Deep State Studies

In Our last post Alt Media Rising — And Its Discontents, We said:

These “left” and “right” alternative media need to be married: the political and economic analysis of the “left”, with the deep state studies of the “right”. Liberal leaning individuals are too trusting of their government, and their conservative counterparts are too distrusting of the masses.

The post made allusions to alien and lizard theories that curiously attend many deep state “studies”. To these fables may  unfortunately added ideas of an anti-Jewish nature. It is true much of high end Wall Street is Jewish, Hollywood and the media are dominated by Jewish individuals, and that Israel and its Mossad intelligence agency are extremely powerful for such a small country, but  that does not make the lower order Jew next door to you anymore evil than you. If anything, the success of Jews is something to be proud of.

Bigotry in general is itself a deflection from where real power originates. This ailment of the masses has been encouraged and propagated throughout history as an explanation for the misfortunes brought about by the ruling class agenda, and its feedback. Jews are the classic and universal scapegoat of “Western Civilization”. Is it their fault that Christians handed them the keys to finance?

This other phenomena of aliens, lizard people and the like could be misread to imply that they are a part of deep state analysis, especially since We did not bother to go into what is meant by the term. We do not subscribe to aliens and lizards trope. It is disinformation peddled by Our colleagues (though they would deny it) to distract from real issues. Talking aliens and lizard people is also thought to protect commentators by making them seem silly while disseminating information. We ought to know, for We have on occasion, advised some to peddle silly stories to protect themselves when pursuing difficult subjects.

We neglected to cite some of the more serious deep state observers such as the Corbett Report, F. William Engdahl (neither of whom touch Pizzagate either while proudly being alternative media) and Professor Peter Dale Scott, among others. Tragedy and Hope, an epic of a book, examines “Western History”, and particularly the Round Table movement of the Anglo-American factions of the ruling class, which came about in the late 19th century. This is not a tome by a lunatic conspiracy theorist. Tragedy and Hope was written by Harvard educated Georgetown historian Carroll Quigley. Quigley was not only an influential professor, whom students credited with teaching “the most influential course in their undergraduate careers”, he also worked with the government.

The deep state, as We understand it, focuses on the machinations of the power “elite” above and beyond the relatively public national political class. It is an examination of the power brokers who work behind the scenes to further the ruling class agenda, as well as a study of false flags as a regular course of policy. Entities for focus include individuals like George Soros and Bill Gates, intelligence agencies, organized crime, institutions such AIPAC and other powerful lobbyists, secret and semi-secret societies like Bilderberg and the Round Table movement, NGOs, and executives from corporations such as big oil or big pharma.

We would like to see the masses put together a critique of capitalism and the political class on the one hand, and deep state studies on the other.

It becomes a murky area of study because much of deep state is unofficial and off the record, often leaving no paper trail. It is also dismissed by the ruling class, and thus dismissed by respectable society. Deep state analysis hits close to home and makes many of Us a bit nervous. But then We think, “is more knowledge of reality going to threaten the ruling class? The answer is, We are quite confident, is no. Successfully tearing at the Establishment veil may scare the higher orders, but can not in itself bring down the system. The ruling class would be forced to respect the masses to avoid instability.  As it is, the lower orders still have too much inbred trust for their ruling class “democracy”. This is Our suicide by success.


  • Suicide indeed. It’s similar to the legend of Nero fiddling while Rome burned, only in this case it is metaphorical Rome (meaning you RC people) that is doing the fiddling while the world burns. Your suicide is a multiple murder-suicide, and your last victim may be Gaia, our mother.
    But it needn’t be so.
    Imagine if the world’s movers and shakers finally found and spoke through the love and kindness in their hearts, instead of the fear and the greed.
    Surviving the 21st century is about making that happen. It is do or die. You people need to come along.
    Happy new year, Reg. and classmates. May only your finest dreams come true in the coming times, and your worst fail so miserably that they wake you up.


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