Allegory of the Clenched Fist

It is often forgotten that ruling class domination has nothing to do with politics. It is pure patriarchal power. One could say that is politics itself. But by politics, We mean theories and history and ideologies. Republicanism, democracy, libertarianism and even socialistic ideologies can get lost in abstractions when the reality comes down to who has their grip on power. These abstractions can provide us with clues and some understanding. But “understanding” can’t liberate a society. It cannot “do” anything. No system can “safeguard the people” from the domination of the ruling class by itself. Abstractions have no force of action unlike personal motivations.  No population is truly free, and no society can be truly stable under domination of the economic disparity that makes the ruling class possible.

One hears the clamoring from down below. “Elect a Democrat.” “Elect a Republican.” “Dump Trump!” “Pathetic snowflakes!” “Throw the bums out!” They want real capitalism, as if there has been a better variety from what has actually existed for centuries. Or they want social democracy, though it is little more than an apology for capitalism. But it is all political masturbation without addressing the power disparity that prevents the masses from actualizing paradise, which for the moment remains a mere fantasy.

Complications of factions and bigotries, rivalries and loyalties, and their ideologies help conceal the heart of the matter. It is quite simple:

The ruling class is a fist clenched around the tired, scarred, bruised and soiled bodies of the masses. It is jealous and fearful of its masses. The higher orders instinctively want to increase its safety and intimidate its opponents. If We tighten Our grip We think it makes Us more secure — the ruling class zeitgeist. But tightening the grip means putting more pressure on the masses. They become restless under their masters’ severe grasp. They fight back. But to loosen the tightly wound fist would be tempting the masses to escape and to demonstrate the weakness of the ruling class.

How long can a tight grip last? The ruling class will have exhausted itself before long, if the masses don’t successfully revolt first. The path of least resistance preserves power. Against push back of the masses the masters loosen their hold a bit and proclaim liberty for the people. “Finally!” say the masses still in the grip of their owners. “What kind of state will guarantee our liberties?” The parasitic ruling class Spirit intoxicates the masses, making it think it has been liberated, that it is creating its free state immune to the Great institution that already has it in its grasp.

It was that same parasitic intoxication that made the masses hate each other and blame one another for the pressures they felt from the clenched fist. They did not realize their alienation from others alienated them. The individual of the masses did not know they helped the fist squeeze tighter around them. In the clutches of a slightly loosened grip, the masses have not been liberated, they had only been liberalized.

The masses became comfortable in the more relaxed grasp of their masters and began to like them. But instinctively and through mere contempt, the fist began to tighten again. Again, the masses fought back. Again, the higher orders realized relenting was in its best interests. Thus, the ruling class lived unstably ever after.

When will the ruling class learn before its grasp is exhausted?

An alternate ending:

Instinctively and through mere contempt, the fist began to tighten again. Again, the masses fought back. Again, the higher orders realized relenting was in its best interests. Then one day, an individual of the masses stood up and asked, “why do we need to be in the grasp of a ruling class in the first place?” Then others stood up with them. Then all the masses stood up. Thus the hand opened like a flower of paradise.

When will the masses learn?

See? No politics, or is it all politics? Whatever it is, it is quite simple.

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