The Ruling Class Preservation Society (RCPS)

This is the official blog of the Ruling Class Preservation Society. The Preservation Society was created in 1934 by a group of influential citizens concerned about social stability. We are a nonpartisan organization.

In 1933 events unfolded that shook the American deep state and led to the creation of the Preservation Society. A coup was being planned against the US government. A who’s who of American industrial, banking and political might were involved. Major interests included the Du Ponts, JP Morgan, Remington Arms Company, Democrat and former NY Governor and presidential nominee Al Smith, among many others. These titans of society had become increasingly anxious at the rising popularity of socialism and the increasing radicalization of the masses as a result of the Great Depression. They saw FDR’s election as the embodiment of these forces and as a danger to their wealth.

This would-be junta of reactionaries needed a strong man to rally the troops who would lead them to the steps of Congress to save society from the ravages of the New Deal. The Morgan faction wanted Hanford MacNider, an Iowa manufacturer and former commander of the American Legion, for their leader. Others preferred General Douglas McArthur, who had recently destroyed a protest camp of veterans. The camp was set up by WWI veterans, many homeless with their families. It was a shanty town sprawled out on the Washington Mall. They demanded their war “bonus” that was promised to them years ago. McArthur charged in and set the “hooverville” afire. One person was killed and the bonus was voted down in Congress.

The ruling class world became deeply divided over the New Deal and the potential coup. Alarmingly, many ruling class members supported this misadventure of replacing FDR with a fascistic corporate puppet.

A certain member of the upper classes, whom we will call John Doe got caught up in these heady events. Society was at a fork in the road. One way led to dictatorship and  uncharted waters. The other, as John Doe saw it, led to a welfare state that basically resembled the status quo with a slight material improvement in the lives of the masses. The latter seemed to be the more reasonable and conservative route to take. “Public programs worked spectacularly well building Germany into a world power,” he pointed out to his privileged associates. But the conspirators would have none of it.

“I have $30 million,” Singer Sewing Machine heir Robert Sterling Clark told Doe, “and I’m willing to spend half of it to protect the other half.” A line he was to repeat to General Smedley Butler.

Doe pointed out that these set of programs would get the economy going again, and not cost him so dearly. It had the added benefit of pacifying the masses. Clark was unmoved and undeterred.

Doe was offered a position in the new regime if he gave the project his financial and public support. Fortunately for the US, Doe was a very patriotic member of the American upper ruling class. He politely declined the offer, saying he was not interested. But on the contrary, he was greatly alarmed at what seemed to him at first a bad joke.

Distasteful as he found politics, Doe decided to lead the conspirators on, and encouraged them to seek the services of General Smedley Darlington Butler as their potential Hitler. He recommended General Butler precisely because he knew Butler was not a sympathizer of the very wealthy and Doe knew full well that he would not stand for a fascist coup.

“The General has incomparable popularity among ordinary people,” he told the would-be usurpers. It was true enough. Doe told them the General would play hard-to-get, and to be persistent with him. John Doe knew the General well enough that he could count on the old man to blow the whole conspiracy up. The potential potentates lobbied the General aggressively. Robert Sterling Clark visited him and repeated his mantra of saving half his fortune.

Sure enough, a coup was foiled, a congressional hearing was held and forgotten, even though much of General Butler’s testimony was independently corroborated. Why must a wealthy country sink into depression and come to the brink of a coup? John Doe asked himself.

In the aftermath of the foiled takeover, he founded an organization dedicated to finding the holy grail of social stability. He named his proto-“think tank” The Study Group on Social Stability. He gathered like-minded fellow ruling class-mates to his Fifth Avenue parlor. The Study Group was more or less as a club where members smoked cigars, drank liberally, sang songs, cross-dressed, engaged in esoteric rituals, and discussed the attempted coup, the Depression, the relative merits of fascism, welfare states, and of course, they conducted routine business.

* * *

The Study Group was not made up of scholars — and still isn’t — but of concerned citizens. They wanted no part of scholars. They wanted fresh thinking, so they studied and discussed among themselves. They did not want sycophants tailoring a message for them, or justifying obvious nonsense. They wanted to save capitalism, not justify it. The organization has kept true to this principle to this day. We do not even employ website managers which is why this a modest blog. We do not have political consultants, marketing experts or academics, aside from the few we may query.

Gradually, succeeding generations studied and debated more, and sang less, but arguably drank and cross-dressed just as much. Many of these ruling class-mates even strayed into theories of the extreme left and right in quest of truth. Tensions arose over previously unknown or blocked out facts. And as these facts came out, an unflattering picture of the Ruling Class emerged. As a result many members dropped out of the Study Group. They learned the “truth” about their society. The Group got leaner, but it also acquired a tough reputation for honesty among ruling class circles. We changed our name to reflect our ultimate agenda: The Ruling Class Preservation Society .

The more these leading citizens study and discuss, the more we’ve come to the conclusion that responsible management of the ruling class as an institution — as opposed to focusing attention on the individual motivations of the privileged — is the key to understanding and managing society. We have learned much and want to share that learning with those who want a more stable world. It is vital and incumbent upon all, whether members of the ruling class or individuals of the masses, to work together for a healthy ruling class, and a stable society. This is the mission of the Ruling Class Preservation Society.


  • The ruling class cannot be managed responsibly as an institution because it is an illusion. The most powerful rulers have always only imagined themselves to be superior. They are certainly superior in self-aggrandizement, and sometimes in intellect, but as superior as they may be in those, they are generally deficient in inspiration.
    Superiority and inferiority apply only to individual aspects and details of the bigger picture that is any person or social structure. They are subjective value judgments. As well, they are not fixed, binary values, but analogous variables, so they certainly cannot be classified.
    Having stated all that, it is obvious that some individuals are better suited for responsibility over certain domains than others are, for any number of reasons, not necessarily excluding genetic ones.
    The main problem with an ethical meritocracy, which is the only kind that the masses might accept, is the question of how and when to assign the merit. It is similar to the problem of democracy, which is how and when to delegate personal authority. Practical answers to both, around which you seem to be dancing, lie in decentralization, flexibility, moderation, free communication and education, and in vibrant community. Those aren’t things the “ruling class” is noted for, but that’s the future of an enlightened and healthy society. Whether it comes about peacefully or by force is up to you and your classmates..
    Class dismissed.

    • If you want to believe the ruling class is an “illusion” by all means believe it. All the better for Us, not so good for the health of society.

      Subjective valuation like superiority and inferiority, or any other for that matter, are decided by social consensus or authority. When that authority is the ruling class, words will mean what we say not what you and you defiant little friends think. For example We are superior and you are inferior. Of course it has nothing to do with actual individuals but with social hierarchy, and maintaining a valuation system that reflects our interests.

      We are not interested in who is suited for what. That is an illusion itself. Anybody can do anything, but shhh! don’t tell anybody.

      The Preservation Society is not interested in ethical meritocracy, any more than it is interested in a theocracy or a conservative authoritarian democracy. We are interested in what works to preserve the ruling class — but more, we are interested in a democracy where the masses have the wherewithal to counterbalance Us. That cannot be done when you believe that the primary forces that shape your life are nothing more than illusions.

      • I didn’t say that the “ruling class” doesn’t exist. I said that it is an illusion. It probably would have been more accurate to say that it is based on an illusion. Those who claim absolute superiority are the ones deluding themselves, and too often their victims.

        You seem like an intelligent and thoughtful person, and It appears to me that you are playing an exploratory game here, mostly representing the clique that spawned you rather than representing your own, unique individuality, so for the most part i’m addressing that clique, rather than you, personally.

        Anyone who has lived as one of your reluctant subjects, anyone who is more than a sheep, is well aware of the primary forces shaping the society in which we live.

        I’m a bastard child of both the minions and the masses, and i’m strongly averse to class distinctions.

        It didn’t take long for the cognitive dissonance in your “ruling class” thinking, or rather propaganda, to become evident.

        “Anybody can do anything, but shhh! don’t tell anybody.”
        So what criteria are left to differentiate your special class from the rest of us? Unmoderated selfishness, arrogance and brute force. That’s all.

        “When that authority is the ruling class, words will mean what we say not what you and you defiant little friends think.”
        That statement doesn’t make any sense. Truth is truth and lies are lies, no matter who is speaking. If you think your assumed privilege makes you immune to self-deception, you need to think it through some more. As well, if you take the attitude that i am a defiant little whatever, you make me want to hide and protect my own vision of the truth instead of sharing it with you. But then, you’re not really interested in what anyone else has to say, are you? “Defiant little friends” indicates to me that you are not interested in intellectual intercourse, only in control and subjugation.

        The power of words and ideas is at least as strong as the power of money. But just as money is a reasonable representation of value only if it is not counterfeit – which most of it is – so too do words convey truth only when exchanged without prejudice. That hardly ever happens.

        It seems you are not interested in any form of democracy at all. You’re simply looking for validation from your victims, as well as to preserve those darkest forces to which you are addicted, and which shape your own lives.

        You say you want to be counterbalanced. That assertion sounds like the psychopath’s warning, “Stop me, before i kill again.” It seems you want your victims to come up with an original way for you to continue successfully victimizing them.

        How can you claim to be looking for solutions when your are so inflexible?

        You won’t get the fresh ideas and dialogue you claim to want until you assume the proper position. As long as you maintain your delusion of entitlement and of owning the truth, you won’t get the level of acceptance that you seek from the masses. Ever.

        Now, are you going to react in the typical, “ruling class” way, and send your goons to silence me – which i know full well your people can do if they really want to – or do you want to engage in a respectful and productive exchange of ideas?

        • My friend, you must separate the material world from philosophy. They don’t always match.

          The honesty of words does not always conform to ruling class interests. Don’t get too caught up in integrity of meaning when discussing politics. This is where you get Orwell.

          You say,
          “I didn’t say that the “ruling class” doesn’t exist. I said that it is an illusion. It probably would have been more accurate to say that it is based on an illusion. Those who claim absolute superiority are the ones deluding themselves, and too often their victims.”

          You are mixing up “superior” the word with superior as propaganda. the ruling class may be based on an illusion but its still real nonetheless. Do the victims of the ruling class say, “it’s okay. The ruling class is built on an illusion. They are really not better than us.” And if Our “victims” (in and of itself an admission of “reality”) accept it — well, isn’t that what counts?

          You quote Us,
          “When that authority is the ruling class, words will mean what we say not what you and you defiant little friends think.”

          It makes perfect sense. We are on top. Hence We decide that making lots of money is a virtue and requires “money making” talents, and that “superior individuals are only capable of making money.” We decide to ignore global warming and pursue useless wars. Those priorities may be based on illusions but they are realities. Rulers decide value.

          You say,
          “You say you want to be counterbalanced. That assertion sounds like the psychopath’s warning, “Stop me, before i kill again.” It seems you want your victims to come up with an original way for you to continue successfully victimizing them.”

          You are coming close to the truth here. Ruling classes are rather psychopathic. In fact, you have hit upon the crux of Our dilemma. The only way a ruling class can remain viable is if its masses (or victims, as you put it) counterbalance Our tendencies. There is no other way, like it or not. Or is there? The masses could decide they don’t want a ruling class in their mist.

          Lastly, We at the Preservation Society are a superior faction of the ruling class. We don’t like goons, because We recognize that they are an indication of instability. Yet, in order not to lose Our position, We will use them.


          • The masses could decide they don’t want a ruling class in their mist, or they could decide to set up their/our own ruling class again, just the way it happened many thousands of years ago. That’s as unappealing to many, by now perhaps most, of us as it is to you, even if for vastly different reasons.

            There will always be those who live in fear and want to have control. There will always be people who can only value themselves in material terms by amassing wealth and controlling resources. There are ways to accommodate you, but we can discuss those sometime later, if it ever gets to the point at which we trust each other enough to become friends. Simply being civil isn’t real communication – though it sure helps in getting there!

            Words are the best tools we have for deceiving each other, and also ourselves.

            Most people go about their lives from day to day with hardly a conscious thought for the ruling class, other than the usual curses and contempt, upon which you thrive because it shows you’ve convinced them (and yourselves) that you are superior.

            Your superiority is purely physical. In other words, you are bullies. But your scientists haven’t dared to prove that to you, as “ours” have to us, because naturally, your scientists want to remain in your lucrative employ and get as close as they can to the top of that pile, so they keep producing their fantasies and illusions. You don’t care what other scientists think, other than whatever material gain may be it for you. So your wealth of esoteric knowledge, whatever it may be, is worthless. It is doing to you exactly that which you are trying to do to us “masses.” It has robbed you of your wealth by robbing you of your spirit; ironically, under your own direction! But pathetically and tragically, you have no science of your own, personally, as individuals and valuable human beings who grow in every respect by learning for themselves. You think you do, but you’ve produced the ultimate illusion for yourselves of selling your souls to your own egos, which of course is logically impossible.

            There are two components to your intellect, but you’ve bought and manipulated your way deep into only one of them – your ego – and you feel hopelessly lost because you can’t pull your attention away from that deadly button of which you’re losing control, long enough to really get to know the people whom you’re targeting, much less yourselves.

            You can be much more than your ego, but first you have to convince your ego to give it a try. You’ll never do it, though, because your kingdoms are built on lies, and so are your minions.

            But now you’ve suddenly seen that you’re about to be judged by your very own god, and you realize what that means. Your henchmen are abandoning you because there’s nothing in it for them any more. The more “superior” of them are having their own epiphanies, so you’re looking for replacements. That’s why you’re forced to take the desperate risk of exposing yourselves. You know the masses will produce someone bright enough to get you out of this mess. They always do, and everyone works for you, so you’ll eventually find such a person. No problem from there, because everyone has their price, right?

            But you’ve ignored for too long those of us who have managed to wiggle out from under your pile – the one you sit so proudly atop – and out of your reach, because they can no longer bear the stench – of your pile, i mean.

            The true nature of reality seems to be unknown to your classmates. It appears that they are ignoring half of it.

            Your ruling-class spirit is dead, and always has been. it is nothing more than an epiphenomenon of your collected egos, themselves epiphenomena. It has nothing to do with the true spirit which drives all life.

            It must be a horrendous way to live, always worried about maintaining control, about being on top, about winning and losing. Putting on facades of superiority or camaraderie. Being so attached to material things that you never learn the true nature and value of the human spirit. I truly feel sorry for you. You can’t break, train or own anyone’s true spirit no matter how hard you try. You’ll just drive it into hiding, where it will heal and become even stronger before it comes back to haunt you.

            You and your classmates have taken your selfish excesses well past the tipping point. Now you want to try to con the masses into trusting you again. It won’t work this time. You can’t threaten us with your buttons, any more than with your goons, because if any of you pushes one of those buttons, it’s game over for all of us. I’m sure that the smartest of you are intelligent enough to know the futility of building bunkers and even cities for yourselves deep inside mountains, under oceans or on other planets. But now some of the lies and illusions which you’ve created have spawned deluded terrorists, who were once part of your plan but are now themselves getting out of your control, and probably have their own buttons to push.

            There is a way out of this mess. Our shamans and mystics have known it all along. Our best scientists, who, all else being equal, value their spiritual rewards over their monetary ones, are proving it. Rather than all of us dying together, we can all live together; not just mystically and spiritually, but logically and with good feeling as well.

            With this deeper understanding of reality it is obvious that you now need us more than we need you. But there is a way for you to keep whatever you value most. However, you have to be absolutely honest with yourself about what exactly that is and why you want it.

            Yes, there will always be those who prefer to sleep, but everyone wakes up sooner or later, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Even you will, when your egos drown in the tidal wave of consciousness that is now flooding humanity, and scaring the crap out of you. We’re all in this together, like it or not.

            But don’t worry about that crap. Getting rid of crap is always a good thing. Your laxative needs to be so strong only because of what you’ve been feeding yourselves all of these years.

            Isn’t this fun? I love metaphors!

          • We don’t need trust from the masses just push back.

            To continue your metaphor, you provide lots of food for thought.

            Thank you Lutek for your thoughts.


            [(+=-)>(+/-)]=[(+=-)=(-=+)]=[(+=-)]=[ALL=NOthing]=(=) !!!

  • I have more to tell you.

    There are at least three keys to the kingdom that you are trying to restore and preserve: inspiration, moderation, and education. None of them will open the gate on its own. All of them have to be used together. You gated people have the concept right, but not its true purpose and benefit. That involves communication, which is the master key. The gate is revelation.

    You are trying to force the gates open using only your imagination, which you have fatally mistaken for intelligence and creativity. But imagination is not a key, just a power tool. If not powered by true inspiration, or if any connection is shorted out by an over-inflated ego, it produces fantasy.

    Right now we don’t need a Big Brother so much as we need Big Sisters. Patriarchy was the first lie introduced into your esoterica, whichever one that is. (Several false occultisms, including feminism and matriarchy, have arisen as a result, as is the case with all originally inspired religions.)

    The primary meaning of “Honour your Father and your Mother” isn’t simply “Honor your parents.” That rule is a derivative of the primary Law, the true message of the commandment given through Spirit to the Ancestors, to be offered for anyone who wants to accept it as a personal commandment. (As you know, free will is as much of a reality as the ruling class, and yet almost as much of an illusion.) Someone we call Moses lost or destroyed the original wording in his fit of anger, but his conscience became so unbearable that it compelled him to re-create the “tablets carved in stone” as best he could, although his angry deed had disqualified him from presenting them without bias. Moses’ fear of God and resulting “need” for control prevented him from entering, or perhaps re-entering, the proper spirit in which the original was written. Had he managed to do that he would have been able to re-member an even better written version, seasoned rather than spoiled by his own experience.

    In today’s metaphors your fourth or fifth commandment (depending on the numberer – i’d count it second, because the first three are different ways of saying the same thing) could be stated something like this: “Honour both the male principle and the female principle inside you, and the path our Ancestors cleared for all of us.” You have twisted it into the original lie, the original sin upon which all of your states, nations, kingdoms and principalities have been built.

    Each of us is part Adam, and part Eve. Do not deny the fact that you are a spiritual being, the Father, trying to harmonize with physical reality, the Mother. Communication is how they make love. Denying that has led to ubiquitous gender confusion. Your scientists provide the climax to the screw-up by using the label “sexual intercourse.” Intercourse that is purely sexual, or predatory in any other way, is not intercourse at all.

    There! The truth is out, the Father and Mother have been revealed, to stand naked and unashamed in front the mirrors of all men, women, children and any other angels each and every morning.

    The Satanic Verse of the Old Testament is exposed to all three of your derivative, selfish and sociopathic pseudo-religions. The ancient scriptures can be made holy again at last!

    Christians should know that even your beatitudes have obviously been changed.
    “Blessed are the meek.” That’s not the original version. Listen to Truth. Learn to see lies and you’ll understand the true sentiment: “Blessed are the humble.” The meek are certainly blessed, because they weren’t raised to be arrogant recta in the ruling class. Their only curse is that they’ve been trained to fear you. We’re here to fix that for them.

    Harmonization and balance are filigrees on the keys to the gates of revelation.

    Thanks for the dance, and thank you for the opportunity to push back. We’re not as young as we used to be, and we need the exercise.

    We’re not finished. We’ve only just begun!

    • Thank you for your insights. More food for thought.

      I like your line: “As you know, free will is as much of a reality as the ruling class, and yet almost as much of an illusion.”

      Very nice.

      If only the rest of the masses were so thoughtful, we might have a better society.

      Thanks again,

      Regensordo Sent using Hushma

  • regensordo, I have finally read all of your material to date, find it fascinating and worth sharing. I have thus, as of now, attempted to get the word out, primarily through my FaceBook site. I hope that you accept that, what with “Your Coming Out” here, it seems that you wish to “get the word out” …

    All due respect, j.

    • Very grateful and appreciative.

      May you be spared Our calamities.

      Thank you.

      • I am relieved, truly, that the mission of both of us is to make things “better” (not that we all will agree on the meaning of that word) … as to the “effectiveness” of getting anyone to pay attention, after over 20 years of “telling others” (my “mission” from my Spirit), I find few, if any, that are interested. Some may read and wonder, but are fearful of any admission of the truths because “society” has been so brain washed, convincing the “normal” people to ignore “kooks”, the “tinfoil hat folks”, claiming that I, and my “ilk,” are just that.

        Way too much fear, causing people to close their eyes to truth, which if accepted would disrupt their lives, lives that exemplify “sheep”, maybe even “Zombies” … never realizing that their ignorance will result in so much worse for them, the “calamity” that is at the door step! Time to WAKE UP !!!

          • regensordo, please check out my latest posting on my facebook site: concerning “Neofascism of the law and order candidate” and let me know if that is the issue that you have been concerned about, and maybe any relationship that you have with it. Also, if you have any concerns about my communications on these matters. Thanks, j

  • The ruling class class murders the families of rebels.Violence is the currency of power. The masses then bow down.

  • Majority of poor kids in public school. Boomers retiring with limited. if any savings. Ruling class will soon head for overproduction and conflict. Do check out Peter Turchin and Ibn Khuldun.

  • Based upon my 77 years of planetary life, which includes the last 25 (or so) years of Spiritual Life, I have yet to come across another Living person that I would rather spend time with, based upon the promise of words, than the Being of Lutek, in who’s words there is contained the Wisdom, that is the True Holy Grail, which can be expressed as such only by One who has Lived as we, one and all, have the full potential of doing, a way that gives the peace of mind that surpasses this temporal experience.

    IMnsHO and E (so far).

    • Jerry, I thank you for your enthusiastic compliments. If i look good in writing, it’s only because i do a lot of editing before i post. I have at least as much trouble living up to what i write down as you or anyone else might.
      The thing is, we all need to keep learning and re-learning how and when to focus, and on what. Keep our eyes on the prize(s). Don’t get distracted by all those trinkets “they” put up front to keep Ourselves from noticing the real Treasure behind it all, the One we’d lost when we first started out.
      I just found your book. I’m looking forward to reading it.


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