Guns and the Ruling Class End Game

With mass shootings having become a regular feature of American life, few Liberals/Conservatives seem interested in why they occur or how to prevent them. Indeed, they don’t seem to be too disturbed at what society has come down to. The laughable corporate media and their political colleagues stick to the binary trope of guns/anti-guns. This alone ought to alert the masses to the reality they face. The ruling class organs are calling for banning guns. Why? For your safety? It should prompt the conscious masses to ask what ruling class agenda is at work.

Alas, the well bred Liberal will look at Us incredulously and say, “yes! for our safety!” Conservatives think its just Liberal bleeding hearts at work.

But they will both follow their master’s whim, and one calls for the masses to be disarmed, while the “other side” is too busy defending gun rights at the expense of other things, except graft and other criminal activity. The very fact that outlawing guns is the only solution the established order is willing to pursue tells the informed individual that the Ruling Class does not want anyone in the lower orders to have guns regardless of its soundness as public policy.

It would not do for the Conservative to join the Liberal in calling for bans on weapons. The dramatic democratic effect would be diminished. Yet the illusion of movement must be kept up, and so they pass a ban on bump stocks. However important gun issues may be in Our society, and however much We in the ruling class would like to see them removed from lower order hands, they are also a staple token issue to the ruling class. No issue makes such a splash as guns rights when it comes to mass violence in the U.S. Hence the need for mass violence, fabricated or not. When mass shootings happen they seem to exist in a vacuum where the only factor is “good guys with guns, and bad guys with guns” or nobody having guns at all.

What makes a token issue so effective is its susceptibility to being boiled down to simple but pregnant label binaries — and therefore binding — concepts: gun/antiguns, pro-/anti-abortion, pro-/anti-“taxes cuts”. It is binding because the token issue offers only two choices devoid of content and history. It is either one or the other; there is no other choice for the herd. The token issue effectively covers up underlying causes that may implicate the established order. Therefore the Establishment empties the issue under question of all import, and turns its discussion into a contest of well bred egos deciding a binary question.

What is the reality behind this “gun debate”? First, Greg Palast demonstrates how out of proportion is anti-gun Liberalism. His son wrote to him about an analysis he had done of guns and homicides. “[T]here was just about no correlation between number of guns and number of gun homicides.'” It just so happened that Palast had recently come back home from

the nation with the widest gun ownership in the world, Switzerland, which has vanishingly few homicides — although almost all men 18-35, due to ancient military tradition, must keep weapons in their home (many fully automatic).”

The nation with the same population as Switzerland, Honduras, has the world’s highest homicide rate — yet Honduras outlaws personal gun ownership.

So why do Liberals keep a one dimensional attack on guns? Nikolas, the school shooter had been adopted by older individuals when he was born. He

had been diagnosed with a string of disorders and conditions: depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, emotional behavioral disability and autism, records from the state Department of Children and Families show. His mom told sheriff’s deputies he also had obsessive-compulsive disorder and anger issues.

And of course he was put on medications. His adopted father died of a heart attack at 67 in front of Nikolas when he was five. Such a profile does not prompt Liberals or Conservatives to ask questions of the status quo, they just know it is something society has to cope with. The masses are being taught that conditions such as autism are acceptable and to be expected. Sesame Street has even introduced an autistic muppet to ally the anger and fears of ever increasing number of parents with autistic children. Yet it is a condition that used to be rare and should be nonexistent in a health society,  but which occurs with disturbing regularity.

With the attention and devotion Liberals give to the gun issue, why don’t they fight this aggressively to end the economic and environmental issues that result in social dysfunction? Is it because social dysfunction is built into the system? But neither does the Conservative want to face the same facts. Instead of working hard to end desperate conditions that drive the herd in certain directions, the right-wing wants to devote its time learning to kill in defense of property and self. Both parties want to stick to their script. They don’t mention the drug industry, or the deep state and its weapons trafficking. They don’t ask what role does the ruling class play in this? The sheer magnitude of public exposure of the “gun issue” indicates a pro ruling class policy at work. One must work out what it means.

Note the well bred mentality at work here. Neither rank-and-file partisan hope for a better world and life. Their acceptance and resignation to this Establishment reality is an unconscious given. Just as they must breathe to live, the Liberal would like to alleviate the pains of poverty and bigotry; the Conservative must defend property and “values”.

It does not help the Establishment’s case that a student has come forward accusing CNN of trying to script a “townhall” meeting. Or does it? Does this prove the incident was real. Is this kid a poor dupe, an actor or a survivor? Is this deflection upon deflection? Does it really matter in light of the facts? What facts?

As a result of Florida, reports the Washington Post, a

growing bipartisan number of state governors have joined calls for a reconsideration of gun laws and school safety measures after the mass shooting in Parkland, Fla., a sign that resulting legislative changes could extend far beyond Florida in the coming months.

Increased surveillance, more policing and disarming of the masses. Liberals and Conservatives invite social destruction by supporting it unaware of their role as the subservient masses. To the ruling class, they must be disarmed before the dire reality of the situation hits them upside the head. But a society in need of guns is a failed society. Have we reached failure?


  • Fire your secretary, or, at least, reduce his/her salary: due diligence was not followed. Greg Palast has betrayed your faith in him by accepting the word of a self-proclaimed expert-I posted a note to him telling him that he had forfeited the right to wear his trademark PI dick hat. “They had a beautiful house…5 bdrms, 3 baths…[att’n Apocalypse buffs: at 6166 NW 80th Terrace] with a pool & jacuzzi in the backyard.” They had it built for them & later added on another wing. Roger P. Cruz was a partner with “Dr.I”,in a printing biz in Westchester, NY that took in $40 m/yr. His estate was valued at $1 million. Lynda Cruz sold the house, possibly at a loss, for $570,000. Nikolas was in line to inherit $800,000 at age 22. His half bro most likely would have been the heir to a large sum, as well. One thing that seems to have been poor was Nikolas’ diet. Mr. James Snead is a military intel analyst & his wife a pediatric nurse; odd that they didn’t notice anything untoward. They did think it was a sign of mental health that Nikolas wanted to join the army as an infantryman. I wonder why the brothers didn’t go to live w/their relatives on Long Island when the mother died?

    • Thank you for you correction. We’ve amended the text in accordance with the facts. The issues involved are more or less the same.

    • Coming to god is not the answer. They are twisted because they cannot cope with a twisted world, which includes religion.

  • There are NO Mass shootings and ALL WARS are fake, you foolish naive Americans.
    ALL Terrorists incidents are false flag operations. Look that up and learn something.
    Start with the Lavon Affair then go to the sinking of the US Liberty.
    Go to the lie of the Gulf of Tonkin incident.
    Go learn about WTC 7 , building number 7 in New York during the 9/11 hoax attack.
    Boston Marathon bombing was a false flag.
    Same as Sandy Hook , same as Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting,
    Same as Las Vegas (nobody died )
    Same as 9/11
    Same as every other incident.
    You people are too naive to see the scope of the lies and the whole-scale fraud perpetrated on humans by the Central Banking Cabal scamsters known as the Rothschilds who are now TRILLIONAIRES in secret.
    You people who wonder why America is going down the toilet.
    Two reason.
    1. The Rothschilds have INFINITE WEALTH because they control the issuance of US paper currency which they use to buy up the whole world.
    2. Look in the mirror. They answer is there.
    You are the problem.
    You are too naive and resistant to learn because your ego will not allow you to admit you were duped, fooled and manipulated. Just like I was. But I woke up.
    When will all of you wake up?

  • Together with the whole thing that appears to be building inside this particular area, your perspectives happen to be very radical. Nevertheless, I appologize, because I do not give credence to your whole plan, all be it radical none the less. It seems to us that your opinions are actually not totally justified and in actuality you are generally your self not totally certain of your point. In any event I did take pleasure in reading through it.


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