Elections and Viruses

Wikipedia shows 1,266 deaths in Italy attributed to CV on March 13. However, the Italian government’s health authorities at the Higher Institute of Health (istituto superiore di sanità, ISS) reported on March 13 that only 2 cases may allegedly be attributed to CV. Other deaths were accompanied by significant other issues such as elderly people suffering from pneumonia. In fact, many others were suffering from not just one but at least two other illnesses. This was confirmed on March 18 by Bloomberg News, “99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says“. See Jon Rappaport’s reporting at Nomorefakenews.com for a skeptical view on CV.

By all accounts, even from the establishment, this virus is rather only like a bad flu. Serious risks to individuals are low except to the more vulnerable, older and sicker individuals. That is the implication of Trump’s physician Sean P. Conley, who released a statement saying the bloated 73 year old Trumpster tested negative for the virus. The USA Today reports, “Trump is at low risk for the CV because his contacts with one of the [Brazillian] officials ‘was extremely limited (photographs, handshake),’ and his interaction with the second person ‘occurred before any symptom onset,’ Conley wrote in a letter released late Friday.”

Let us restate that again: 73 year old Donald Trump shook hands with and got close enough for personal pictures with, not one, but two “infected individuals”, and one of whom he shook hands with. His own physician was not alarmed, nor anyone else standing around him or anybody else in Washington. It was a casual meeting. Trump was “at low risk”. And after all that, the 73 year old Trump tested negative. Does that sound like the basis of a serious existential problem?

But the virus is spreading! Are governments’ response proportionate to those circumstances — a casual meeting with no contagion for a 73 year old? Trump declares a national emergency that will destroy society. Countries have been lockdowned, severely restricting the right to free assembly. Small businesses have been destroyed. There are calls to roll out the military in the US.

The Washington Post: “Two months ago, when the economy appeared to be growing at a steady clip, such measures would have seemed unthinkable. But that all changed as CV cases began spreading in the United States and the disruptions and closures began”. Everyone but the establishment herd knew the economy was in serious trouble. We been reporting on this deterioration for some time now.

But now we’ve come to an “existential crisis”. The “leaders” are talking about this crisis as if they are not fabricating it before our eyes, whatever the circumstances are. Gerald Celente has been one of the few strongly objecting to the official story.

Why this seeming disproportionate response to, at best, a severe fever? It certainly puts the rigged presidential election in rear view mirror, as Jimmy Dore and statistician Richard Charnin, among others reported. The Democratic Party is a walking corpse. Appropriately enough Joe Biden is their standard bearer. What would have happened without this virus intervention? Accept yet another blatantly stolen election?

Then there is the economic aspect. An aid package of over one trillion dollars is set to get congressional approval. Boeing is collapsing. Comapnies can no longer afford to buy back their own stocks to pump up the price. Economists, including Jack Rasmus, warn of a greater depression than the the Great Depression. Another financial observer at the Silver Report Uncut noted that the shortages showing up at markets across the countries are deliberate. “I’ve come to believe they are empty on purpose, that they want order out of chaos.”

The Ruling Class Preservation Society has been warning about the collapse of society as we’ve known it for some time. The demise of liberal/ conservative paradigm and the economic collapse point to it. And along comes CV to blame. “It’s not Our fault,” the ruling class cries, “it’s CV”. The masses have not been up to the task. They are consumed with bread and circuses, white nationalists, identity politics, gods, and justifying capitalism. We need a higher consciousness to save the dystopia we know. That is not some higher being, it is you we have been waiting for. But, sadly, you have not arrived.

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