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Where are the patients?

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Reports of empty, ghostlike hospitals have been circulating on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, despite claims all over corporate and mainstream media that hospitals are overwhelmed globally, and in New York City that morgues are overflowing, crematories are working overtime and bodies are being stored in refrigerated trailer trucks. #filmmyhospital contains videos from New York, Los Angeles, around the US and around the world, from the UK to Germany, to the Netherlands and India, showing empty hospital entrances including emergency room entrances. They have even filmed from the allegedly notoriously overflowing hospital in Elmhurst, Queens — also a ghost town, posted March 29:

Overwhelmed Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, NY

Hospitals are maximally stressed, we are told, usually by very young doctors testifying on corporate news outlets. In New York, where we are told that the cemeteries can’t take all the dead, the mayor of New York is paying prisoners to dig a new mass grave on Hart Island. New York City also says it’s collecting blood, is telling people to stay home “even if you are healthy”, and suggesting health care of children may be usurped by “public health officials”. These messages were all observed on New York City digital billboards in Brooklyn this past week.

Why is blood needed?

And, don’t forget the giant Navy medical ship headed to New York harbor.

So, where are all these patients? Who will be treated on the USNS Comfort? Hospitals cannot simultaneously be full on the inside but empty on the outside, including with empty parking lots, as shown in many citizen-recorded videos.

Some say you simply can’t tell from a hospital’s exterior that their resources are stressed. “Limited hangout” government operations like Q Anon and establishment- and zionist-funded Project Veritas have sought to appropriate and/or endrun the observations of #emptyhospital posters, provoking claims against “conspiracy theorists” that anyone who thinks you can tell what is going on in the hospitals from the outside must be an idiot.

In fact, when one views many of these videos, one can see that several brave individuals did in fact go inside these hospitals, into their waiting rooms, or confronted staff. They found ER waiting rooms that were not overwhelmed with patients, or were nearly empty. No ‘war zones’ were observed. Many filmed empty parking lots and staging areas. How is that consistent with the narrative of overwhelmed hospitals?

In contrast, CBS has admitted it posted Italian footage as scenes from a New York City hospital: 

“CBS’ breakfast show, “This Morning,” used the footage of a packed ward last Wednesday just after saying the pandemic’s epicenter was “found right here” in New York.

The same footage had been aired earlier by Sky News — which correctly identified it as one of Europe’s “most hard-hit” hospitals located in Bergamo, Lombardy.”

And we are right to question the footage from Italy too.

Yet another pandemic plan

As noted, corporate media reports have stated that refrigerated trucks are being used to collect the COVID dead in New York, the epicenter of the alleged pandemic, who are also “overwhelming” morgues. New York City’s death toll “more than doubled in the past four days, surging from 450 on Friday to 932 as of Tuesday morning,” according to recent AP reporting. The alleged death count is now officially 1,562 just a few days later (Friday) – which incidentally represents a mere .0186% of the city’s population of 8,398,748 (Wikipedia estimate). Total cases alleged number roughly 50,000, which is .595% of the city’s population.

In fact, New York City had already prepared a “Pandemic Influenza Surge Plan” in October 2008 – again, about the same time as the last episode of the private banking financial “crisis”. Similar to the Rockefeller and most government “pandemic planning” scenarios, a zoonotic influenza is the cause of a human-to-human outbreak (p. 27), in accordance with WHO planning scenarios.

So despite having a detailed plan in place that made preparations for taking decedents from their homes, and not necessarily from centralized locations, New York can’t handle a few thousand deaths over far fewer locations than imagined in their planning document – in a city of over 8 million. On its face, this simply doesn’t add up, especially when these locations appear to be empty outside and not stressed inside.

Would 1,500 deaths really put NYC’s morgues at capacity? Some might argue that the explosive rate of death might do so, but still this beleaguers belief, given the sheer human capacity of the city. And, how did the death rate explode without widespread testing? Why does NYC need to call FEMA when they have a “three-tier plan” in place for just such an occasion? Remember, we’ve got Hart Island, which according to the”Influenza Surge Plan” can accommodate nearly 20,000:

When RSFs are at or near capacity and NYC does not have access to additional cold storage units, the OCME will direct temporary interment at the Hart Island Cemetery, managed by the Department of Correction (DOC), as its second tier approach. As of 2007, the DOC reported that Hart Island has two prepared sites able to accommodate 19,200 decedents and an additional undeveloped site to support future interments.

Are the funeral parlors at capacity? An unattributed source in the AP story reporting bodies being placed into trucks at The Brooklyn Hospital Center in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, gives a reason for the overflow: “Grieving families cannot quickly make arrangements, and their loved ones who have passed are remaining in hospitals longer, thus the need for this accommodation,” the hospital in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood said.”

So far, two refrigerated trucks were reported from the Fort Greene hospital location. They were not seen to be full. Besides, the city has a whole parking lot full of them sitting empty on Randall’s Island. Since Brooklyn in particular has been completely, well, “dead” for weeks now, the idea that the crematories, morgues, funeral homes and mortuaries are at capacity is not believable. We certainly don’t see very many people out living their lives.

Is this truck in Brooklyn “at capacity’? Are ‘suits’ needed to run a forklift? And are those even bodies?
Refrigerated trailers are still available at Randall’s Island

Brooklyn a ghost town

During the period in which the number of deaths in New York City was alleged to have “more than doubled”, we visited and observed the grounds of five New York City hospitals. We observed one of these hospitals nearly daily over the course of two weeks, from March 20, when the NYC mayor declared a “shelter in place”, until the present. No patient lines were observed at any hospital. Nonetheless there was no line to get into the ER beyond this. For the one week from March 20 to March 27, no activity at all was seen at the one central Brooklyn hospital observed for two weeks. No patients, no pavilions, no setups. Starting on March 27, four ambulances sat out front of the hospital, but were unattended and appeared unused. Five young males from the same demographic all wearing masks were observed loitering or waiting on the street in front of this hospital. But these were the only patients, if they were patients, observed at this location, and they did not appear to be physically ill but rather involved with their phones.

A sign appeared at the normal ER entrance to this particular hospital re-routing entrants to another entrance more central to the building, to which a large trailer was backed up, next to which two covered white pavilions were installed. No activity was observed near the trailer or pavilions. One cop was seen going inside. In a separate staging area on the side of the hospital, a series of covered white tents was set up, alongside which was erected a lighting set. About four ambulances were parked on this side street but were not in use. The staging area was fairly large – six tents at least.

By the following Wednesday, April 1, there were still four ambulances, but now active and staffed, at this side-street staging area; however no patients were seen. One pair of ambulance workers attended an empty gurney. Two empty hotel vans, two empty ambulances and one surveillance-style van whose identity was unclear were parked in front of this hospital. The side street was effectively blocked to traffic so the side tents could not be observed. NYPD had two cars stationed along the main road on which the hospital is located, in a populated neighborhood. Foot and vehicle traffic for the whole period were nearly nonexistent.

At Mt. Sinai in Midwood, Brooklyn, exactly one person was observed in the hospital’s waiting room, which is transparent to the public as it is enclosed in glass and faces the street, and five staff members were seen leaving for the day before 8 pm. One pavilion was set up near the ER entrance in the back, but no patients or lines were seen.

The largest hospital complex in Brooklyn, SUNY Downstate, which is a massive multiblock complex that is more like a college campus in size that comprises roughly 15 blocks, was similarly a ghost town, but with more empty roughly 20-foot pavilions, seven in total at two locations: one flanking the hospital itself and another in a side staging area between blocks. Again, no lines or waiting patients seen. It is very hard to believe that this gigantic complex – and it is encouraged to go onto Google Earth and actually view it – could be overburdened. There was no significant vehicle or foot traffic throughout the whole SUNY Downstate campus. Two ambulances sat unused next to an NYPD vehicle. A black private security-style vehicle was also observed near this site, as well as the central Brooklyn site.

One hospital was too small for any setup. Nonetheless it was not overrun.

Despite EMS services being praised by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, little EMS and ambulance traffic has been seen by our source trekking Brooklyn for the past two weeks. In fact only one EMS car was seen, and no active transport vans. Ambulance traffic was less than normal. Car traffic as well as police activity were also generally sparse and quiet throughout the past two weeks in the areas of Brooklyn observed. (In this regard, the mayor and police are very much complimented, despite the former’s harsh rhetoric and some moderate enforcement of “social distancing”.)

Stay 6 feet away – from no one!

If any of these hospitals had been overwhelmed, we would have seen the lines of patients that we have been told exist “on TV” and in mainstream press reports. We would have seen exhausted staff taking breaks outside. We would have seen busy staff ushering in patients. We would have seen people being evaluated – or even present – at the outdoor staging areas. And, we would know people, or indeed, anyone, who has died from this alleged illness. The reported death rates, not merely the case rates, are staggering and do not correspond to this empty, ghost-like on-the-ground reality.

Containment was never the plan

Some have asked if the hospitals appear empty because there are not enough tests to go around. But: If there were not enough tests to go around, how could the number of cases and deaths have exploded? How would these have been confirmed? New Yorkers and others in allegedly “hard-hit” places have heretofore (as of as late as March 21) been told not to get tested and to stay home:

Health officials in New York, California and other hard-hit parts of the country are restricting coronavirus testing to health care workers and people who are hospitalized, saying the battle to contain the virus is lost and the country is moving into a new phase of the pandemic response.

As cases spike sharply in those places, they are hunkering down for an onslaught, and directing scarce resources where they are needed most to save people’s lives. Instead of encouraging broad testing of the public, they’re focused on conserving masks, ventilators, intensive care beds — and on getting still-limited tests to health care workers and the most vulnerable. The shift is further evidence that rising levels of infection and illness have begun to overwhelm the health care system.

Health officials are struggling with a complicated message — more people can get tested, but those with mild symptoms should stay home and practice social distancing. Some go so far as to warn that widespread testing at this point could threaten the U.S. response by burning through precious supplies just as a tidal wave of sick people descend on the system. (emphasis Ours)

Not only do these deaths and cases begin to look more and more like contrivances the more we learn about tests, diagnoses and the alleged “testing fiasco” – about which there is much more to say – but indeed the entire “containment” effort appears to be a hoax. In fact the establishment seems to have done anything it could not to test, but to appear as if it were trying to test. When one begins to understand officials’ and industry’s desire for “syndromic surveillance” of an “asymptomatic disease” and broad “lockdown” or house arrest measures, it becomes apparent that “large-scale mitigation” was always the goal, ie, quarantine. Testing really didn’t matter when the goal was always manufacturing patients for self-quarantine.

Here’s a recent comment posted by an alleged New York ER staffer:

I WORK in a NY state ER and ICU. There is NOBODY getting sick.

Just because I or anyone else “tests positive” for a virus—does NOT mean they are ill or are becoming ill or will become ill. PERIOD. I asked some regurgitator staffer yesterday—because he’s spewing all the Cuomo bullshite about “30K vents needed”…..”So. We have 6 positive C-19 patients here right now. How many are intubated and need a vent?” He said—“I dunno.” I said….”ZERO. None. They are not even symptomatic. They are here for other reasons and just happened to test positive. THEY DID NOT COME HERE BECAUSE THEY WERE SICK AND C-19 WAS THE CAUSE. In fact—these patients are going to be DISCHARGED to ‘home quarantine’ because THEY ARE NOT SICK.

Cuomo needs to shut his pie hole—because people ON THE GROUND are getting really ******* tired of his spewing garbage about things that ARE NOT HAPPENING.

Morgues are NOT “overflowing”. Period .

What a bunch of ******** for ******* retards. Get out of the house, morons—and go look for yourselves……oh yeah. Cheetoh [Cuomo?] has the hospitals locked from ANY visitors so nobody can actually SEE what’s going on.

Yet—-me and my coworkers are NOT GETTING TESTED. In fact—we ran out of N95s a few days ago, along with iso gowns. Anybody give a ****?

No. Because they know. There IS NO DANGER. I don’t wear a mask at work. I don’t wear iso gear. Neither do any of my ER colleagues. All of the pics you see—are for publicity only. Nobody is wearing this ****—because nobody is in any danger—and the hospitals aren’t providing anything extra anyway.

The money in TARP 2.0 on steroids and nitro is for paying the stockholders for their losses. That is what this whole bogus “virus” thing was about.

Cheetoh says—economy is to be reopened by Easter. He should know. He and his buddies manufactured this whole thing.

Ps this comment was removed by Breitbart.

Why is that?”

And that of course leads back again to the economic origins of this #plandemic. The people are being “locked down” to avoid another Occupy protest, to avoid awareness of the world’s most audacious, continued criminal heist of the people’s wealth and future and the implosion of the very failed Rothschild private banking system.

Appropriately, these exponential and unbelievable death and “infection” statistics may well be basically accounting tricks, because they don’t seem to be coming from overwhelmed hospitals. Perhaps it’s time to #filmmymorgue? #Filmmyfuneralhome? #Filmmycrematory? Maybe.

It’s a blockbuster!

Gerald Celente of Trends Journal gets it.

As for the overwhelmed hospitals, they appear to exist only “on TV”, in 2D, in the overblown “blockbuster” corporate pandemic coverage of hollow, untrustworthy ruling class media organs.

And the only “COVID”-inflicted masses are at home quarantining their minds.

Meanwhile, Mayor de Blasio is now telling President Trump that ‘NYC needs the US military to mobilize’. He further claims to be in the “epic process” of “increasing hospital capacity from 20,000 beds to 65,000 beds by the end of April, claiming the city needs over 5 million masks, 100,000 gowns and 400 more ventilators by Sunday just to be prepared for next week – and with a need for more up to to 3,000 more ventilators during the next week.” (See this link for all of these latest updates.)

And he has even “issued” facial covering “guidelines” for all New Yorkers.

All for the show – of force.

“The TV”, the “officials” and the “talking heads” have a track record of very little other than fiction and propaganda in the past 20 years. In this plandemic, the burden of proof is on them – not on reality as seen firsthand by people on the ground.

But continue to prove reality we must. See what’s going on in your neighborhood!

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  • I’ve been wondering about the peculiar disconnect between official pandemic coverage and the citizen videos too.

    Just what are they planning?


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