Revisited: Divide and Conquer In The Age of Collapse

The RCO first published this post on February 13. With a few name changes, the statements on the “election” is more or less the same. Unfortunately it still highly relevant today. Are we actually headed for mass civil unrest or civil war with the election? If it comes to pass, it will not be due to white nationalists or commies, it will be due to the ruling class agenda of destroying the first world and transferring the center of global power to the China/Russia Belt and Road nexus where there is much more authoritarianism and far less worries about civil liberties or a potentially powerful middle class.

Are the right and liberals, including those in the “alt” space on course to fulfill their masters’ plan? Billionaires, bankers and big business are only mentioned because their culpability cannot be denied. But thanks to a tradition of indoctrination that is largely a side show to both “sides”, the stars of the show distract the masses from the ruling class minority. The alt right has been pushing the of non-existent commie bogeyman while the liberals can barely see past the white nationalist bogeyman. These fake storylines also help to blunt attention from the vehicle of that destruction and program of control, the coronavirus.

There is no communist or white nationalist takeover. Don’t get played. Stay at home or go outside without a mask, seek out your “enemy” and hug them.

The death throes of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum continues unabated. Does anyone think it really matters who will win the following primaries? Buttigieg, a relative unknown being pushed hard by the establishment, leads Sanders by two delegates thus far. Who in their right mind can believe this? Well played ruling class colleagues. Even if it was Sanders who was ahead by two delegates it would still be a win for Us. The DNC is in a better position now than they were at this time in 2016.

What is happening now to the Democratic Party will be visited upon the Republican Party. The latter have perhaps four years to go before their reckoning. They will continue with their hero Trump or they will be the opposition to the the evil Democrats. Either way their time cometh. Remember, Trump humiliated the Republicans by promising an end to wars, cancelling of destructive trade deals, investing in the US, etc.

A few of Us in the billionaire class have tried halfheartedly to appeal publicly to the common sense of the masses (See, Nick Hanour, Ascher Edelman, and Ray Dalio). But to no avail. The breeding of the lower order individual to ruling class subservience is just to successful to be denied.

And just to keep you off kilter, and to keep you confused, Sanders may yet win. Or perhaps, Trump will declare himself the perpetual president. After all, he has been groomed to be the worse thing since Stalin. But whether he or Sanders or anybody else becomes president, the death of the liberal/conservative paradigm is at hand as we declared in 2016. It is dying because the masses rightly detect that their parties no longer respond to their needs, even if they are too inculcated with ruling class thinking to break free altogether. Nevertheless, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum continue to see their authority dwindle with every move they make.

The crumbling status quo presents Us with a challenge. We now face a race against time. Can the ruling class implement civil war among the masses before the system loses complete authority over them? We have been monitoring the manufacture of divide and conquer for sometime now. See Our recent posts. For example, check out these must watch videos on Michael Moore’s astounding liberal hypocrisy.

Then there’s the right. Here’s a doozy from the Christian right-wing During their broadcast they play a video (at around 32:50) from the right-wing Project Veritas, which is funded by the Koch Brothers and by donors to “right-wing Israeli groups“. The video features an alleged idiot Sanders supporter fantasizing about sending Trump supporters to re-education camps. Rick Wiles, the host of TruNews, and his team go on to claim — based on this video — that the 2020 elections will be marred by left-wing violence and civil war. “The leftists are planning a bloody purge,” says Wiles. Must watch. Youtube banned TruNews for their anti-Zionists coverage (not for inciting civil war), and thus removed the video. Here’s a link to their website:

It may be perverse, but We actually recommend individuals watch TruNews because they do cover stories not covered by the msm, especially Israel.

We hope readers resist the temptation of the “White Nationalism vs. Evil Socialist” propaganda the dying establishment is pushing. Our right-wing friends must also keep in mind the traditional role played by the FBI and government in going after the left as unintentionally admitted by a form agent:

Former FBI agent admits Bureau targets the left

So why is the ruling class pushing this extreme suicidal “White Nationalism vs. Evil Socialist” program? Because as the political system collapses it will bring about a vacuum of authority, and Our class will do everything We can to keep authority in privileged hands. The ruling class wants to stop the growth of class consciousness from emerging. We will try Our utmost to prevent voices antithetical to Ours from coming to the fore.

Thus the lower order must hate each other as “white nationalists” vs “marxists Bolsheviks”. Controlled chaos favors the ruling class. This is also why ruling classes of the first world everywhere are flooding their own nations with refugees created by those same ruling class through wars and coups. But this is like a child playing with fire. It could easily get out of hand, and there are not a mere few among Our ranks who confidently invite such a prospect.

You must resist what seems to be the “White Nationalist” or “Evil Socialist” threat to the country. Be aware of the false flags and incidents that may be spun one way or another. Inform your fellow bottom dwellers that you are not each other’s enemy. The ruling class is. Pass it around.

Are we witnessing ruling class suicide by success at first hand?

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