakens the power of the masses. This anger and discontent can then be redirected against one of the scapegoated groups of society and turned into support for the ruling class. Patriarchy—the subordination of women—is the first divide and conquer. A united and informed populace, on the other hand, significantly weakens and threatens domination.

The Ruling Class Imperative – Every society enduring the burden of a ruling class is always threatened by it. The ruling class imperative with regard to the Great Institution itself is made up of two components: 1) it compels its minions and its society to be on a relentless pursuit of ever more power and wealth, which is mostly funneled up to the higher orders,  and 2) to destroy their enemies. The ruling class will even destroy its own foundations if permitted and nothing else outside itself remains to be taken. A weak populace is dangerously tempting for its own ruling class to ravage and destroy any value it might have.

With regard to the individual, the Imperative is energetic force emanating out of the Great Disparity that compels the individual to act against rationality and their own interests.

Many will says the ruling class exists because human nature is competitive and given to authority. Humans are greedy, suspicious and will act irresponsibly if allowed and therefore, a ruling class is necessary. Maybe this is true, maybe not. The RCO would say that such thinking is conditioned and promoted by the Establishment. It is like the priest saying God is necessary otherwise there would be violent chaos in the streets.


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