In the Time of Useful Idiots

The useful idiot is always welcome to the ruling class. In times of transition they are especially useful as the means by which the Great Institution achieves change in society. But useful as they are, they are, of course, idiots. And through their tragic and easily curable stupidity they could bring both masses and their liberal ruling class to ruin.

Society is certainly in transition. It is changing simply because the masses can not stop Us from abusing them — and quite openly too. Our fellow minions are destroying society because We have destroyed the masses’ capacity for self-respect. The lower orders can’t even keep the New Deal gains they forced from Us. And now, We are taking them back, and with them the middling class life the masses have had the privilege to taste. The masses would rather lie to themselves and wallow in their sewage, for they are without hope, completely defeated. A society of shriveled egos is too easy to exploit.

We would like to stop Our comrades’ excesses, but alas, the Preservation Society is only made up of ruling class individuals, and the ruling class has no power to thwart the Supreme Executive. He can only be challenged by the powerless masses.

Over the years, the system has refined itself. It has become much more subtle in its divide and conquer tactics. We have learned the art of sweeping the dirt under the rug. We run our brutal sweatshops offshore, and don’t tell the middle class about the ones in their own country. As a result the rank and file masses are confused.

Conservative Cluelessness

The traditional Conservative is at a dead end. Overt bigotry is not socially acceptable anymore, not even among conservatives. One can’t rally the troops around welfare queens anymore. Tax cuts for the wealthy have lost their sheen. And for eight years the Conservative invested energy despising Obama, Hillary and the Democrats for being warmongers. Consequently it has become more difficult for the rank and file right to support patriotic Reaganesque “freedom abroad”.

After “electing” Trump who, in a crude way, sounded more like Bernie Sanders than a Conservative or their Liberal allies, the masses, like disciplined and well-trained dogs, still routinely support policies against their own interest. All it takes for the Conservative — and to a slightly lesser extent the Liberal — is a dog whistle. How long can We count on this unthinking sacrifice of self?

The obliging stupidity of the herd recalls several anecdotes of the lower orders sacrificing themselves for their ruling class masters.

Sam the Conservative Libertarian

One of Our informants got to know the of one of his co-workers Joe, and Joe’s brother Sam. While Joe is liberal, Sam, a systems analyst, is a Conservative Libertarian. He believed everything had a price and government was bad. He was also on Ambien for insomnia. One day Joe got a call from his sister saying Sam had gotten into an accident.

Joe went to his family’s hometown. Upon arrival at his mother’s house, He learned that Sam, who lived alone, had completely shattered both shoulders, and without knowing how either.  Luckily, he had been visiting a friend at the time. When the friend came home from work, he found Sam sitting calmly on the couch, not exhibiting pain, but bruised all over. Sam said, “I think I have to go to the hospital”. They never found out how this occurred. Sam didn’t seem particularly traumatized.

Sam also had to quit his job because, he claimed, he was tired of work and wanted to drive Uber. This struck Joe and his family as strange because Sam was very concerned with making money. His mindset was the Conservative’s fabled self-reliance. Luckily Sam had enough money to hire a home attendant one a week for a year, still he needed the assistance of his family which came free of charge. Why would he give up his lucrative career to drive for Uber?

Joe spent several nights with Sam in his room, and found him to be unusually quiet and frequently staring off into space. He was short and curt in speech. Talking to people irritated him to no end. At night, Sam “tried” to go to sleep. He popped an Ambien, and lay down on his bed. Impatiently, he stared blankly at the ceiling, with his hands folded on his chest. He twiddled his thumbs anxiously awaiting sleep. After five minutes he declared his efforts a failure and popped another Ambien.

After reading up on the horror stories of these drugs, Joe tried to talk to his brother about it. Sam was clearly zombified (a symptom of Ambien), and yet instantly rose to exhibited frustration. Sam knew he had a problem, but he angrily refused to try “hippie” herbal or other alternative remedies to relieve his insomnia. He  claimed that they did not work, when in fact, as Joe knew, Sam had never tried them, or learn about them. Joe also witnessed Sam’s terrible eating habits. From Our perspective, Sam is merely  protective of Our “food” industry, once declaring that “nutrition was overrated”. Being a good Libertarian he never considered that poor eating habits might be contributing to his state of ill health.

And even after this Sam had to rely on his family to help get him through, he still denounces universal healthcare. One’s breeding is difficult to overcome. “Hippies” are the problem to Sam, not Big Pharma’s monopoly on healthcare. Is that the Conservative taking responsibility? With what seemed like breath-taking hypocrisy to the family, even as his mother cancelled her some plans to care for him like a child, Sam told his mother that she was lucky to be collecting social security because of “Dad’s years of work” (even though she managed the father’s business for many years). We don’t know what became of Sam, but We suspect that somewhere in the land of liberty a deteriorating zombie with reconstructed shoulders is driving for Uber, a responsible Conservative no doubt.

Thank you Sam. Thank you for sticking up for Us and defending Pharma. Keep up the sacrifice, and keep a stiff upper lip. How can one not have contempt for the herd?

Liberal Cluelessness

Things are not much better for the Liberal herd. There hasn’t been a significant “left” for quite sometime, allowing Us to systematically degrade gains made by the masses.

Liberals are confused. They are not sure of precisely what the evil is — only that it’s “racism” of some sort — nor from where it comes. This conditioning sets them up to focus on the bigot as the source of social ills, rather than as tools of powerful interests. They’ve given up any serious analysis of how things work, and thus how to fix them. And, ironically, because of the increasingly deteriorating status of racism despite msm coverage, the Liberal finds themselves to be in the position that the Conservative once held.

Liberal label leaders exploit the bigotry of today to drown out other vital dialogue. Just as the Conservative once complained about welfare queens and not about lack of public investments, the Liberal paints all “whites” as being guilty of “white supremacy”. They use bigotry to help Us avoid discussions that might end it. Thus, today division among the masses is increasing being driven by the bigotry of the Liberal, while We still count on the less popular right wing bigotry.

Our ruling class memes dictate that “White supremacy” is not ideology of a minority, but as a lazy blanket label that stereotypes all individuals of certain groups. It is the New White Burden, only this time it is not a glorious self-imposed burden that the masters throw upon their constituents.

For these reasons, unlike the Liberals and leftist of yore, today’s Liberal  is not so concerned with preserving and expanding society’s liberties but ensuring that others be responsible for how they feel. We doubt many of them consciously feel this way but that is the outcome of their actions. Transgender bathrooms consumes the Liberal establishment, not reinstating Habeas Corpus or bringing jobs back.

Thus, like good Liberals they stick to their generic labels and go after “racists” instead of ending racism. For years they’ve supported the ruling class friendly Affirmative Action. It is a highly regulated “trickle-up” program of social advancement. It has had little impact in society. The Supreme Executive encourages the Liberal to blame the Conservative for “their” failed policies. Affirmative Action assures that upward mobility of a certain section of the masses moves in geologic time, just as the Conservative’s austerity and “trickle down” economics is supposed to make the masses prosperous — the failure of which they blame on “Liberal spending”. Ignorance is strength.

It used to be easy for Liberals to perform their ruling class duties. It was easy to protest overt racism. It was easy to identify the fight against the assault on Labor. It was easy to support Affirmative Action. Such things coincided with their labels much more clearly and directly. It was easier to oppose the ruling class excesses because they were out in the open. The clueless Liberal is not sure how to proceed. As a result they are easily led to infighting — divide and conquer.

Warfly the Confused

Another of Our agents spent time at a grassroots activist media organization. She told tales of colossal dysfunction among the more radical “left”.

It seems there was this young lady who called herself Warfly or something to that effect. She was quite militant. From the first day Our informant set foot in the office, she observed the infamous intrigues of Warfly. Dealing with Warfly made working at the collective much more unpleasant and tiresome. Many members wanted her out.

Our reporter wondered why they hadn’t gotten rid of her long ago. Warfly was guilty of a laundry list of disruptive and anti-social behavior — many of which would have gotten a white male lynched on his first day. She once punched a male admirer in the face (he continued to be one her defenders). In order to fit her stories in the upcoming publication, she routinely made unauthorized edits to stories that had been approved and allocated space. She unilaterally deleted stories without consulting anybody. Yet she was tolerated because she had “feminist” defenders.

Finally things came to a head. A number of self-respecting activists wanted Warfly banned. A date was set in mid-August for an expulsion hearing. Among the attendees was Our informant, and a radical 80 year-old of the old school, who could not understand the tolerance of such behavior, he wanted to be productive.

The appointed meeting was on a sweltering afternoon. The office did not have air conditioning and the office was rather dark compared to the sunny day outside. Four or five fans whirled in vain in the oppressive room, providing only minimal respite. Everybody was sweating buckets. Some fanned themselves with anything they had.

This legendary meeting lasted some six gruesome hours. Everybody who had an opinion spoke. The discussion would not end and a decision would not be made until everybody had their full say. That, presumably, is being a good individual and a tolerant society. The discussion went round and round, back and forth, everybody airing their “opinions”. Our informant said she should have been paid for counseling sessions.

In a universe of common sense the banning procedure would have taken just a few minutes to be fair to the accused. But it turned into a circle jerk for lefties. The 80 year old journalist called this meeting preposterous and ridiculous, for which he was roundly criticized, but also cheered. Finally, after a long ordeal of their own making, the ban passed (how could it not?) But by then the damage was done.

Many participants left the group out of disgust. They were not there to waste their time, they said.

How can we not thank Warfly in her efforts to destroy whatever is left of the dwindling left. Thank you Warfly! These are the useful activities to which the loyal herd unwittingly subjects itself for Our sake.

The Usefulness of Idiots

We see this species of behavior in Charlottesville. Particularly, We see that the rank and file are sacrificing themselves and each other for the sake of divide and conquer. However offensive that might be, isn’t this understanding backed up the historical record and continuing patterns of domination?

The whole event seems to have been a set up from the start. White supremacists get a permit to hold their rally. The police let them clash, and the corporate media uniformly condemns the “lawfully” permitted rally holders for all the violence. Is this the precedent Liberals want to follow?

The unwitting ruling class Liberal loyalist would say that society can not sit idly by and let these individuals . . . hold a rally? Since when has that been the prevailing view? In 1999, The Guardian reported that some black groups supported a KKK parade in New York:

Elinor Tatum for Amsterdam News [a primarily African-American newspaper] said yesterday that the group was backing the klan’s right to march rather than the organisation itself. “Amsterdam News loathes and despises everything that the Klan stands for,” she said. “But we believe we have to stand up for their constitutional right to march in New York City.”

Al Sharpton’s group, National Action Network, also endorsed their “right” as well.

Bigots have held parades and rallies before without incident. Had the battle clad antifa “protesters” just left them alone, this would have been just another unpleasant right wing rally. But this is a time of change. It is no longer a time of real investment and opportunity. The stranglehold of corporate warmongering and austerity economics enforces TINA: There Is No Alternative. Instead of compromise, We give them red meat on steroids. That is Change You Can Believe In.

The story is set: Right-wing bigots were just holding a permitted rally in support of “white” or “traditional” culture. The Liberal groups were there to show the bigots they were not welcome. Both groups were well armed, and a look beneath the surface reveals the not so hidden hand of the higher orders.

Curious and Cozy

One of the organizers of the rally was KKK leader Chris Baker, who has a long history as an FBI informant. In fact the FBI has a long history of using various groups, both left and right, in nefarious ways. Isn’t it somewhat derelict of Liberals and Conservatives not to know this open secret by now? It is the same kind of dereliction of responsibility exhibited by Our Libertarian Ambien zombie Sam, and the frustrated and confused Liberals and lefties. All these individuals are just tools who follow their label leaders at their own expense, only for heart-ache in return for aiding ruling class enrichment.

Jason Kessler is the leader of the Unite the Right rally. Liberals believe he is right wing scum. Perhaps, but a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center encourages the view among Conservatives that he is an Obama operative, a “culture warrior of the left”:

Rumors abound on white nationalist forums that Kessler’s ideological pedigree before 2016 was less than pure and seem to point to involvement in the Occupy movement and past support for President Obama.

At one recent speech in favor of Charlottesville’s status as a sanctuary city, Kessler live-streamed himself as an attendee questioned him and apologized for an undisclosed spat during Kessler’s apparent involvement with Occupy. Kessler appeared visibly perturbed by the woman’s presence and reminders of their past association.

In trying to “debunk” the Kessler-was-a-Liberal meme, the msm’s Snopes website mentioned the SPLC’s report and pointed out that his connection with Occupy might have been brief due to real differences, but why did they ignore mention of Kessler being “perturbed by the woman’s presence and reminders of their past association”? It was in the same report. Whatever the story is, it’s a small world.

Labels allow the individual to see what confirms their bias. The loyalist Liberal sees a right-winger, the loyalist Conservative sees a Liberal agent. Neither see that Kessler as an agent for the ruling class. But then, the Loyal Liberals and Conservatives are agents of the ruling class. Even Chomsky agrees.

Police Stand down?

There are also numerous reports of police apparently standing down while the violence was allowed to occur. Here one such report in which a photographer, who witnessed the horrific beating of a young black man, recounts what he saw to his interviewer:

In various instances, the police seemed to turn a blind eye. There were plenty of cops around, except when violence broke out and then they seemed to disappear. The same thing happened when the car ran into the crowd. There was plenty of room for this car to come out of this blind alley and then even drive away before he was finally stopped. It really does seem that the police were somehow complicit in what was going on.

“Police says ‘We’ll not intervene until given command to do so.'” confirms an ACLUVA tweet . This is one of their observers:

I was there and brought concerns directly to the secretary of public safety and the head of the Virginia State Police about the way that the barricades in the park limiting access by the arriving demonstrators and the lack of any physical separation of the protesters and counter-protesters on the street were contributing to the potential of violence. They did not respond. In fact, law enforcement was standing passively by, seeming to be waiting for violence to take place, so that they would have grounds to declare an emergency, declare an ‘unlawful assembly’ and clear the area.

Will the Masses Please Stand Up!

In Post-War Europe, socialism and communism were still very popular. In order to deal with this “problem”, the CIA and MI6 implemented Operation Gladio through NATO. It was a terror program designed to turn the population against socialist and communist organizations and the Soviet Union. They staged false flags and killed many innocent individuals. The masses need to learn about Operation Gladio. It is a crucial part of the triumphant story of capitalism, and yet it is usually ignored. Here is a BBC Documentary about it. You might call Our current American crisis Operation Gladio Home Version — proving the a principle of the unity of all things: what you do there, you will do here eventually if not stopped.

Operation Gladio is in many ways the central relationship between ruling class and the masses. Violence is theoretically always available to the higher orders, and thus, always a very real threat to the masses. A society of significant disparity has a fundamentally different social dynamic than a society of near-equals. Exploitation is a consequence of maintaining inequality, greatly increasing the threat and need for violence. Think of the difference between the U.S. and Europe — up until now at least.

What if the masses understood the true nature of their society? Wouldn’t they call it a “ruling class society”? What if the mere existence of significant social inequality automatically implied the reasonable expectations of exploitation, and the constant danger of social instability? What if one understood that the existence of a ruling class overhead precludes real democracy down below, no matter how liberal the ruling class? The individual is not as “free”, but merely experiences a degree of leniency courtesy of the Supreme Executive. True freedom can only occur without the Great Disparity, otherwise it is just levels of ruling class liberality.

While the street crusaders were fighting each other for Our sake, Secretary of Defense James Mattis was meeting with the heads of the tech industry, including the CIA’s Amazon chief Jeff Bezos. The substance of their meetings was undisclosed. There has also been unprecedented rainfall in Antarctica and in the Arctic (and here as well) . Whether or not one is a climate change “skeptic” or not, rain in those regions indicate a world in for drastic change. One we are not prepared for. And of course, while good people battle fascism in the streets, the middling class continues to shrink (see also comments) as scheduled.  Aren’t there questions that should be asked that aren’t?

The functioning society requires alert masses.

The ruling class does not worry in the time of useful idiots. The ruling class sees clashes in Charlottesville, and the zealous pursuit of “social justice” or “American traditions”, and sleeps well at night. But the Preservation Society sees idiots incapable of posing a challenge to their servitude, which increases their own hardship and instability. This creates the ground for restlessness and discontent which can awaken the masses. The ruling class will only begin to lose sleep when the masses wake up and become real People. But is it too late?


  • It is truly tragic that the supreme executive is a liar, thief and murder on every scale. Since the Talmud and Kabbalah, evil has reached a fever pitch of those who call themselves conservatives and liberals who are neither as both are necessary for a balanced life among all living things. We prefer to profit off of death and pluder and destruction of all living things and call it religion, industry and governance. The putrid acts of the Bolsheviks, Maoists, Jacobins, Americans, British, Israel et. al. all have their foundations in the Judeo-masonic order of the Talmud, Masoretic text of the Septuagint and the Kabbalah. A vile example can be seen in the Bolsheviks who were financed out of the US and the Zionist Paneuropeans and run out of the US by Jacob Schiff and the Wilson Administration. The US is a Masonic Kabbalist state of the devil since the beginning. It’s genocides of people around the world with the UK is unmatched in human history. For more on the Judeo-masonic revolution in Russia, see Forbidden History; Masonic Revolutions – The Slaughterhouse of Osiris 1/12 There are 12 parts. Also Hervé Ryssen The Jews and the Russian Revolution at The Jews and the Russian Revolution Videos of Holodomor are also available as well as the Jewish Young Turks. These are the most evil of mankind. The NAZIs too, were puppet of this group. The great lie was not of German origin but well known by the time of Plato and his execution of the Noble Lie, telling the leaderless what they wanted to hear, only to perform the agenda in secret. Hermes was a liar, thief and cheat too as hermiticism play a strong role in the history of liars and their lies who write our history and profit from misery.

    Such is the supreme executive, a “light” to all mankind, an eternal flame of idiocy and stupidity that has encircled the earth. In Staten Island, people know it in America as the Statue of Liberty of which it is not. Jefferson’s version of the great seal of the United States speaks volumes as these people leave their mark in images. What flavor of Tyranny does the Supreme Executive prefer? His own of course!

  • These articles strike me as the equivalent of “public notices” of “actions to be taken” where we are “warned” of the pending, all that is required in order to make such pending happenings to be ‘justified” in that “we were legally warned” thus it is “our own fault” as we will be victimized simply because we paid no attention to the warnings. !?!

  • I have been away a while, returning for a review not wanting to miss anything. My thinking remains committed, all happenings in the world only reinforce my faith.


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