The Forbidden Ego

“The individual is the fundamental unit of society. Ego is the driver of the individual. Control the ego of the individual, dominate society”, We wrote some time ago. We endeavor to reshape each and every ego coming out of the womb into

… the image of a ruling class loyalist — epitomized by the unquestioning herd such as the Liberal and Conservative. … [T]he aborted  ego is weighed down with a constructed “identity” as compensation. Parasitic social labels give the illusion of mass to the shriveled up ego. Through the Establishment, labels latch onto the prey, effectively making the individual think that some (and preferably all) of the ruling class agenda is actually a part of themselves and their interests.

This is the common ego familiar to most of society. It is the “normal” condition of ego — shriveled, weak, fearful, suspicious, insecure and easily wounded.  A big unapologetic ego, on the other hand, is offensive and threatening. Society is taught to value and act with humility — acting is an excellent and powerful way to believe in something. Thus, the ego is kept in check but we believe in more.

Rid yourself of the ego and be happy, wise men have counseled over the centuries. They even preach eradication of it. We learn that ego is selfish. We feel guilt. This is the insignificant ego. This myopic ego is a speck of sand, and feels its inadequacy. “I”, the most important thing in the world, is lost in an ocean of other shriveled egos and becomes a mere demographic. As a result the masses struggle against each other for the scraps dropped from their masters’ table.

Big egos are difficult to corral and control. How is the ruling class to make society do what it wants if it were filled with so many out-sized and self-involved egos? Religions are built around wise individuals who tell us to lose it. The individual is forever struggling to contain ego. It must be disciplined, so we are taught. We are bred to believe the ego exists in an antagonistic and decadent relationship with the flesh and community. The ego is said to be  incompatible with the greater good.

The Establishment want us to lose the ego, the most difficult of tasks to perform, precisely because it is so difficult to do. Lose the ego and find enlightenment, they tell us. It a most frustrating undertaking, soaking up energy and undermining confidence.

Isn’t the individual born with an ego? With no ego there can be no consciousness. It is a natural part of the individual. Many get discouraged trying to do the unnatural — lose the ego, and as a result many stop seeking “enlightenment”. And so their egos remain small and impressionable. This is what the ruling class wants.

But what about the forbidden side of ego?  The side society is not taught. The side that says, “my realm is the universe, and my priority is myself, just as any other animal. I respect myself too much to lie to myself.” What if the ego was so powerful that to lie to it was to insult it, and what if that individual would not allow themselves to stray from reality because their egos overcame their insecurities and would not allow them to sacrifice the truth for comforting nonsense? Wouldn’t that be a harder society for the ruling class to abuse?

What if there is more beyond the ego than “selfish” self-concern? What if the uninhibited ego is better the bigger it gets?  What if the individual can encompass the entire universe within their ego domain? It is a possibility that frightens the ruling class. Therefore We encourage our minions and masses to think it is impossible.

Having genuine big egos running around among the masses is not what we want. We want pliable material, for the truth is, the ego of the individual is the most powerful force the masses have against the ruling class. Conversely, a beaten down ego is the key to mass control. Without compliant egos how could We run society?

Our society, in turn, is encouraged to debase the ego, to whittle it down to “my” immediate purview. “Me, my family, my property”. Then the individual is called selfish because they cannot afford the luxury, psychically  or economically, to expand their own vision and domain.

To the average well bred little ego, what happens to the people next door doesn’t matter as much as what happens to “me and mine”. The people down the street? Even less. Another state? They might as well be in another country. And those in other countries? To the good moral herd individual they might as well be from an alien planet, who’s reality is as real as the latest sitcom or cartoon. As a result, ruling class loyalists view the slaughter of “alien” men, women and children, by “our” leaders, as nothing other than a regrettable, if an avoidable, and often deliberate tragedy. A truly great ego has the expanse of mind to find that such slaughter is as bad there as it would be here. Only a big ego can afford such an abundance of “love”. It is all your domain.

There we have a rule of thumb for ruling class loyalists about the ego in ruling class society: The further away from ego things are, the less concern and compassion ego has for them, thus society is less stable. Individuals are pitted against each much more easily. Divide and conquer.

The popular mantra of the ruling class ego goes something like this: “Am I supposed to sacrifice time with my kids to devote myself to somebody half-way around the world? Am I supposed to spend taxes on feeding people somewhere else? Let’s take care of our own first.”

Henry is good moral Jesus loving, god fearing Christian and will fight for his job making tank parts for General Dynamics. He could easily know that his job does nothing for society except destroy it. At least Henry opposes the war industry in principle, but he defends it. Perhaps he opposes it because he is a part of it. Assisted by his shriveled, label-laden ego and correspondingly small purview, Henry can, perhaps with ease, ignore or separate his actions and their direct connection to a tank’s only use. Who can blame him? We all have to eat. This is something the ruling class often neglects to appreciate in its lower order.

With the shriveled ego there is no comprehension beyond the little ego domain. Hence a “good, moral” individual may contribute to crime, as long as it is perpetrated somewhere out of view and in alien form. There is no concern for context or for the reality that ties the hapless loyalist to their unintended victim alien unfortunates. “Treat others as…” becomes a mere platitude for most of society. The realization that all the world is connected is kept at bay. Never shall We grant the majority of the masses the luxury to be able to fully understand that permitting something over there is to permit it here, and allowing abuse to one over there is to allow abuse to oneself here.

This deeply embedded hypocrisy is a significant part of the foundation of ruling class civilization. Without such inbred hypocrisy how can “good people” accept terrible things, and aide Us in doing them? And yet these “civilized” individuals would tell you they hate duplicity and dishonesty. They profess that the children are precious while making excuses for their executioners. In ruling class society, “civilization” is acceptable hypocrisy.

The ruling class is terrified of the self-respecting ego.

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  • The ego is all of that mentioned, and so much more. The ego that knows only itself will define itself according to its capacity for love on one end of the scale and fear on the other (fear generates hatreds, not the other way around).

    The ego which becomes the most selfish is the ego that fears the most, the ego that becomes the most generous is the ego that loves the most.

    The ego that loves the most is the ego that knows itself to be intimately connected to itSelf, the INner higher Self, the GOD relating of self with Self.

    The latter has realized the experience of Enlightenment. “Many are called (by Spirit) but few are chosen (few qualify)” Those that have so “Awakened” become, with time and experience, the Wise Ones, those who most value UNIversal Truth (and that INcluding all Truths, which are infinite on one “side” and Singular on the other side of considerations). Such folks are actually many, yet rare in their percentages compared with the “masses” … and nonexistent in the upper realms of the Ruling Class.

    The ego that grows up thinking itself to be “better than” others, especially those others that are deemed “lower” than themselves, lower in “entitlements”, such as the “sheeple” of the “masses”, these egos advance (so they think) in a society of “like thinkers”. This primarily because they “play the game” of Competition where winning, but not breaking the rules as designated by their “Betters”, brings them recognition and advancement by their Peers. This game, which the deeper they delve into, the more entrapped they become, is the game of Materialism where power and control, ultimately by any means, seems to offer the greatest rewards.

    Power and Control are Fear Factors, while complete acceptance of all that is is the epitome of Love. Of course, the latter is most likely, in the present society, to be one unrecognized by others as having “useful” qualities, useful being those qualities that make one competitive in this society.

    The masses are “led” by those deemed the “strongest”, those that are deemed the “winners” in the game of materialism. These “winners” being the ones that are presenting this series of articles. Yet the writer(s) appear to be intelligent enough, and maybe just wise enough, to know that the winners cannot continue to be so without the losers. It being only the foolish Parasite that overindulges to the degree that the Host dies. The RCPS is aware of this truth and wants to preserve the longevity of the Host (we the people of the Masses) while much of their “Brethren” seem much less concerned.

    The “Paths” that we each choose, day by day, minute by minute, of our lives, lead ultimately in two distinct directions, the path of Love and Light, or the path of Fear and Darkness. The One towards the UNIversal GOD and an Eternal Life becoming ever closer to the Source of all life, or the opposite path towards what no person wants, except for those who have become entrapped and fearful enough to convince themselves that service to “Their God” (as opposed to GOD) is the only “saving grace” available to them. A position not to be envied by knowers of the Truth of the Balance where (+=-) surpasses (+/-).

    IMnsHO and E so far.

    PS; The Real Trinity the (+=-) can be seen as (God+GOD+god(s)) where it is never too late to make amends and change the course of life. It being only Fear that gets in the way of the Truth that sets you Free. (+=-) is Greater than (+/-) … except of course you deem things differently, to each their own and Karma dictates Justice in “the end”.


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