Election Corruption — The Cornerstone of Ruling Class Democracy

From the earliest days of the Republic — of ruling class democracy itself — election corruption has been a vital necessity for ruling class domination. From our perspective in the ruling class, election corruption covers both legal and illegal means of securing power. Whether we employ literacy tests, property requirements, or election fraud, voter purges or outright thuggery — it is all the same to us. From the ancient Greeks excluding the vast majority of their populations to modern voter ID laws and machine vote flipping, ruling classes have been able to have their democracies and eat them too.

Election corruption is yet another testament to the complete colonization of the mass mind. Rank-and-file voters continue to go to the polls in the hopes that voting will change their lives for the better, while the facts about election fraud are an open secret. As anarchist Emma Goldman said, “if voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.” Quite the contrary, it helps us maintain the status quo. “Change we can believe in” indeed. But it also undermines The Preservation Society’s efforts in encouraging the masses to challenge our excesses.

One might object that without the vote, “progress”, incarnated as the end of slavery or the promulgation of New Deal, might never had occurred. To be sure that is what our minions want the masses to believe.

To learn more about the long tradition of American election corruption, aside from its systemic versions, we refer the reader to Deliver the Vote: A History of Election Fraud, an American Political Tradition-1742-2004

It should be no surprise to the reader that in 2016, things are not much different in that regard. The ruling class relies on election fraud so much that we in the Preservation Society have been reluctant to discuss it openly and honestly, even as we encourage the masses throughout this site to challenge our rule. It is an object lesson in how the ruling class agenda overrides our minions’ impulse to stabilize society, and thus the responsibility falls to the masses to regulate the ruling class and society.

Below we append a short email correspondence between one of our members and the Sanders Campaign. Our member was curious. He became very involve in his role as lower order Sanders supporter. What does that candidate say in the face of such blatant and obvious corruption?

Below that we provide links to a few cases of documented election fraud of various types.

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From: Regensordo
To: <info@berniesanders.com>

Dear Sanders Campaign,

Thank you for responding to my inquiry about voter and election fraud below. Your approach of hotlines is well and good, and I appreciate your actions in Arizona and Ohio, but the problems goes much deeper. The issue from me and so many other is the corruption already exposed by citizens all over the country. What does a hotline matter if you’re not going to address those issues in a public, substantive and aggressive manner? Unfortunately, this involves the Democratic Party itself. The corruption occurs on multiple level: closing polling locations, machine vote flipping, voter purges, etc…

You must know, as so many do and many more are finding out, that you in FACT won the states of Illinois, Az, NY and Mass (among others). These are UNCONTROVERSIAL victories (except for the corruption). How then can you expect anyone to continue supporting your candidacy when you won’t even fight for what you have already won?

You must address these issues unambiguously, and put some of your considerable resources (some of which are mine) to helping the citizen heroes, who are going out on a limb for you, me and democracy. Millions of people have donated to your campaign, many of whom can hardly afford to squander even $27.

I look forward to supporting your campaign once again.

Below are just a few of the citizens heroes who are uncovering the rampant election fraud. Are you going to let them hang on their own? I hope not. I hope you are not just another 3rd party relic used by the Establishment to drain the people’s energies.

Nancy Wolfe, “My Frustrating Primary Day as a New York Poll Worker”

Doug Johnson Hatlem, “New York Primary: Why is Exit Poll Data Adjusted to Match Final Voting Results?”

Greg Palast, “New York voting fiasco just the warm-up for the November game”

Debbie Lusignan, “Sane Progressive”

Candice Bernd, “Democracy Spring and the US Voting Matrix: How Much of the Electoral Process Is Illusory?”

“Could the 2016 Election Be Stolen with Help from Electronic Voting Machines?”

“Not so fast there, Arizona. Judge says lawsuit challenging Maricopa County’s voter snafu can proceed”

Richard Charnin’s Blog

“Arizona Secretary of State Confirms Election Fraud During Primary Vote”

“Hundreds of New Yorkers Allege Election Fraud in Lawsuit”


Please do not ignore what so many already know. I look forward to supporting your campaign once again.

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On 4/25/2016 at 4:27 PM, “Info” <info@berniesanders.com> wrote:


Thanks for your note and your continued support – it is very much appreciated.

The rules in each state are different, and rules can differ between caucuses and primaries too. Also, registration rules vary by state, and the place to which irregularities should be reported differs from state to state. The point it…there is no single place to report every real or perceived infraction.

We set up hotlines a few days before each election and usually leave them open until a few days after. That window is when we experience the most activity in any particular state. These hotlines are typically staffed by attorneys with experience in voter protection issues in that specific state.

We work to separate real issues from perceived issues, or issues reported from third parties – such as someone reporting something another person posted on his or her Facebook page which, in turn, just references a story he or she heard from a family member. Such third party reports are much harder to confirm.

We do act on confirmed reports of irregularities, voter suppression, election fraud, and other infractions. You may recall a lawsuit we filed in Ohio centered around the Secretary of State preventing voting of 17 year olds who would be 18 by election day – just one example of how our team can and will act quickly to make sure citizens of every state who are eligible to vote can do so.

Remember, while our hotlines do get shut down after that state’s election day, you can ALWAYS report issues right here at help@berniesanders.com and we will make sure it goes directly to our voter protection team.

Thank you again for your support.


Bernie 2016
www.BernieSanders.com {#HS:195168726-435608#}
On Fri, Apr 22, 2016 at 11:44 PM EDT, Regensordo <xxxxxxx@hushmail.com> wrote:

Why aren’t you pursuing voter fraud investigations? Why aren’t you supporting lawsuits to that effect?

Is this agreement you have with the Clinton regime?


Give me an answer from a human unless you are too cowardly. It’s a shame that Sen. Sanders will go down in history as a shill for the Democratic Party that thwarted Democratic Socialism!!!

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  • Some of the allegations here may have merit. I haven’t read them yet.

    But one thing that certainly does not have merit is conflating rules restricting voting (yes even poll taxes) with voter fraud. Fraud requires deception. You can argue about what is fairness or who should have a vote, but there’s no deception if you have rules and they are known. This jumps out at me within the first few sentences, before I get to your claims about actual fraud.

    What other word have you used loosely here, empowered by a moral position in place of a factual one?

    • Point well taken. We shall change it to election corruption as a broad umbrella term for manipulating the vote one way or another.

      But what do morals have to do with it? It is about perspective: that of the ruling class and that of the lower orders.

      For us it is all about managing the vote, whether through systemic rigging or extra-curricular activities.

      Moreover, we encourage the masses to believe in their “democracy” while ensuring a more or less proper outcome through systemic legalisms. That is fraud writ large. But then we shouldn’t expect those of the lower orders to see this. Only proves that the bigger lie the easier for the masses to believe.


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