The Dominant Theme of a Dying Ruling Class

A reader recently noted in the comments section of a Truthdig article that its writer Paul Street inadvertently admits the real reason why Trump won the election:

“Ultimately, Trump is the first man to ascend to the post-WWII U.S.
presidency from outside the global consensus. In and of itself, that has
been an incredible development, bothersome indeed to the United States’ economic and military establishment.”

Realizing his mistake, he corrects himself with an inaccurate statement wrapped in parentheses: “(The bad news, for the rest of us, is that he emerged from the white nationalist right rather than the egalitarian and social democratic left).”

Trump did not “emerge” from the white nationalist right. He is, or at least was a liberal New York real estate developer who donated to both parties. Clinton won the popular vote, yes, but Trump’s success in demolishing the Republican Party, along with Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Party, amounted to a outright rejection of status quo politics among the masses. The whole system is crumbling. Hence the desperate need to deflect from this inevitable existential crisis with “fake news” of one sort or another.

The central theme will continue to be identity politics centering around identity and race. It is the go-to issue for American ruling class interests. Our history is replete with racial tensions, and the nativist vs foreigner paradigms. It is a favorite tactic because its so visual and convenient. It is vital for the masses to recognize these divisions. It will destroy any unity that may be built up among the lower orders — and that’s all you really have.

Recently, the New York Times reported a story on the identity tensions that plagued the original “leaders” of the so-called Women’s March against Trump in 2017, which was hailed as a great triumph. According to the Times, a Jewish colleague

told the group that her Jewish heritage inspired her to try to help repair the world. But she said the conversation took a turn when Tamika Mallory, a black gun control activist, and Carmen Perez, a Latina criminal justice reform activist, replied that Jews needed to confront their own role in racism.

The “leaders” eventually expelled her from the group. It does not matter whether these “activists” were sincere or not, nor does it matter much whether they are agents provocateurs or not. Why question a tool? It is the one wielding the tool that must be the focus. The masses must keep their eyes not the ball. The thinking expressed by the two ladies should be seen as pro-ruling class divisiveness, and should not be tolerated by the masses. As soon as one hears such things, it ought to be grounds for expulsion. End of story. The ruling class has been working hard to sew race-suspicion among the masses, and this is its fruit.

This incident also promotes the “anti-semitism trope”, which has not caught much wind. If the ladies concerned with “Jewishness” addressed their issue in a less righteous and more accurate way they would have a point. Jewish complicity with racism is, much like antisemitism, over hyped. But its subtext is always to protect Israel. This makes it easier to paint Anti-Zionists as anti-Jewish. It deflects attention away from Israel’s nefarious actions in other countries.

In Germany it is illegal to question the holocaust. An alleged Canadian denier was arrested in Munich while attending the trial of another denier. This should raise more questions than it answers. In Texas, a teacher was fired for refusing to sign an anti-BDS oath (Boycott, Divest and Sanction of Israel).

Israel dominates Washington. What was the first priority of the 2019 GOP-controlled Senate? Glenn Greenwald reports

the first bill to be considered — S.1 — is not designed to protect American workers, bolster U.S. companies, or address the various debates over border security and immigration. It’s not a bill to open the government. Instead, according to multiple sources involved in the legislative process, S.1 will be a compendium containing a handful of foreign policy-related measures, the main one of which is a provision — with Florida’s GOP Sen. Marco Rubio as a lead sponsor — to defend the Israeli government. The bill is a top legislative priority for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

The Jewish Federation of San Francisco, part of the Jewish Federation of North America boasting 148 Jewish Federations and 300 independent Jewish communities across North America, has contributed funding to the likes of the Canary Mission, “a shadowy online blacklist targeting college students who criticize Israel“.

So, there is legitimate concern for nefarious Israeli activities being unwittingly aided by genuine well-meaning Israeli supporters. But addressing this issue must not take the form of McCarthyism or prosecution by label. It would only destroy whatever cooperation that exists. The important thing the individual of the masses must remember is their solidarity together whatever the label one wears, and that anything causing animosity between individuals should be looked upon with suspicion toward the ruling class. Remember, the dynamic is always the ruling class against the masses.

Ross Douthat of the New York Times keeps the fake narrative alive with an article entitled, Racists to the Right, Anti-Semites to the Left. He mentions the “problems” of the women’s march cited above. Douthat’s discussion remains narrowly focused on the identity politics of the alleged leaders. This ploy should be obvious as the propaganda it is. He makes no mention of the rank and file women, questions none of them. Yet From this he concludes that liberals and “the left” in general are anti-Jewish.

Most pernicious of all is the fact that the ruling class is pulling the strings on both “sides”. The Jewish Federation, mentioned above, provides a most excellent example because it funds “far right-fringe groups” groups in addition to its “community work”. According to Haaretz, The Jewish Federation of San Francisco has given to Project Veritas and the Tea Party in the US and Geert Wilders, the “far-right” politician of the Netherlands, among others. The established order is playing the conventional plebeians against each other, ever enforcing the division the ruling class has carved into a potentially harmonious society. The fact that individuals actually get hurt only makes the drama more compelling.

Identity politics will intensify as this dying ruling class continues to crumble. There are other issues out there of course, but all of it sits on a foundation of identity tribalism. Turning you against your neighbors or your neighbors against you makes you Our most important accomplice. And it is the minds of the lower orders colonized by tribal suspicions and resentment that are the ruling class’s most important ally.

The masses need to resist the temptations of their weak resentful egos to hate others based on the labels they have been bred to prioritize.

Concern for flesh and blood must come first before labels. Only true solidarity of the masses can resist the intensifying charms of Our dying society.


  • Another excellent post, thank you. Solidarity was nicely expressed in a film I saw recently “Nae Pasaran” about a group of Glasgow Rolls Royce workers in the 70s who refused to service jet engines for the US-backed Fascist Pinochet’s regime. They did this on principle, not knowing what effect they might be having and only finding out decades later that they had helped save lives.

    Divide and conquer has been the favoured, crude tool of sheep-herding the world over. Sadly it has been working.

  • The earth is now in a phase where every single institution has failed. All faiths that promote differences between people, an elect or worse, those that are the only humans, are frauds and have been for several thousand years. Facts such as the 42 Commandments of Ancient Egypt, the words of wisdom by Amenamope, Vedic concepts of re-incarnation and it’s “Psalms” are all stolen and perverted as well as the symbols of open and secret societies such as the wheel in the sky known to all humanity since it first looked at the heaven (the swastika is the north “Pole” star and the travel of the big dipper around it making 1 year) and the union of male and female which is NOT the star of David or the seal of Solomon, the Cross and thousands of others have been stolen and written into the books of the words of men who do not know or understand the fundamental meanings of what they represent.

    The entire earth is being destroyed by those with knowledge but have no wisdom. There is no reverence of creation and where this is a way of life, there is no reverence of the creator, “I AM”. Man”kind” has slaughtered not only each other but the whole fabric of life itself. Those responsible for the plunder, and it is all of us, are living in a world of lies and deceit of which has not been known, playing the creator and even stating in their books of lies that they themselves are greater than the creator particularly in Kabbalah (Occult) knowledge, religion, the fact that creation is nothing more than a resource to be used up, slaughtered and plundered for profit. We have all been deceived by blood and death cults so long that what seems normal is an inversion of what life should be.

    The ruling elite, who are the pretenders of leadership have turned history upside down and there are few written words for consumption of the rest of humanity that have any honesty whatsoever.
    Groups such as what can be seen in the “higher education” in articles such as the MIT technology review and all other “higher education” has made a mockery of creator, creation and our place in it. All Masonic wars are a fraud touting freedom where there is none under their control.

    Religion is nothing more than a front for deception and few are sicker than those of Judaism and it’s cohorts, Freemasonry, Christianity and Islam as all are proven lovers of war and death.

    The lies are so many and for so long that everything in government is a National Security Issue. What will these people, the ruling elite do? Ever hear of the Samson Option. Rather than get caught in their web of lies and deceit for thousands of years (hundreds of years for many), would rather destroy all life than let life prevail.

    Those of the ruling elite are nothing more than a Cabal of Cartels, ever consolidating power in areas such as:

    Military and Intel
    Judiciary, Police and Corrections
    Big Mining and Resource Extraction
    Big Ag/GMO
    Major Mass Media
    Government and Politics
    Arms of destruction and death
    Intellectual Property

    and now we have the Internet of Things to surveil all and control all aspects of life through force and managed perception.

    When does God give law to murders, liars, thieves, cheats that practice human and animal sacrifice of burnt offerings to their Moloch of the first born, beating, bleeding and butchering those without flaw to their Baal? Those that make war by deceit? A people of old lies and few accomplishments.

    The ancient Vedic and Indigenous of people who revere all life states that there is no written word of god but it can be found in the manifestation of creation itself.

    We shall be known by our fruit. What kind of fruit does militarism to provide those of wealth and power to gain even more present? What kind of people sell out their new nation to financial interests? What kind of people slaughter another to gain riches will destroying life? What kind of people believe what should be theirs is a god given right of ownership?

    If man was meant to be free, why do so many work as wage slaves work for manufactured money in factories and mines performing menial tasks after being herded into cities and towns like animals led to slaughter, schools of fish into nets, flock of birds into shooting range, living lives to enrich the few at their expense? Why do so many lose their lives in wars of benefit to none that fight, to protect the way of life and liberty that few enjoy?

    When one is born into a life run by murderers and liars, murder and lies are the accepted norm. History is written by the murderers and liars and held up as truth. The new world was “conquered” by murderers and liars and we are told and read that these were great men. They hide by the word freedom when there is none for those the lead or conquer. The belief systems, from religion to policy to industry to military, defending what is “right” by might doing wrong, are indoctrinated in us. Those that live by this reality believe they are superior, social darwinists, eugenicists. This managed “truth” of god’s warriors requiring thought control from our birth, training though hearing the same lies over and over again, is the life we live in this world, ever narrowing pyramid of those that lead this charade, over an ever widening body of people that are used to the bottom which are used up and thrown away.


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