The Ten Commandments of the Supreme Executive

Society is endangered and with it our beloved ruling class. How can We survive without the devotional system we all (if unconsciously) sacrifice to? Our crumbling society is also endangering the very values that prop Us up.

What is the religion of today’s decaying ruling class? It is capitalism of course. It is the God of the Market, whom we honest devotees affectionately call the Supreme Executive. Through His divine and invisible hand we are guided lovingly into the wealth and prosperity that is the ruling class. It is His expression on Earth. The Supreme Executive doesn’t care what you call yourself. His is a not an exclusive religion but one that emphasizes material results. The Supreme Executive is tolerant as long as one follows the Ten Commandments of his agenda. Note how this requires a small, shriveled, insecure ego to make the individual receptive and cooperative to Our agenda.

Our Call yourself black, white or another variety. Call yourself a Catholic, Jew, atheist or Protestant, Liberal, Conservative or Neoliberal. Any particular name or method may apply to our religion of the Market, so long as it delivers the goods and the salvation of its ruling class. For as long as there was an anchor in the middle class, the masses have followed these imperatives of capitalist disparity willingly. Do the masses understand society has been moving away from these values, and thus their way of life?

The Ten Commandments of the Supreme Executive

As directed by the proper ruling class authorities:

1)   By whatever name thou shalt call Him, thou shalt serve none other than the Supreme Executive of the Ruling Class

2)   Thou shalt obey the Ruling Class as guardians of the Supreme Executive

3)   Thou shalt misidentify the interests of the Ruling Class as your own

4)   Thou shalt value labels and categories above substance

5)   Thou shalt honor Property and Contracts above all else

6)   Thou shalt forsake thy neighbors according to the Ruling Class agenda

7)   Thou shalt seek self-respect in material things and popular opinion

8)   Thou shalt seek to keep up with the Joneses

9)   Thou shalt look away from things unfavorable to the Ruling Class

10) Thou shalt never seek blame in the Ruling Class but seek it among its masses, nature or individuals.

(The Unspoken 11th Commandment: Challenge the Ruling Class for its own good)


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