CIA Coup Comes Home

Note: Going forward, this author will refer to the “ruling class” as the predator class, and as ch*ld predator class where necessary. This does not mean that the predator class does not rule. The fact that it’s forced muzzles on the majority of the human population certainly proves that it is a tyrannical ruling force. Author wishes to draw attention to the primary characteristic of the ruling class, which is that it is predatory, and does not actually administer society so much as destroy, pillage and loot it, and does not conform to rule of law itself. The masses, as we have long pointed out, play a primary role in allowing the predator class to rule over them, as their need for leaders, fairytales, virtual overlords and emotional confirmation still hobbles them. They must continue to work to establish themselves as the self-ruling class: the People. 

False Flag at the Capitol Completes Election Steal

Now that the globalist American Uniparty has crossed the Rubicon, the people of the world stand on the precipice of the fall of the American republic. The criminal Uniparty, led by Democrats but including most Republicans, is again trying to impeach President Donald Trump, from whom it stole an historic landslide election. Uniparty members claim that Trump incited an insurrection to insure he does not run for office again and to destroy him forever as a political opponent in true authoritarian style. 

Trump is being treated by Uniparty-controlled corporate media like a “third world” dictator, apropos of the predator class’s view of the most beloved populist leader in contemporary American history, saying to the American people in effect: “No, you will never have your populist president, ever. You have no role in this government.” (As if the barbed wire around the Capitol doesn’t say that quite enough.) This is something CIA and US government coup/“regime change” plotters have said in effect to so many people in so many countries over the years: Chile, Guatemala, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, and the list goes on. (See Bill Blum’s Rogue State for a primer on CIA coups.) 

There was no benefit to Trump supporters to stopping the Congressional objections to the fraudulent electors. The objections are exactly what they had sought at that late stage of the election stonewall, objections that may have led to a Congressional investigation and inquiry as evidence of fraud became an avalanche. The coup plotters and election fraudsters, mostly Democrat, could not have this. The so-called “breach”, which was initiated by Antifa provocateurs and began while President Trump was still delivering his evidence of theft to the crowd, interrupted objections to the Arizona electors as the moment they began – almost as if it were a signal. After this, the DC Police simply let the rest of MAGA in, as invited guests, which they certainly were.

Not only did the Capitol false flag achieve the most important immediate goal of avoiding Congressional review of the massive 2020 election fraud and thus completing the steal, it is proving to be a key part of the coup operation to ‘take out’ Trump and the MAGA movement. Indeed, mainstream media will no longer even refer to the MAGA movement. Now the Trump populists are “domestic terrorists” and “white supremacists”. Of course they are neither. They are the nearly 80 million people, including significant numbers of black and brown people, who legally voted for the legal President of the United States for another term. 

The Biden regime, really to be seen as Obama’s third term, will try to erase Trump and the entire Trump presidency from history as they now try to erase evidence of their stolen election from the Internet, discussion and speech. Talk of election fraud, theft and integrity was wiped out by a simple and, in retrospect, very predictable FBI-Antifa false flag. 

To further this end, their information war on Trump supporters and conservatives is now going parabolic: In addition to pressuring Big Tech into Chinese levels of censorship that will reportedly go global, US government coup plotters have weaponized lies, inverting the truth into a fabricated alternate reality that projects their crimes back onto the victims of those crimes: a historic majority of the voting public. Shockingly, the voting majority of the American republic are now accused of a coup attempt when they themselves are the victims of a coup.

The Congress now barricades themselves inside a “green zone”, as if they are under attack, when they are not – and when it is they who are the attackers. They were the ones who used violence, or the threat of violence, to pressure the dissenting Congressmembers against investigating election fraud. Terrorist tactics are always used by deep state actors. The CIA mouthpiece Washington Post has even ‘asked’ if the GOP was the next Hezbollah (alongside an image showing Antifa actors as Trump supporters). #Removethetraitors, meant to target Trump supporters, launched a few days ago on Twitter, with a slick video production.

Incendiary and delusional claims and actions such as these are not only psycho-pathological admissions of guilt, but highly unveiled and dangerous threats against the public and the republic. With each threat and attack against Trump, his voters and even the GOP, the Biden-Obama-aligned coup plotters increasingly expose themselves as criminals and illegitimate powers.

Truth shall set you free

Against the attacks to come, truth must be the people’s weapon against the theft of the American president, the American republic, Western classical liberalism (note: the American republican idea is not Christian) and freedom itself.  

Doubling down on truth does not mean taking a defensive position to guard oneself against criminal accusations. To play defense, as Trump has for four years, is to lose. Trump lost his team of loyalists in the first year of his term, instead of draining the swamp in that first year, or making significant progress in that alleged goal. Without doing this, he never truly had a chance to achieve his goal, but waded around in the swamp while they pulled him in deeper and deeper and used him for their political purposes and sh*tshows.

As with Trump, playing defense keeps one trapped in the lies of their opponent, in endless protestations against false charges. Those who feed the lies of the enemy hurt themselves and the cause of truth and freedom. Chinese martial arts tells us: “Where mind flows, chi [energy] goes.” Playing defense causes one to lose the thread of truth, the burning desire for and commitment to one’s mission, taking the victim off of counter-attack and sucking them into the punishing vortex of the aggressor’s attack plan. In playing defense, one engages in a useless and usually unwinnable battle against lies. Instead, one must battle with truth, with facts, knowledge and reasoned analysis as weapons to attack the crimes of your opponent. Fix on the opponent’s crimes and do not relent. This targets and defuses the opponents’ strategy. As it is written in Sun Tzu’s Art of War, “what is of supreme importance in war is to attack the enemy’s strategy.” 

Likewise, patriot ‘resistance’ leader Alex Jones is now running scared since he was alleged to be framed for inciting a Capitol riot. In lockstep with mainstream corporate media, Jones, along with deadbeat constitutional attorney Robert Barnes, has been repeating a ‘Q is a psyop’ line nonstop since January 6, asserting repeatedly that dead Trump supporter Ashli Babbit was a ‘Qtard’, without presenting any evidence for saying so. He could have made an issue of the four Trump supporters killed in the frame-up, the strange, unexplained alleged suicide of the senior DC cop (whose father was a lobbyist colleague of Paul Manafort) involved in the event, the deliberate stand-down by DC police, and the fact that police actually invited Trump supporters into the Capitol and guided them in an orderly fashion as if it were a museum visit. While Jones has been sure to show exculpatory evidence of Antifa’s primary role in the operation, he has mostly played defense, and the swampiness of the official Capitol narrative has only gotten deeper and muddier. 

The Infowarbeat against Q should raise red flags, as it indicates that Q may be the next ISIS, white men the next jihadis – Christian jihadis – and provokes questions as to why Q, which, contrary to Jones’ assertions has been essentially out of business since two weeks before the election and is now removed from the Internet (, is the target of the new American Uniparty fascists. Instead of having an open discussion on the truth of what Q was and is, Jones has decided to further the attackers’ narrative and feed the idea that Q was an online “conspiracy club” where ‘rumors of Satanic pedophilia’ poisoned the minds of Trumpian nitwits who now need ‘reprogramming’.

This is how fascists destroy truth, and Jones and even Trump himself are now feeding this attack on the most important truth, one of the most important successes, of the Trump era, which was to provide awareness of how power works behind the shadows. Trump may not have drained the swamp, but his Q operation did help to expose the deep state. 

The truth about Q

Yes, Q was in essence, Trump. Former DEA, special ops and government whistleblower Jeffrey Prather has stated that Q was a ‘white hat’ DIA military intelligence team led by Ezra Cohen-Watnik, an alleged Trump loyalist. Q, or any white hat operation, presented a threat to the US military itself, as well as world militaries whose grunts just might be disgusted with what they know about the civilians they serve under. The Biden regime will likely make sure the Obama-era military purges continue.

While Jones and his guests now state that Q was meant mainly to keep the population pacified that there was a government plan to deal with deep state criminals, Q information, which was corroborated by Wikileaks drops, in fact enkindled an essential public awareness of the deep state’s corruption of republican government, especially its compromise of government and corporate officers in horrific criminal acts involving children. 

Knowledge of industrial-scale child trafficking, rape and ritual murder energized a good portion of not just the American public, but the global public, against the inhuman crimes of the predator class, and thus made them more conscious of the predator class as such. In a sense, half the world had a ‘rape of Lucretia’ moment. A great minority of people have been awakened to the unthinkable crimes against children lurking in plain sight, as in a recent FOX interview with Democrat apparatchik Harold Ford:

This knowledge has everything to do with why COVID is happening now, and why Trump supporters, like Babbit, will be painted as Q followers and, resting on the tenuous false narrative of the ‘Capitol riot’, as the new jihadis. Their knowledge threatens the supremacy of the ‘deep states’ over governments of the world and thus the perceptual legitimacy of those governments.

The rulings of US Supreme Court Justice John Roberts are a most salient example of how the deep state controls governments and events. In relation to this specific event, the Capitol false flag, SCOTUS’s abdication of its constitutional duty to the American people, and to the state of Texas and all states who joined them in their landmark complaint against Pennsylvania, is largely responsible for forcing the events of January 6. 

Epstein flight log

But of course, we can also point to the compromise of Trump himself, something that Trump supporters do not acknowledge:

Expose the truth about the Biden regime

The truth of the 2020 election theft, or coup, must not be erased from history. The people must continue to investigate and reveal its every nuance to show that the globalist Biden regime is not a legitimate government.

There should be calls for the 25th Amendment removal of Biden for his unfitness for office. There should also be calls for investigations and impeachments and resignations of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and all officials involved in the Capitol Hill false flag. The public should press the Senate committee investigating Biden’s China ties to continue to investigate and to act to weed out all American officials lobbying for foreign countries, as per federal law. And that should mean impeachment of Biden. Business as usual should be disrupted. Active engagement with representatives must be ongoing. 

The Biden administration must be known as the Biden regime, and Trump as the American president in absentia. Refer to Biden’s admission that he ran the ‘most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in American political history’ and share the video if challenged to deny the theft took place. Share the Biden “I don’t need your votes” video, or even better, the Navarro reports. Make internet documentaries. Archive evidence locally and globally. Citizen journalists should pour through the latest Wikileaks dump. And, FBI front outfits like the Boogaloo Bois should be exposed as such.

Perhaps there is no one left to convince who doesn’t already agree, but for history, posterity and the sake of a positive future for all, the truth must be revealed, documented, remembered and taught. 


  • Hello . Peace . They will ramp up war in the middle east now. And as per the plan for The Great Reset, the World Economic Forum will dictate further implimented moves by the White house and ramp up the death count , blame Covid and destroy what’s left of the economy with brutal lockdowns and masking the sheep. 60 million will soon be 100 million unemployed with hunger and famine , sickness and death to follow. Civil War will follow into 2022-23-24 with the American dollar no longer being the world’s reserve currency by 2028.

  • Trump ruined his own Presidency. Listen to his State of the Union speech. He mocks everyone, brags, praises those who he likes or knuckles to him.
    He deserves to be where he is .
    As far as Alex Jones is concerned, he is a member of the globalist who he pretends to expose , and because listener’s know and have told him about his Masonic , All Seeing Eye and Devil’s Horn’s gestures , now sneaks them in when he can. The same gesture’s used by movie, music , politician’s and others.
    Alex Jones reveals the globalist plans because he is their pretentious enemy . He reveals them to help bring them to reality. If he was so dangerous , he would have been put out of business along ago. Others who have simple website’s , put their own time and money in it, sell a few books , have some videos, hope they get visitor’s , are banned, video’s banned, can’t afford website, but Alex Jones can brag of exposing the New World Order for ,he claims 28 years and the New world Order doesn’t care? Who do you think your buffaloing? Listen to Alex Jones spout his New Age ideas and concept’s of god, love of man, love of children, and other phony ideas of goodness and love of his fellow man. He uses religious and his pretentious goodness to sucker his listener’s and it works. And they throw their hard earned money his way , praising him , while he suckers and scams them.
    Alex Jones ,on a show said: “god damm you to Hell, New world Order, I’m not afraid of you, I’m willing to die.” Yet he has said that he is afraid to go to prison. That’s the hero you praise. He doesn’t care about the dupe’s he, Owen Shroyer, Roger Stone called to rally in Washington, D.C. and riled them up the night before, got out of hand , landed follower’s in jail, prison, loss of jobs, career’s, family, freedom, a lifelong criminal record. He talks his way out of it. He claims he was was set up by the Secret Service. He called the rally. He saw the success of his Virginia rally.
    Trump is a Zionist and so is Biden. And so is Alex Jones who has said so and marries Jewish women. You can tell by all they have done for the Jews and Israel.
    That’s how they keep the deception going for years. The Jew’s longing for their kingdom on earth must not be in effect any longer ?
    Trump doesn’t belong in the white House again.


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