More Ruling Class Axioms

See Ruling class Axioms.

Anything that becomes a matter of life and death in a ruling class society attains an air of sublimity for those who must endure it.

The masses want to become real People. It is their animal instinct.

The ruling class always wants to breed its masses to be herd animals. It is their ruling class imperative.

Those who fight for liberty among the masses also help to stabilize their ruling class society.

The Establishment is an unconscious religion.

No class can liberate itself without help from the others.

Class-based revolution are games of capture the flag. Who will win the blessings of the Great Spirit of Disparity?

A class-based “democratic” revolution has two objectives for the upstart: 1) become the new ruling class in the name of liberty; and 2) prevent as much liberty as possible from trickling down to the lower orders.

When one class gains political benefits, it also helps the class below it.

**All ruling classes try to prevent their masses from understanding that they can choose not to have a ruling class**

When the masses are sufficiently “content” or hopeless they will join the Ruling Class in protecting ruling class interests, often unconsciously and in their own ways.

The government is a tool to affect social relations.

The character of the government depends on who controls it.

A society with a ruling class means the ruling class runs the government.

A ruling class society means the government protects the ruling class.

No government can govern its own ruling class. It governs them.

When the government “fails”, somewhere the ruling class gains.

A government that advances the interests of the weak and poor hinders Ruling Class exploitation but furthers its stability.

A government that “follows” nature hinders Ruling Class exploitation of the masses and nature.

A ruling class society is not a naturally unified community. It is collection of disparate groups, controlled and “unified” through the ruling class establishment.

When anything attains high establishment visibility, one can find either the ruling class agenda behind it or genuine mass support. The modern Establishment combines them.

All ideologies support or reject the ruling class.

When the masses make gains, the Supreme Executive gets resentful and never forgets.
(An axiom for the ruling class)

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