Help! Commies are Running My Predatory Capitalist Country

This post came to the Preservation Society as a letter of disapproval. The author is not a One Percenter but certainly well-to-do, and since he wrote it out of protest in a private letter to his boss, We feel it only fair not print his name.

Communists, socialists and Marxists are the problem, not the successful class. Blaming the rich only draws unnecessary attention and animosity to the innocent.

It cannot be denied that forces of darkness are on the march. Society faces fundamental collapse on all fronts. Freedom itself is under attack. And it has been for some time. It is time freedom was on the march. But then, there has never been a time in history when freedom wasn’t under attack. The people have been conditioned to accepting it by their middle class luxury. They have been lulled to sleep by the soothing fantasies of socialists and their Liberal dupes, not the evils of capitalist greed.

Despite the easy life of the masses, the election of Trump proves the decline of America as land of liberty. He represents the devastating humiliation of the two party system, which was utterly repudiated in the process. I believe Trump’s ascendency is a rejection of communism. It is a wake up call. Hence the desperation of Russiagate and the intensification of identity politics to distract from this colossal political wreck that could threatens to unhinge the masses from the legitimate authorities that guide democracy today. That is the legacy of the New Deal and the welfare state, or part of it at least.

The collapse of society smells a lot like a communist plot to undermine the U.S. Nobody mentions it because the socialist propaganda that has infected the Liberal order has ensured that any mention of high-level communists is just right wing poppy cock. This ignorance, even though the masses have more than they had in all of history, is bankrupting the country. They don’t seem to respect prudence, hard work or fiscal discipline.

A few Liberals, and all their socialist friends like to ask, “Why do we have money for war and corporate subsidies, and tax breaks, but we can’t invest in the people?”

How the naïve.

War is a fact of life of course. If we want to live a life of competition then it means war. If we want the best to lead us, then let him or her rise to the top. Competition is the best social arrangement to promote liberty and justice. Think, “just war”. Without just war how can we fight poverty, crime and disease? You need war to get things done!

Can anyone truly imagine a world of true peace and cooperation? Yes, there might be less death and less misery, but would we be the abundant and prosperous U.S.A. without them? Some have to suffer, so others may live happily, just as one has to kill in order to live. These are the tragic facts of life. Instead of wasting money on a futile and hypocritical effort to “save” people, we should give them our thanks and a respectful funeral for the bounty their sacrifice makes possible.

The socialist is aghast, “We don’t live in a jungle but in a human society, blah, blah.”

Human society has always been vicious. Nature is savage competition. Besides, all it takes is one bad apple to spoil the barrel of communist utopian trust. The power of unity and solidarity are but communist ploys to destroy individualism and, therefore to take over the world. Cooperation and solidarity are tempters; individualism is the ultimate freedom. In a free society no one can interfere with your freedom — so long as it is legal. Remember what President Nixon said: “When the president does it, that means it is not illegal”. He was merely expressing the great tradition of individualism.

How, you may ask, can such a rich, powerful and democratic country fall prey to a small group of communists and identity obsessed cultural Marxists?

The Ruling Class Preservation Society claims Marxism-as-the-problem is just a distraction from real problems, and a distraction from the “elite” private profiteers of capitalism — like the very members of the Preservation Society. What are you distracting from? Hmmm. In fact, I find it down right rude that successful people — no matter how they got there — who do their best for society through their charitable works and investments, are depicted as ruthless individuals ready to profit at the public’s expense. Nobody should mistake government incompetence for the deliberate actions of a profitable nature.

These desperate beliefs usually gain traction in uncertain times. In my estimation it goes something like this: an individual is at home, content to sit on the couch and watch TV eating chips. Suddenly the individual hears a clip of Marxist ranting from their brother or daughter or friend — from somewhere — and then suddenly decides he or she must join the “good fight” against capitalism. A lower order person can expel pent up energies, jealousies and grudges through this outlet, where they were not stimulated before.

Since the 2008 collapse, Marxist Professor Richard Wolff has reported a growing interest in Marx and socialism. He’s had more invitations to speak than ever. Oh! Better be careful Professor, you might get rich with the income you earn! Wouldn’t that be anti-socialist?

Joking aside, while the good professor is only selling his ideological wares, he is also toying with the emotions of those who need someone to blame for their misfortunes and their middle class frustrations. “Capitalism has failed you!” He tells them, and if they had any economic sense before, the professor’s listeners throw it all out the window, and embrace his socialist utopia of a “rational society”. That tells me the communists’ propaganda is working.

Despite the radical left wing onslaught and Liberalism’s handouts, capitalism is still in charge, thankfully. Capitalists have all the money. We dominate government. You could say all that and you’d be correct, but it would also be correct to say that Liberals, on behalf of the poor and lazy, who whine about the inadequacy of minimum wages or disproportionate taxing of the middle class, are destroying this country. That’s how the socialism works. It preys on the sympathies on the better off people. They feel bad for the losers of the great capitalist game. Instead of investing in society they support government programs that tax them. It’ like paying a penance. The Ruling Class Preservation Society might find that that good, but is it healthy?

Yes, the “ruling class”, including Liberal leadership, have all the money, armies and connections, but the reality is we can only stand hopelessly by as the poor, uneducated masses destroy everything through their Liberal socialist dupes. Unfortunately that’s how democracy works: the poor can actually get their way.

Meanwhile, the middle class complain about their taxes. I sincerely believe this to be a short-sighted error. Taxing the middle class, which is not much (much less than the “ruling class”), frees up the ability of investors to create jobs and take risks, for that is the only way to make a vibrant economy.

The truth, is communists have been running this country for hundreds of years. I believe Marxists had infiltrated the highest level of American government since the Revolution. They’ve been hoodwinking and outmaneuvering democratic, freedom-loving capitalists ever since. Every tragic moment of capitalist history may be blamed on the sabotage of communists and Marxists. No one should blame corporate American and billionaires for the situation we find ourselves in. Government is the ringleader and bully under the sway of these Bolsheviks.

The Ruling Class Preservation Society, I believe, is under the sway of the “lower orders”. They bad mouth business, and blame the successful for societies failures. That sound like Bolshevism to me.

Government officials demand political “contributions” and then force business into criminal activity with favorable incentives. If big business is caught in their criminal behavior, government will often thwart the natural forces of the markets that would punish the wrong-doers, and instead it will force the “offending” individuals to accept government immunity, as it were, by not being prosecuted.

One may ask, if they are only serving their own private purposes how can you call these people communists? Doesn’t communism mean you have to share everything? Yes, but I say, in sharing everything, one owns nothing, and as we all know property ownership is the fundamental principle of democratic society. If capitalists were running things unhindered by the communist agenda, they would let the wisdom of free markets allocate goods and services, and allow not the First World to fall into the dire straits we finds ourselves in today. A capitalist would run things better, than a communist that’s the difference.

What we see today is the nightmare that Marx advocated as his communist utopia. For Marx, removing freedom was important to an orderly society. Marx hated liberty and self-determination because he was such a failure himself. This genius lived in poverty and had to depend on another man for his existence. And we’re supposed to listen to him on matters of economics! Marxism is not worth exploring. Look at what it has done to those of the Preservation Society. It’s turned you into self-hating successful people. I don’t think “truth” has anything to do with it.

Many anti-communists have been accused of misunderstanding or misrepresenting Marx’s ideas. These claims are childish and desperate, true as they may be. The important thing is that everybody knows what to think of Herr Marx and his followers. We’ve heard the explanations of Marx’s theories. “The establishment” has told us that communism and socialism aren’t workable. Why dig deeper into obvious truths? We the people are not scholars, and the media and universities have done a decent job of putting Marx in a more or less objective light. We should trust the experts in the field. Who needs to waste time verifying old truths? If there’s a little bias toward capitalism, its only because it works.

Please come to your senses.


  • Confusion … fusion of the Conn ? Just what works on “the people”, the tool of the Ruling Class. Everything is divided into extremes of Pro and Con(n) … take a side and fight the other. Never come together and cooperate on solving our jointly shared problem(s) … which is the few with the power to divide us all against each other while “They” generate “the solution(s)” … that always work out in “Their” best interest.

    Communism, in it’s “purist” form, would be a Utopian Dream come true … but never would that happen when we still had would-be Conn Artists as the Con(n)trollers.

    This earthly world is the “school” where we have been “sent” from the Spiritual Realm to discover the truths that will set us free … such truths will only come from withIN via our own Spiritual Soul (Intuition) … earthly “Leaders” only want to Conn-trol us.

    IMnsHO and E so far.

  • I have done a lot of reading and contemplating since my last visit here and in rereading the post I am reminded of a few things more, after time, that I could say.
    About 25 years ago I just happened onto the controversial writing (sort of related to Marx) here: (I forgot how to make a short active html)

    That rang so true to me on a deep intuitive level … it only being much later did I run across the controversy of it all. It was that later, with much soul searching, that I decided that ‘They’, by whatever name or title, were in fact and truth the culprits. Everything that was written down had come to pass!

    Those doing ‘bad’ things, and those participating along the same lines, probably even those that would still make the charge of ‘forgery’, had better watch out because the rest of us are waking up to it all!

    Those at the pinnacle of ‘Their’ pyramid, are but acting out the great lie at the behest of Their Father Lucifer, making everyone on the ‘other side’ having yet some hope short of complete damnation and eventual destruction. I couched that in somewhat spiritual/religious terms because in the end that is just what it is all about, yet realized by the actors or not, their (and Their) day will come!

    Act/work together as opposites, for the common cause (the preferable way) and the results overall, will be Creative, do as our leaders are now doing and Destruction will surely result, in that direction there can be no winners! We really do not have much time left to turn things around. We are at the ending of one Cosmic Season and the beginning of the next. Be it in body or in Spirit, those still opposing at the end will surely soon realize whether they had in fact made the right choice.

    IMnsHO and E so far … (+=-) is the Basic (UNIversal) Equation of Truth … BET (+=-) … for all practical purposes, (+=-)>(+/-)

    • BTW, Truth/Falsehood, Light/Darkness, and most importantly, Love/Fear … remember, hatreds stem from fear, not the other way around. And, Karma is not bound by time and it will deal out Justice … what goes around comes around, ye sow what ye plant, and live by the sword and die by the sword. Best believe that. Best wishes. 🙂


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