19 Axioms Of Divide And Conquer

A society arranged in a minority/majority paradigm (ie, the Great Disparity) is always accompanied by divide and conquer.

A ruling class society is always in a state of divide and conquer.

Divide and conquer takes the heat off the ruling class.

The form and content of divide and conquer are determined by the Primal Divisions found in that society.

Whatever “diversity” exists in that society will become the basis for divide and conquer.

Divide and conquer turns natural allies (the masses) into enemies.

Divide and conquer is focused horizontally (contained to the masses).

Divide and conquer turns the masses into allies of the ruling class.

The herd is the best individual suited for divide and conquer.

The apathetic may or may not participate in divide and conquer.

The real person will see through divide and conquer.

The most effective divide and conquer is stoking the resentment of the “less privileged” against the “more privileged”. (note the quotation marks)
The “more privileged” develops fear of violence and chaos from the “less privileged”.

The more complaisant and contented society is, the less intense, prominent and wide spread the divide and conquer.

When a ruling class feels existentially threatened, the more intense, prominent and wide spread divide and conquer will be.

Intense divide and conquer will push the apathetic to become a herd individual or a real person.

Aggressive divide and conquer implies a breakdown in ruling class and establishment authority.

When divide and conquer fails, the establishment will move to more direct violence against the masses.

When divide and conquer fails, the masses will have overcome a ruling class obstacle.

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  • Every institution of man has been destroyed from within. The wars of the past are all manufactured for the benefit of the few with the elimination of as many as possible. Religion is nothing more than a political movement of lies if you research the expedition papers since the ancient Indus Valley (2000BC+), Sumeria (3000BC+), Egypt (it’s history is not as old as the Indus but goes back far before 10000BC as known by their star charts), Mesopotamians, Chaldeans, Akkadians, Hurrians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans… which their records are very detailed and as to those that are nothing more than the sickest people on earth and now it has come down to the division of leadership of the most vile “human” beings that have walked the earth as they still practice their old Canaanite Blood/Death/Sex cult origins of Turkic Mongol origins.

    Greed over life itself has doomed this planet to become a dead rock and it is already over the guard rails and we are plummeting to what ever end we will experience, a Venus syndrome rock filled overwhelmed with radiation from plants that could never be shut down, or, highly unlikely, a dead rock like Mars, Mercury…

    Humanity made it’s choice and made their god money when our neighbor was all creation and as we do unto the least of these we do unto the creator. Those in power are of the destroyer and cannot help themselves as that is their mindset, heritage and the use of intellect has gone to the worst form of all, that is in opposition of any form of wisdom and life itself as the indigenous of many tribal nations can attest to. We had all the time in the world – the elders have stated on record, but the white snake has lied and lives for themselves and the destruction of all things with it.

    Balance has been long dead as “civilization” of Mesopotamia is a fraud and the ends of which polluted air, water and land and laced it with heavy metals, pathogens of all forms (viral, bacterial, fungus and transgenetic groups as well as synthetic life) that has penetrated all life on earth.

    In our beginning, it was the word, of which is manifest in creation, that we should never eat flesh that has blood. We are all murderers at enmity with all life and we must be honest with ourselves that is was all of us that participated directly or indirectly with the destruction of a once thriving, living, breathing earth. We are known by our fruit and it is now more rotten than ever as the structure is incapable of sustaining life, any life.

    • Amen, we seem to be truly a cancerous carcass … our ‘parasites’ will soon have nothing left to sustain their sick appetites … but then, they will always have a hell waiting for them and it will not be where we are.


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