The Supreme Executive: God of Gods

The Preservation Society has developed a close brotherhood over the years — no women, its a men’s thing. We are a special breed among the ruling class, for we recognize our class faults and encourage revolution! As a consequence we are a relatively small group, and are considered a cult by many of our fellow ruling class-mates who know of our existence. We view the Preservation Society as the vanguard of ruling class evolution.

Inevitably, We have developed rituals to keep us conscious of our state of mind. That is, we focus on institutional ruling class interests rather than superficial ruling class interests. And as with most serious organizations with rituals, we’ve discovered a god among us, indeed reigning over all communities burdened with a privileged minority. He is the Great Spirit of the ruling class.

He is the form of domination taken by the driving forces of social disparity. The ruling class spirit is the energy, force and collective conscious summoned up by the conglomeration of the interests of social disparity. He is the coming together and emanation of the power interests of the few against the many.

The Great Spirit of the ruling class gives the logic to ruling class thinking, policies and actions. He is always backed by muscle, but is most successful at ruling through colonization of the mind.

The Great Spirit of the ruling class is a god who needs the help of his subjects to keep him healthy and viable while his minions exploit and abuse them. Yet the Great Spirit is no mere god. All other gods are subordinate to the Him.

On the other hand, the lesser gods are useful, even crucial to ruling class society. Nobody likes the idea of sacrificing so that a minority of individuals can have it better than them. People do not give up their dreams to serve a superior order of individuals. Parents do not throw their kids away for the profit of others. It is easier to sacrifice to a “noble” idea or to what you believe is right than to the ruling class and its agenda. Thus the Great Spirit incorporates other gods and ideologies to serve his will. One does not die for one’s ruling class but for one’s country or “principles” or God. That individuals are devoted to this deity or that god does not in the least offend the Great Spirit.

Standard issue deities require constant maintenance of loyalty and indoctrination. Other gods are bound by need for belief, and are isolated to churches, the home, or otherwise are immaterial and out of the way of the workings of the Ruling Class. If a god’s subjects don’t recite his doctrine or utter his prayers does he exist?

The Great Spirit does not need devotion and loyalty from the masses. There is no need for a church to disseminate doctrine. The masses slave for the Great Spirit by virtue of their existence in that society, and regardless of their purported beliefs. Praying to deities on the weekends only helps the individual in their true devotion throughout the rest of the week.

The mere act of breathing in a ruling class society puts one under the purview of the Great Spirit. To live in a ruling class society is to serve that ruling class god. The poor suffer poverty for the sake of the ruling class. Conventional wisdom says they are irresponsible, or they’ve had tough luck, etc. The rich forsake their fellow individuals for the sake of the ruling class. Conventional wisdom says they are the capable and talented, others say they got lucky. The individual sacrifices themselves to a “career” for the sake of the ruling class. Conventional wisdom calls this a responsible adult attitude. Conventional wisdom is the religious doctrine of the ruling class. Any “thought” may be, so long as it serves the Great spirit.

Meditating on the Great Spirit and contemplating how the community is at one in devotion to his interests inspires love.

We especially love the poor whether they know they are or not, and whether they love Capitalism or not, for without the poor how can the rich exist? As long as the poverty stricken accept their fate, we cherish them just the same. As Mother Teresa said, “There is something beautiful in seeing the poor accept their lot, to suffer it like Christ’s Passion. The world gains much from their suffering.” Indeed We do.

We love the Middle Class as well (and, we might add, the working class). How else does one maintain control of society without this crucial tool? Who else but the Middle Class would sacrifice true liberty for the narrow confines of “freedom of choice”? Moreover, they accept their lot without a gun to their head, without the threat of physical violence or chains hanging over their heads. With the specter of poverty always lurking, the perpetually squeezed Middle Class sides with the Ruling Class in preferring miserliness to liberty for all.

The Great Spirit performs this miracle on a daily basis. He is always turning the sewage of stupid irrationality into the nectar of Profit Logic. His miracles are homely but real, whereas those of other gods are majestic and poetic but empty propaganda.

The Preservation Society dubs the Great Spirit of today’s capitalism, the logic and force behind profit, the Primer Mover of ruling class mentality: the Supreme Executive — in honor, of course, of the corporate executive of today. Blessed be the SE (make the Sign of the $).

Remember, however much you love your god or ideas, no matter how much you are sacrificing for a “better future”, or how much you hate your ordained enemies, or next time you buy a Beyonce album or take your kids to the movies, you are doing it for the  ruling class, and it is for the Great Spirit to decide whether you are to have a better future or not. Praise be the Supreme Executive (Sign of the $).

Potentia, Opulentia, et Exsecutivus Supremus.

See Our Invocation to the Supreme Executive


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