An Intimate Relationship

The Preservation Society is above all a brotherhood of privileged capitalists. We are devoted to the Great Institution, for without it We are nothing special. Profit logic would not make sense and would not justify Our actions. This separates Us from the rest of Our classmates who get it backwards. They think they belong to the ruling class because they are special.

The higher orders are also more than our classmates want to admit. The birth of the Ruling Class is really the birth of the Ruling Class and its masses. These two entities can only exist in relation to each other. As soon as the ruling class emerges out of society, like a festering, expanding tumor, the rest of society — and the planet — are transformed, through the establishment of the patriarchy, into the expendable masses and “infinite” but “scarce” resources. Natural landscapes become “wastelands” (as they have been historically called), waiting to be “improved” upon by the human touch of industrial and nuclear waste.

The special relationship between the ruling class and its masses is the relationship of a sadist and a masochist. It is the eternal drama of the master and servant, the leader and follower, the rich and poor, the exploiter and exploited.

You can not have one without the other. Without the masses, who would serve the ruling class? How would anything get done without the lower orders to toil? How can We bask in our superior glow without the sewage of “mediocrity” below Us? Who would the higher orders have to look down upon? Conversely, without the  “Ruling Class”, who would guide the masses? Who would give them orders, and think for them? For whom would they toil?

Yet it is absurd to ask “for whom would the masses toil without a ruling class” because there is no masses without the ruling class. Without the presence of a higher class, individuals would work for themselves and society. We would not be there to compete with those interests. Without the Great Institution, individuals would have to think for themselves, paving the way for potential “citizens” to act from their own needs and desires and commonsense. The masses, are not the mythological “citizens” of society, but largely a herd under the direction of a ruler, accented by the by light coating of the true “citizen” here and there, and the even rarer real people.

It might seem to some that the masses can exist without a Ruling Class. But then they would not be the masses but the people of a society.  A classless society is a different animal altogether from a ruling class society. Moreover, the two are mutually exclusive. A classless society is the negation of ruling class society. Under such conditions, politics might not be a process of mass manipulation or a tug-of-war among competing factions, but rather a gathering of “citizens” working out how to best arrange their community (of course, the larger the population the more complicated it becomes).

The “citizenry” would not need a heaven of wealth to which they aspire, for they would be fully occupied with the possibilities of living in this world. They would be looking forward, encouraged by the bright open sky above them, rather than having the dark and depressing ruling class hanging over their heads and limiting their way. Citizens would be at liberty to engage in the responsibility of being truly free. The Preservation Society wants its masses to recognize the higher order overhead.

It is often forgotten that the minions of the Ruling Class and the individuals of the masses are the same species of animal, for it is taught that the minion is a superior creature possessing special skills and/or knowledge than their lower order counterparts lack.
F. Scott Fitzgerald supposedly said, “The rich are different from you and me”, to which Hemingway supposedly quipped, “yes, they have more money.” Though the exchange did not actually occur, the sentiment is true enough. Minions and the masses are both bred to have the same fears and insecurities so crucial to the hegemony of the Supreme Executive. They share more or less the same desires.

Their differences are a matter of degree and perspective, the poles being those who serve and those who are served. The superior classes cannot settle for anything less than decadent luxury, the middling sort are “contented” with their mediocre existence, and the poor can come to find security in their familiar misery righteousness of their anger. The masses struggles to attain material security, the minion “struggles” to keep more than their share and expand it. The greater the economic disparity between the Ruling Class and its masses, the greater the distance between their interests will be.

The Ruling Class, compelled by the Supreme Executive, will continue expanding at the expense of the masses and the Earth. Nor will it cease to seek out and destroy its perceived enemies among the masses, and even among themselves. This is a fixed feature of the ruling class relationship with its masses. It should be obvious and fundamental to the individual’s understanding of (ruling class) society. Would that raise society’s consciousness.

It should be understood, for instance, that the ruling class is much like a fire. A fire begins to die down if there was nothing left for it to consume. Supreme Executive is similar. He feels his mortality if his Ruling Class was not incessantly devouring and spreading His hegemony everywhere it could. If the Ruling Class reached a point where it was not growing, where it had nothing left to consume, it would turn on itself, and not hesitate to attack, consume and destroy the very masses that are the very foundations of it wealth and power. “Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell”, said Edward Abbey. So it is with the ruling class.

Today that ruling class ideology of expansion takes the form of profit making. For the ancient Romans it was conquest and the continual replenishment of slaves. The methods may have changed but the imperatives have not. Today the ruling class are a bit more refined than that, namely by not mentioning it.

Without mass resistance, unchecked pointless “growth” will drive the ruling class to commit suicide through its own success. Many ruling class minions may be opposed to this imperative, though, by virtue of their ruling class position, many of them will be compelled by the force of the Supreme Executive to participate in power orgies despite the knowledge that they could destabilize their society.

The only way a ruling class-masses relationship can work is through checks and balances, part of which must somehow reside in the “streets” so to speak. That way when Our servants in politics get carried away, the masses of “Main Street” would be smart enough to interfere. This means, in large part shedding the Liberal/Conservative Consensus, which are no more than organs of ruling class domination.

For too long the Establishment, has taught its masses the herd principles of authority and patriarchal thinking, hence human history is one continuous barbaric event. The downside of unquestioning authority is the target’s inability to balance ruling class desires with society’s interests. One may picture the Liberal and Conservative laying down like doormats before the revolving doors while politicians and big biz wipe their shoes on them before entering. That does not make for a stable society.

We think it is time to shift gears. The masses should know that if they love their TV shows and “life styles” and their unclean little deprived lives then they need to be alert to the threats posed by their master and partner, the ruling class. This goes for the poor as well. If they want to improve their lot they must part with their masters at some point….

The comfort of the masses and their fear of the unknown will be enough to ensure they won’t fight for too much. Therefore they should be manipulated toward the partial truth. We, the ruling class, should try to steer the conversation so as to manage a constructive regulative opposition. We believe this is a novel idea among Our ranks. Sharing the truth with the masses might push them to oppose policies not in the interests of society. But the masses should not wait for an enlightened ruling class to emerge, that’s waiting for Godot.

A strong somewhat informed middle class is the only answer. But Our middle class is dwindling and with them social stability. This is what the Liberal and Conservative vote for and what one pays taxes for.

The relationship is a lopsided one. The ruling class is always dominant. This unnatural construct of ruling class and masses can only work with stability and minimum force if the masses, who We try to breed as ignorant and resigned as possible, are actually informed and positive. If the masses knew how much stability depended on them, would they be more attentive?

“It is hard to stay positive when massive forces are arrayed against you. Do what you can. Why stay informed? It’s depressing…” True, as one might expect from a demoralized masses, but if the lower orders are to accept a ruling class over their heads should they not understand their responsibilities? If they do not accept them then they ought to reject their ruling class. This special relationship demands and requires an informed public. Just look around to see the failures implicit in a successfully dominated society.


  • When I leave a “Liked”, it only means that I have read it, not that I approve. I am still needing time to “digest” these posts.

  • But the tip of the top has ways of dealing w/those members of the masses who reject them: mainly by obviating the possibility of that option. BTW, has the Supreme Executive always been in charge?

    • What do you mean by “obviating the possibility of that option”? The ruling class is always looking to lessen opposition and if possible eliminate it. It is your task as the masses to provide the balance. The masses must push back.

      The Supreme Executive is the spirit of a capitalist ruling class society. He is the US’s special form of capitalism. Before him religion ruled through divine right. There is no name for that ruling class god because no one has ever paid attention to the ruling class as an entity.

        • These things are complex. Originally good and bad were designations for what we like and don’t like, what is harmful or helpful. In ruling class society, religionists are trained to see satan as what the ruling class doesn’t like, even if on the surface it opposes the ruling class. They claim to oppose satan but then support murder by supporting their masters or at least they are decent enough to look the other way.

          Murder is evil. But how many good moral religionists are steered into supporting slaughter and torture again and again?

          • Complexity is the name of the game, and Those who design the game, and referee it’s “playing”, will always hold the upper hand and win. Of course, They are smart (wise?) enough to allow Their “opponents” to win an occasional hand to keep them in the game.

            Thus one can be a winner and still lose in the end. Religious writings hold many truths, deep and meaningful truths, but Religions have been “modified” and “corrupted”, by Those who would “make the rules”, to the degree that those claiming that their faith makes them eventual winners, are distracted by their supposed rules, so that in the ending of this lifetime they will still be the losers (in relationship to how it could have turned out for them), yet if their intentions were pure, they will not suffer as much judgement (by the heavenly realm) as would those who practice to deceive them.

            Here on earth, in earthly matters, gain and loss, good and bad, do not necessarily conform to Spiritual determinations, Spiritual being Eternal considerations. The beauty of Spiritual “rules” is the pure freedom allowed for mankind to think, believe, and act, as he sees fit, and/or desires. The “final analysis” will play out, in the Eternal result, as Justice pure and simple, the “Karma” of “What goes around comes around”, in other words, The Golden Rule, holds true. (and we all know that he who has the gold makes the rules … here on earth anyway).

            But though I have seemed to digress from the subject, I have attempted to interject the “larger picture”, in which it has been my experience, that Institutionalized Religions have pretty much ignored, that because all too often they are based too much on “egoic” considerations. Ego is required to find our place in society, but in the end, the ego must be “transcended” (the self must find the Self) in order to know higher truth. The “Spirit of Capitalism” needs the folks to be “egoic” in order to keep the game going. In fact, any suggested “push back” will come only from the ego that eventually decides it wants better and realizes who has been depriving him of it. The first step to improvement is the realization of one’s “condition”, it is the job (mission) of folks like myself to try and wake those folks up to the truth of their situations. But the ego is very stubborn and never wants to hear anything that it deems to be a threat to itself. So, the SE has little to fear (other than Fear itself), because it is unlikely that my “preaching” will be effective.

            Bottom line though, is that Polar Opposites will always exist, they are relative and UNIversal, being each a necessary part of the same Whole. Each has its place, yet in “The End”, One is The ALL, and the “Other” becomes NOthing. Prioritizing Materialism wins only Material, and you, even You, cannot take it with you.

            The highest Religion is Truth … and, it has been my finding that even Truth is Relative. IMnsHO.

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