Chronicle of a Collapse Foretold (Which Still Doesn’t Have to Happen) Part 1

We are in this social suicide together — Us and . . . you, ruling class and masses. The ruling class unopposed destroys its own foundations in the pursuit of its ruling agenda. This is the failure and perhaps end of the capitalist Rothschild economic system. The ruling class is too dominant, its masses too helpless and impotent to anything it does. This is suicide by success.

Most of the big banks “predict” massive declines in GDP. Morgan Stanley foresees a 30% drop in the second quarter. Goldman Sachs predicts a 24% drop in US output. Bank of America Corp anticipates a 24% fall, while JPMorgan, a mere 14%. Boeing is crumbling. The Fed is bailing out central banks around the world. Weekly employment data recorded some 3.3 million individuals filing for unemployment. An astonishing number considering the worst ever weekly report prior to this was 695,000 in 1982. The NY Times reports

Thursday’s figure of nearly 3.3 million set a grim record. “A large part of the economy just collapsed,” said Ben Herzon, executive director of IHS Markit, a business data and analytics firm.

The numbers provided only the first hint of the economic cataclysm in progress. Even comparatively optimistic forecasters expect millions more lost jobs, and with them foreclosures, evictions and bankruptcies. Thousands of businesses have closed in response to the pandemic, and many will never reopen. Some economists say the decline in gross domestic product this year could rival the worst years of the Great Depression.

All because of CV?

Alarmingly, too many have bought into CV almost automatically. Perhaps the biggest catastrophe to ever occur to humanity is being accepted without question among most. Those still teetering on the edge of the mainstream like Jimmy Dore or those who, like Dane Wigington, believe society is under assault from germs. Jimmy believes it because the government tells him it is an outbreak, Dane because Francis Boyle, a lawyer, says so, especially since it fits in with conspiracy lore of past bioweapons “attacks”.

But this is different. The Iraq War, Swine Flu, Russiagate, the crash of 2008 and even 9/11 were easier for the masses see through. They offered enough distance that the masses could observe the events from afar with a degree of objectiveness not afforded with this CV crisis. One could still go about their day unmolested and unchallenged by the constant indications of the great danger hanging over the heads of the masses. But CV affects everyone, everywhere, and that lack of remoteness makes it more tempting to succumb to belief that the CV exists or is deadly, because now it directly affects the individual who has no choice but to actively participate. The Primal Alienation of the individual from themselves — from their own ego and inner intelligence — conditions them resignation and to endure hardship to reality. How much longer can those still looking to the official narrative hold on?

Are the masses so willing to accept the destruction of society as we know it without even looking at the opposing voices? Can they break through their own alienation? As we’ve written, and as has been widely reported, the UK revised its estimates drastically downward. Dissident doctors and scientists, like Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, among others are not given a voice as usual. The tests seem faulty at best. At a March 21 press conference Angelo Borrelli, Italy’s Civil Protection Chief stated: “I would like to point out again that we count all of the dead. We do not differentiate between corona infected people who have died and those who have died because of the CV”. The bigger the lie the easier it is for the average individual to accept.

It seems the heavily indoctrinated masses are more wiling to welcome the sacrifice of a lock down, and clamor for it, than to consider the facts of the matter and end this unfolding nightmare. That is the power of the ruling class zeitgeist. With complete casualness most “journalists”, pundits and commentators blame CV for the destruction and restructuring of the world as we’ve known it.

The next economic crash was not a secret. From left to right legions were predicting a crash. Did the right wing Daily Bell call it? Way back in 2011, reacting to BIS’s endorsement of central bank coordination, they wrote: “We’ve already indicated that we believe the Anglosphere power elite is attempting to create a kind of Great Depression in order to ease the path of world government”. Take “world government” however you like, but the collapse was there for all to see.

Luckily for the ruling class the CV came along. And if the ruling class has its way history will not know this moment as the time when the capitalist system (or for right wingers: when the commie controlled capitalist system) failed for the last time, but as the time when the CV forever destroyed the modern global economy and ushered in a new world order ever closer to openly accepted authoritarianism, if we are not there already. All this to stave off a flu-like virus not particularly lethal to individuals of average health under 60, if its even true.

The masses could change this narrative with merely questioning, for questioning turns some herd animals into real people. Challenge your favorite pundits and commentators. Flood their comments section with respectful challenge. This cannot be how it goes down, can it?


  • Problem/Reaction /Solution:
    PROBLEM • The Collapse of the Central Banks / Negative Interest Rate / Debt ponzi scheme • The reality of the bogus global warming carbon scam and the destruction of science and the consiquences of the hiding of the science and the anthropogenic evidence of where we have been and where we are going controlled by our Star and it’s cycles. • The complete collapse of the socialist , politically correct give away system.
    All these above are excelerating starting with the failure of the EU and the debt ridden banks , the bond market, the repo market and the collapsing of CROPS world wide as we face the reaility of entering solar cycle 25 , the diminishing magnetosphere and the continued up tick in Cosmic Radiation that produce more cloud nucleation and the increase of rain and snow and change the jet streams resulting in flooding, drought, early and late frost and cold effecting the food production world wide. IT’S NOT BECAUSE THE TRUCKS CANNOT GET TO YOUR SUPER MARKET THAT THE SHELF IS EMPTY . IT’S NOT THE FAULT OF COVID 19 . THERE IS NOT ENOUGH PRODUCT.
    I have been warning people this was coming for over 5 years now because I do not follow the media but use my time seeking out history and science not printed , spoken or delivered from the MSM but seek out peer reviewed scientific papers being very carefull to check who finances the journal’s.
    The data is there for all to see and understand.
    We are seeing the REACTION with the Covid 19 fear .
    The SOLUTION will be the move to a new digital currency for complete control over everyone and the removal of freedom .
    These people are evil and sick and society will have to make a choice very soon on what comes next.

    • Now that is getting right down to the nitty gritty of it all … well said! I only wish that there were more like you putting that word out. I woke up over twenty five years ago and have been studying every aspect of these things that I can find ever since and just about all of the available material at all close to being true has to come from “alternative” media (derided by MSM as being Fake) because that which is Truly Fake, the “main stream”, is nothing but distortions and lies not to mention just complete hiding of truth through the official agencies involved that are all in league with each other … IMnsHO and E.


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