Invocation to the Supreme Executive

At the beginning of every session of the Ruling Class Preservation Society, We offer up a prayer for the Supreme Executive and the status quo. The chairman of the proceedings reads out the Invocation. With every “let it be so” and “amen” a chorus of voices rises up from the gathered members, followed by each taking a goodly sip of their blessed wine.

Invocation to the Supreme Executive

Praised be the Supreme Executive,
guiding spirit of the Ruling Class

The Ruling Class,
for whom the masses toil,
to whom the middle class aspires
The envy of the have-nots
Let it be so!

You justify the suffering
You redeem poverty
The ruling class
shines like a thin ray of false hope
Let it be so!

You give the masses
a reason to slave,
You give them “heroes”
You give them “dignity”

But never true autonomy or liberty

“That can be me!” they cry admiringly

The Ruling Class is the heaven on earth,
an illusion of mind
the masses will never find

May you, Our Supreme Executive,
be blessed with a population
that protects you from yourself,
a danger that haunts all Ruling Classes

Only in antagonism does a Ruling Class
find its precarious balance
Let it be so!

Only in a sea of misery
does a Ruling Class find its happiness

Only with poverty below and
mediocrity in the middle
can there be a Ruling Class above
Let it be so!

We ask the Supreme Executive
to continue blessing Us
with His great favor and mandate to rule

Praised be the Supreme Executive
for He loves all — in their proper place

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