Ruling Class Axioms

The Ruling Class Observations has distilled the fundamental, universal and common sense principles of all ruling classes and their societies.

When a small group of individuals benefits from a significant disparity of material privilege, a ruling class condition exists in society.

A ruling class implies widespread poverty.

A “healthy” ruling class society means a sick society.

The masses serve the ruling class.

The ruling class rides the masses.

The ruling class will always be society’s main priority.

The fundamental interests of the ruling class are at odds with the fundamental interests of the masses.

Ruling class democracy requires, on balance, a stupid public.

The ruling class necessarily subordinates nature as well as society, and separates the two.

All ruling classes want the status quo to be permanent.

Ruling class mode determines “conventional wisdom”, conventional thought and “national” priorities.

“Capitalist democracy” is today’s (decaying) ruling class mode.

The more democratic and open a ruling class democracy is, the greater its Establishment influence is.

The less democratic and free a ruling class society is, the less influence its Establishment has.

All of society works in some capacity for the ruling class, like the body of an organism works for the organism (however, only a ruling class organism is constantly threatened by instability, and internally produces filth and disease in its “healthy state”).

Everything in a ruling class society will eventually be made to serve the ruling class.

When an individual finds themselves in a particular situation, one may call it a result of personal decision, but when the masses find themselves in a similar position (or have the same thoughts) it is called public policy.

In a ruling class democracy, the masses vote against their self-interests.

Politics in a ruling class society must have double meaning: one intending the ruling class interest, the other, a translation into the masses’ interests.

Politics in a ruling class democracy must be stupid because it requires the masses to voluntarily go against their own interests.

The ruling class is always working to increase its wealth and domination, and to destroy its “enemies”.

If allowed, the ruling class would eat itself.

Above all, the ruling class wants social stability, but is willing to destroy it to accumulate more wealth and power.

A “healthy” ruling class society requires a strong and informed masses to counterbalance it.

Instability and decay would not occur if the masses were strong.

The ruling class desires a complaisant and dispirited masses, and opposes strong, informed masses.

When just enough of the masses are “contented” and complaisant, mass insurrection is not likely.

When the masses are rendered helpless through “peace and prosperity”, ruling class society becomes imperiled.

The ruling class is the greatest threat to its own society.


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