Lanka’s Landmark Papers

For those who keep repeating false narratives about Chinese lab-made bioweapons, we present these must-reads.

SARS-CoV-2 is indeed lab-made, but it’s a hypothetical genetic sequence that has never, ever been seen, physically isolated or identified. It simply does not exist.

In 2020, Dr. Stefan Lanka, the famed German virologist, authored two papers revealing the “Misconception of the Virus” that were translated into English. If you wish to know the truth about not only the pandemic, but about how pharma- and government-sponsored medical science fabricates “viruses” and “vaccines”, you must read and share these papers.

They are revolutionary.

We currently live in a 19th-century military-derived conception of disease and of our genetic material. But we also live in a very dangerous age of bioinformatics. If you wish to avoid digital slavery, follow this story. Follow this blog. Follow the work of Lanka.

Lanka’s papers are here:

Lanka has proven in a German court that the measles virus does not exist. Read our coverage about this here:

Also see our report on Dr. Christian Drosten’s invention of the mythical SARS viruses here:

Drosten is the creator of the SARS-CoV-2 PCR test that is now being required for international travel.

Dr. Lanka is now trying to stop the pandemic through an experiment that should prove there is no virus and that the PCR test is a fraud.

He has suggested sequencing genetic material from healthy people to “try and build a genetic strand out of short genetic sequences”, and doing PCR tests from samples of people with “totally different symptoms and diseases” and from healthy samples of people, plants and animals alike to see if they test positive.

These “experiments” are exactly what is already being done, we add, informally and unscientifically, for all of the above, including goats, the African paw-paw fruit, and even a glass of Coca-Cola, which have all tested “COVID-positive”.

But such controlled experiments would actually scientifically prove the PCR tests are worthless, says Lanka.

Lanka is featured in a new German documentary discussing this effort. We will present this in English soon.

As an interesting post-script, we also note that deceased Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi revealed the existence of the virus-vaccine industry at a UN meeting in 2009, although he clearly did not understand the full depths and aims of the fraud involved:

Qaddafi speaking at the UN in 2009

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