The Individual Among Us, Part I

Evolution of the Individual

The individual is the most basic unit of ruling class society. One cannot divide society further without damaging either. The Supreme Executive, Our ruling class guiding spirit, hates and needs this creature. The Great Institution hates the inherent threat the individual poses to its regime, and yet, it is made up of them. The individual is the substance of both the ruling class and its masses. Without the individual the Supreme Executive, like other gods, would not exist.

The individual we know today is a relatively new development. Early human consciousness saw itself as part of a whole. They were “connected” to each other and all things. The early ancients’ intimacy with nature meant there was no separation of the individual from their natural world. Traces of this exist in today’s religions, especially in the East.

When the ruling class came along it appropriated these ideas. Our ruling class ancestors turned nature worship into god worship. Then the ruling class tore god away from nature and turned it into a moral ideological cloak for itself. The old notion of the individual being at one with the cosmos morphed into the feudal convention that tied serfs to the land — it was their place in God’s world.

The totality of the cosmos and mother nature were turned into authoritarian, all powerful gods. These gods, in turn, supposedly “created” each creature in their proper place. Various caste systems solidified individuals in their life station. Sons followed fathers, while women mostly didn’t matter and were kept as servants. Thus the individual came to be understood as male.

The individual, these religions tell us, is but a tool for the gods’ greater workings, which were usually communicated, coincidentally enough, through ruling interests.  God wanted absolute monarchs. What is a subject to do? Everyone has their fixed purpose, even among the rulers.

The journey from “subject” to “citizen” is also the journey of the ruling class from “totalitarianism” to “modern democracy”. Status quo society largely ignores the more significant persistence of ruling class society throughout it all — whatever individuals calls themselves. Like all other organisms, Our class has had to evolve to stay in existence. The merchant rose up spurred by the expansion of trade, and brought with him the hordes of masses. Ever alert, the Great Spirit of the Ruling Class abandoned the Lords and nobility, and embraced capitalism and business as it elevated them. And so the status quo of privileged ruling class individuals and unprivileged individuals of the masses was preserved through a new guise. What the individual of the masses gains is not enlightenment and “freedom”, but more leniency and a more liberal ruling class, which is “progress” in itself, albeit far, far less than is generally supposed. It is not even liberation. The ruling class gets to continue exploiting and gorging on society as nature dictates.

A Free-Floating Particle

The individual of any ruling class society is a broken image of themselves. They are almost never the full potential of their whole being, not even the ruling class individual. To be a properly functioning cog in the ruling class system, the individual undergoes ego deflation from birth which sets them up for a life of low expectations and arbitrary second-rate liberties. Their egos are then colonized by the Establishment with labels that “reinflate” and orient the ego’s thinking and actions to general ruling class interests. (check these links for further discussions of ego, labels and the Establishment)

The RCO chooses to use the term “individual” rather than “person” to emphasize the ultimate indivisible division. The community of society has been atomized into a grouping of individuals. In modern ruling class society the individual is torn from the community rather than fixed within it. One might say that what separates the “modern world” from previous times is the “individuality” of the masses. The individual has become a free agent, a free-floating particle, no longer attached to a larger and comforting base. Cut off from their society and land, the individual becomes a more vulnerable and more easily exploited object. Thus, we are surrounded by strangers in our own neighborhoods.

The “individual” is not the same thing as a “Person”. The latter, due to varying experiences, escapes much or some of the breeding that shrivels the ego, transforming  the would-be “person” into the actual “individual”. The Person retains most of their animal instincts to a greater degree than their domesticated individual counterparts. They are less self conscious and insecure. The individual, on the other hand, often suffers from unnatural afflictions such as depression, laziness (who ever heard of any animal in nature being “lazy”?) or sado-masochism. Or they willingly help their enemies to destroy themselves and their families. The well-bred individual is a door mat for their masters. But then the Person too often suffers the same maladies due to their incompatibility with the Establishment.

The individual represents the most fundamental divide and conquer necessary for ruling class success: it is a threefold cleavage of the person from themselves (i.e., ego), community (other individuals) and nature (the world). If successful, this process turns out a well-bred individual. This is the whole point of the conservative mantra of “individualism” whatever may be said in public, and however valid “individualism” might be in its own right. The Great Spirit of the Ruling Class imposes it’s own doctrines on society by allowing the individual to come to it in their own ways. This is genuine progress for the masses, but it is also a more potent form of control. Ruling class society is unhealthy either way.

The Individual and Their Functions

Today, to the Supreme Executive, the individual of the masses is either a worker, a consumer or in the way. These are the three basic functions individuals dedicate themselves to in their daily lives. The ruling class is fine with mass “liberty” as long as it is more or less confined within parameters defined by current ruling class doctrine — capitalist democracy. The individual may be a burden as well, but unlike the other functions, being a burden is a by-product of the system rather than part of its process, though inevitably the individual as a human burden does become useful and integrated into the system.

Many ruling class colleagues of Ours would not approve of “those who get in the way” to be a functional part of the system. They would tell us, “worker, yes, consumer yes, ‘in the way’? No way! Eliminate ‘those who get in the way’! Troublemakers just cost time, profit and are bad publicity.” True, but short-sighted — as the Great Institution usually is.

The Preservation Society recognizes that We need rebels and troublemakers — real troublemakers, not just delinquents — as a vital component of a healthy and stable ruling class society. Without the monkey wrenches thrown into the system once in a while, the ruling class would encounter much more social uncertainty.

Thomas Jefferson put it like this in a letter from Paris:

What country before ever existed a century & a half without a rebellion? & what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon & pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.

As long as the “right people” prevail it’s all nurturing manure. “Those who get in the way” perform the duty of replenishing “the tree of liberty” with vigor by helping to liberate and strengthen the masses a bit more, or to roll back ruling class excesses. This is anathema to the zeitgeist of the Supreme Executive. But Tom saw it. And the Preservation Society understands the “rebel’s” place in society.

Of course many members of the Preservation Society, understanding and accepting this conception of rebels and rebellion, will nevertheless, more or less support efforts to capture and exterminate them. We of the ruling class reserve the “right” to reverse any such gains made by the masses. We reserve the privilege as ruling class minions to liquidate all opposition if deemed necessary. It’s not personal — it’s just Our ruling class imperative.

We suffer no compunction over this. Remember what Zbigniew Brzezinski said,

To put it bluntly: in earlier times, it was easier to control one million people than to physically kill one million people; today, it is infinitely easier to kill one million people than to control one million people.

At the end of the day, the individual is a trifling, invisible to the interests of the ruling class. What are one million triflings to the interests of ruling class society? As Mussolini put it when his car killed a child, “It was only one life….What is one life in the affairs of a State.” A million people are a million isolated individuals. That is the condition of the lower orders.

The three functions also hints at why, in some respects, the individual’s private life is no longer an obligatory concern for the Supreme Executive. Ruling Class evolution has, for the most part, eliminated the unnecessary rivalries that plagued earlier ruling classes. It serves no purpose for ruling class families to engage in feuds. Why should ruling class Protestants and their Catholic counterparts fight among each other (hence, separation of church and state) when We ought to close ranks, for the real fight is against the masses.

As long as the individual fulfills the function of working, consuming, or improving social stability, what does it matter what goes on privately? What need is there to police thoughts, opinions and private actions? In acting out their function in society, the individual devotes their time and energy on ruling class interests. We see no reason why the individual shouldn’t enjoy rest and relaxation enough to extinguish any desire to question the status quo. Yet the ruling class imperative require it to seek ever greater control of the masses, and to profit from it.

At one time it did matter what the individual thought and did. The ruling class was not as refined and efficient as it is today. The individual of Medieval Catholic Spain had to be loyal to Catholicism since it was the primary mode of domination. A dismissal of Catholicism was to undermine the system. A Jew could not be a Jew in the “privacy” of their own home. It represented insubordination to the authorities. An atheist represented the evil of “free thinking” so threatening and offensive to the ruling hierarchy because it was not confined to the ruling class box.

The individual had to be squeezed into the hegemonic boundaries determined by their masters. This made the masses and their rulers enemies far too often. Today, everywhere in the “First World”, We of the higher orders have the luxury of not having to police the masses so minutely. Thus, the individual experiences “freedom” and settles down to their work, consumption and complacency. Ironically, the tech boom of surveillance and “Homeland Security” demonstrates that while We don’t have to, the Ruling class will unnecessarily court trouble in its insatiable conquest for power and security.

However, the more refined character of today’s ruling class says to the individual: “serve us first, don’t ask much, and enjoy Our regularly scheduled programing”. We recognize, as members of the higher orders, that all we really want is for your labor to provide for more than Our share. Other than that, why should We care if races mix? Or have white only clubs? Such things are for mass individuals to be preoccupied with, not the ruling class. These attitudes are remnants of old fashion domination which still persists.

This is in no way to claim that ruling class members aren’t personally racists — many are of course — however the institution of the ruling class no longer requires such tactics for macro domination. That is not to be confused with the use of exclusion, racism and violence as institutional processes of division among the masses.

For instance, the individual does not have to be a part of a family or a clan to serve the ruling class or be a part of it, yet an individual’s personal suspicion of those who are not in their family or clan is useful to the ruling class in weakening the potential for mass solidarity.

We, of the Great Institution should strive to leave violence and divisiveness to the lower order individual, and not fight among ourselves or excessively abuse our resources. As far as the Preservation Society is concerned the three functions of work, consumption, and “being in the way” are all that matter. All else is complication. The individual is “free” to be what ever they want. Personal bigotry and biases among the rulers just adds more confusion and the unnecessary violence to domination. Yet the old ways prevail because they are so embedded in individuals, society and the colonized ego of the individual who makes up both the masses and their ruling class masters.

The Preservation Society believes the higher orders should work toward rewarding, not punishing, the fulfillment of the individual’s function. We encourage Our fellow minions to promote popular causes in the name of complacency. It is time that the ruling class minion recognize the vital importance popular opposition is to the health of the state. Voluntary philanthropic gestures from the ruling class will not reduce tensions. Let us not continue to fool Ourselves on that count. They are nothing more than PR campaigns. Equally, it is time that the individual of the masses acknowledge their ruling class and treat it with the respect it requires. They must recognize their responsibility in helping the ruling class not destroy itself.


  • I “like” this because of the seeming honesty, yet, in seeing myself as an “INdividual”, I suspect that I may well be looked at, from your perspective, as being more “in the way”.

    Of course, in being an INdividual, having came from being a “person”, I “went there” (became that) rather than becoming a “mere” individual … so, hopefully, I will be of little concern to the Ruling Class and their “Betters”.

    I promise not to revolt nor place any pressure on the Ruling Elite, and though I intend to try to change the minds of the “masses” into looking instead towards the Truth as I see it, which is not very compelling for hardly anyone, thus I suspect that I would of little danger to your plans in that regard.

    Were I a “religious” (institutionalized) person, I know that I would be way too indoctrinated into the required “duality” to even come close to this material, let alone comment, for fear of “Satan”, their gods “adversary”, taking me over.

    Don’t take me wrong on that, I am not “challenging” the concept of Evil, nor it’s Administrators, I know that it is a natural part of the Greater Picture, so I accept that, and only seek to inject some “Neutrality”, the “unbiased” Spirit, the “Equal” (=), that INterconnects the Polar OPPOSITION that would turn the Duality (+/-) into a Trinity (+=-) where everyone can “do their own thing”, there will always be enough folks to “go around” allowing everyone their most desired experience. I believe in Karma anyway, where everyone “ends up” with that which defined their life, free choice, we make our own Realities and Cosmic Justice prevails.

    IMnsHO note: I left the “E”, for experience, off, the jury is still out on that. (I apologize for the “rambling” here, it is the end of a long hot day and I am tired).

  • Hi spiritcalls, there’s lots to discuss in your comment, not the least of which is your spiritual math. I don’t have time right now to respond as fully as i’d like to, but i just want to say that i, for one, do challenge the concept of the naturalness or necessity of external administrators either of evil or of good. Those generally self-appointed administrators are the very ones who have led us to this edge of extinction.

    • Thanks Lutek, I am so very glad that you appeared to me here, I had asked around to see if any knew you and could tell me a way to find you … no luck till now 🙂 I just wanted you to know that I so much appreciated what I had read here on these pages from you. You are not only highly intelligent, but spiritually wise. At least IMnsHO and E.

  • Further to the administration of good and evil:
    We each administer our own universes according to what we believe. The thing is that we’re free to dream whatever we want or to delude ourselves as much as we like, but the foundations of the personal realities behind each of our individual (or group) dreams and delusions obviously have to agree.
    If we insist either on dreaming too wildly or on deluding ourselves beyond “harmless” fantasy, then pain and even death occur – primarily to our Selves – no matter how we classify ourselves or our group.

  • My great fear: narcissism.

    Persons, individuals can be taught to ignore the main tools we have for seeing “others,” for seeing beyond ourselves. These, the humanities, can open, enlighten, these other venues.

    But when schools scant, sleight, marginalize, and even make taboo the humanities, we lose sight of, respect for, the otherness out there. This licenses narcissism, so we just impute to everyone those limited abilities and qualities by which smaller knowledge limits us, reduces us.

    If we see people make the effort to make wider connections — to treasure the subtleties, nuances, complications, and many other levels out there — we’ll see it in their language. Contrarily (as Orwell observed in “Politics and the English Language”), if we’ve reduced ourselves, shorn ourselves of the humanities, or history, or analogies to natural environments, this will also show in our language. Generalizing and sloganeering will abound, and wordplay for itself, linguistic masturbation unconnected to anything outside, with no love for anything or anyone greater than ourselves, different from ourselves.

    Narcissism. I think those who make profit from the materialism make more profit if we are without humanities, and dependent on the conceits that all humanity anyway (and its all debased anyway) comes only from prosperity, from money. So there, in those vulgarities, the narcissism grows, rules.

    • You are not going deep enough. What conditions produce narcissism?

      Who does it benefit?

      • Narcissism benefits no one. And it’s dangerous.

        Its originating conditions — you ask — come from any combination of circumstances where we fail to get skills for seeing others — seeing others as wonderfully better than ourselves, different.

        Maybe it’s our families lives, when we’re young. Some of us have parents and other adults who love to talk about people — with respect, admiration. Probably more of us lack such good nurture.

        Maybe it’s our schools. Some of us have teachers with great connections to history, humanities, science. More, unfortunately, have few if any teachers so civilized.

        Narcissism comes all too easily, all too automatically as default posture. Its opposite, civility, never comes easily or automatically. It requires some effort, some skills — arts. Above all, to escape narcissism, we must love some people, some things. Then we can feel the need to acquire the better skills, the better language for seeing and communicating appropriately what we love.

        The narcissists put no value on communicating, let alone communicating well. They can’t love. Their idea of communication arrives in parades of generalities they indulge without any evidence for them. Life for them devolves helplessly to “me, me, me.” And in their really bad flouting of opinions — “mine, mine, mine” — they’re dangerous because they are blind to all outside themselves. They will do bad things which for diseased imaginations they cannot even see themselves doing.

        Orwell explained this last bit in “Politics and the English Language.”

        • You can be the most loving individual in the world but that won’t stop Us. Is narcissism a goal or means to an end? How do you stop Us?

          • Narcissists are already wounded. They will act on that.

            Our only hope is to grow civilized people so that the narcissists by sheer numbers don’t rule.

            As public policy, we can do little within families — though single-payer health care, decent minimum wages, maternal (or paternal) leave, day care availability, and compensation for unemployment may all aid family life for many.

            We can, however, do more through schools. We can stress skills such as essay writing to hear more and grow more individual voices — voices open to more around them, open to peers, able to cite history, humanities, science.

  • the myth of individualism reinforces corporate power by making people perceive themselves as having choices, when in fact most peoples’ options are very limited.

    individualism is a myth run by corporations for the benfit of the remedial ayn rand crowd.

    the “individual’ among us is he who participates in the continual generation of dissatisfaction with products and/or ideas (prepping, cultural marxism, trickle down economics, free markets) people are encouraged to purchase and quickly discard.

  • Dear reggie, You describe a steady state universe which only appears to pertain to the privileged masses of the first world. This society of consuming, working, & being in the way is only made possible by the most ruthless, bloody, & depraved militarization for profit which underlies the entire social structure. The SE can’t hide behind a facade of benign limited liberty when “he” allows his ruling class minions to poison & pollute all life on Earth, causing extinctions beyond the norm, & shortening the natural span of every life form. Are you in the Preservation Society suicidal?


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