CoVID Fraud Falling Apart – In Germany

Unsurprisingly the corporate media has ignored a significant event held in early July in Germany. It is an ongoing event called Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee (for the English version) :

Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee‘s opening video

The Committee, with videos and transcripts, is a gathering of experts in various fields such as medicine, sociology and law. Their purpose, according to presiding speaker Heiko Schöning is to “investigate why these restrictive measures were imposed upon us in our country as part of CoVid-19, why people are suffering now and whether there is proportionality of the measures to this disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus”. “If Parliament does not do it, we, the citizens, are called upon to do it ourselves,” .

The fact that the virus has never been isolated and identified is understandably ignored by the medical doctors but We do applaud their willingness to call out the fake pandemic. Part of the proceeding was an international event where doctors called out the “disproportionate” measures taken by governments.

This gathering of experts calls to mind the “Mass Casualty Incident” letter sent to Trump and signed by over 600 doctors.

Download these videos and transcripts, and pass them around before they get taken down! We are in a race against time.

On August 1 the German masses came out onto the street declaring the “pandemic” over. Predictably it was slandered by the corporate-owned media. The Daily Beast called it a movement of “Neo-Nazis, Qanon Nuts, and hardcore vegans”. CNN reports ” ‘The march, which was named by organizers as “Day of Freedom — The End of the Pandemic,’ included anti-vaccine groups and some far-right and neo-Nazi organizations.

On livestreams of the event, some protesters could be heard yelling, ‘We are the second wave.’ ” This Guardian video doesn’t seem to reflect the claim of Nazi hordes on the streets. Of course “We are the second wave” is a pun on the much anticipated second wave of the CoVID “pandemic”, not a resurgent Nazi scourge. At the same time well informed individuals understand that infiltrators and provocateurs are part of the protest landscape in any ruling class society.

The CoVID project seems to be falling apart in Germany while American sheep continue to doze in ignorance.

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