The Insanity Of Healthy Ruling Class Society

The fundamental object of a “balanced” democratic society is presumably the well-being and liberty of its inhabitants. Theoretically no one should have much more power than anyone else. But a society that is imbalanced cannot have such an end. A society that displays an obvious disparity in wealth and power — the Great Disparity — is one who’s main function is to feed the inevitable, alienated ruling class minority for which it exists. The very existence of the Great Disparity implies that the society of masses must compete with the minority ruling class for the necessities and goods it produces. Befitting their place through proper breeding the masses know and accept that they will get less. At the same time it is so ingrained in the lower order mind that they don’t even think about it.

The ruling class is like the sun to the society it dominates. All individuals within its realm are subject to its Great Disparity. We must all react to its demands. The ruling class zeitgeist is as pervasive as culture. As much as you may hate your culture, you are shaped by it. You are even identified by it. The Great Disparity and its logic, like culture, is just a part of life that goes largely undetected by the unawakened and well-adjusted.

In such a society the greater good of the masses is replaced with the greater “good” of the minority ruling class. This is the origins of the seeming insanity of society, the patently ridiculous politics, the psychosis of believers and the general spirit of hypocrisy that must necessarily pervade the masses if ruling class society is to function at all. We are not being deterministic here. No one is born “good” or “evil”, rather “good and evil” is a trope born out of the dynamics of the Great Disparity. It is the justification of the patriarchal order necessary to minority rule. The higher orders are the “good”, and the rest are “bad”. But it is not inevitable that the individual grows up to be one or the other, or accepts these judgments in the first place. The dynamics of the Great Disparity ensure that the well-bred domesticated herd individual will be abundant if not the majority in ruling class society.

The individual subject to ruling class society must split themselves up. They must be to some degree alienated from themselves, society and nature in order just to navigate their environment. Ruling Class society requires sacrifice and hypocrisy from their masses. It requires complicity in inhumanity. These principles are transubstantiated into conventional morality and enshrined in the various ideologies held by the accepting individual. Yet the human animal struggles to be the opposite: “decent” and “good” human beings. The masses must justify and come to terms with the ugly realities and alienation of ruling class society.

The easiest trick to remain at peace and in harmony in ruling class society is to embrace conventional thought, tastes, and mainstream knowledge, then to never look at the reality behind this establishment veil — denial. This is if you are lucky. But we cannot deny everything.

Merely living life will certainly lead the individual to casually confront the reality behind the curtain though we may not know it. It may be the realization that you hate your job, your vote doesn’t count, you actions hurt others and yourself, that sacrifice comes with honesty, or that religion and capitalism is a lie. Your experience of boredom and general sense of dissatisfaction may be a reaction to your brush with reality. The average individual does not always detect the full import of their feeling, nevertheless they are experiencing a clash of consciousness and establishment. The “well-adjusted”, “normal” individual copes well with this, for they have been successfully bred to be “normal” with a “good upbringing”. And they will never blame the ruling class and will always justify their lesser lives.

The “well-adjusted” get jobs and careers they “like”. The angry conservative lashes out at the failures of capitalism by mistaking them for the socialist policies of liberals, and the liberal will blame the stingy conservatives. And both continually serve the same Minority master. The conventional mentality also enjoys conventional things ensuring a significant market for corporate produced pop culture. The individual of such establishment tastes are rewarded by an endless supply of distraction. One may never get bored with the latest TV shows, “music”, movies and sports constantly being excreted by the established order. The “fortunate” individual will go to their grave having had a “good life” while never facing reality. This is not called insanity, it is called the middling class life.

What happens when the individual is not insane and cannot avoid the clash between reality and establishment, or what if there’s a glitch in the breeding of establishment norms and thus one grows up in some respects somewhat sane? How does one react to what seems a hostile environment, to the blatant lies of “good people”? To the fact that they have wasted their lives, that people are being tortured with your tax money and it could be you . . . Good lord it’s too much! Thus the masses drug themselves, get violent, desperate, anti-social. This is what happens when you drop sanity into an insane environment.

The inability to accept establishment authority leads to dysfunction in an insane society — that is, in a healthy ruling class society, a successful ruling class society. It is an immune system which eliminates potential challenges. This is good and bad. Good because it keeps the ruling class in power, bad because it encourages dysfunction among the masses, which is the foundation of the Minority’s power.

But the masses need not despair. They can always get rid of the ruling class and the Great Disparity upon which it depends, and enjoy something which has not been experienced in recorded history: a sane society.


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