One Percenter Asher Edelman Supports Bernie Sanders

Asher Edelman, one percenter and inspiration for Gordon Gekko of “Wall Street” movie fame, has endorsed Bernie Sanders for President. Edelman demonstrates the growing concerns of many in the ruling class, and particularly those of us in the Preservation Society, over our increasingly dysfunctional society. Social awareness of the ruling class is important but more important is awareness of the ruling class among the masses.

Edelman, one of our exemplary minions, was a corporate raider who bought vulnerable companies and liquidated them for profit, throwing thousands out of work. In 2013, Edelman noted correctly in the Huffington Post, “When a democratically elected government does not act on behalf of its constituents, history tells us we risk social unrest and acts of violence.”

And so the Preservation Society is heartened that some of our fellows such as Edelman have come out to encourage the masses to oppose our excess. Billionaire Nick Hanauer made waves in a banned TED Talk about our broken-down system of inequality. He supports taxing the rich more and a $15/hour minimum wage. Lower-order Republicans and Democrats, Liberals and Conservatives should pay attention to them.

While Warren Buffett is famous for railing against regressive tax policies that saw him pay less in taxes compared to his secretary, a joint investigation of The Center for Public Integrity and The Seattle Times has exposed the riotously predatory subprime world of Buffett’s Clayton Homes, a conglomerate in all aspects of the trailer home industry. Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway bought Clayton Homes in 2003 for $1.7 billion. The report tells of horror stories like that of the Pitts, who purchased their mobile home in 1997: “They still owe more than $39,000 on the home and land, which were valued at $33,100 in 2013.” Who said feudalism was dead? At least Buffett is willing to pay more taxes than the Pitts.

Unfortunately for social stability, the pull of the ruling class imperative is much too powerful for many. Individuals of the ruling class are incapable of preventing themselves from undermining the foundations of society. What we are talking about is a failure of self-control: The ruling class is on terminal autopilot. Resistance to ruling class overreach must come from below, and therefore, along with Edelman, we encourage the masses to support Bernie Sanders.


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