Ruling Class Democracy Rules

The deterioration of the U.S. is not in doubt. The Global Times of China, mouthpiece of the government more or less neatly summarized the state of American hegemony in a recent op-ed. “The US model represents Western democracy, but it is crumbling, and the resulting social division has become more and more serious.” Political squabble engulf DC, while breakdown engulfs the masses.  China seems to know the U.S. much better than its own “journalists” do.

It is not a situation without benefits for the higher orders. As the op-ed points out, “To completely discredit Trump among voters, the present scandal is not enough as it does not add to the negative image of Trump.” Trump is so reviled and equated with fascism and racism, that much of the population will focus their ire on him while We are left, as usual, to rob the store. To focus energies on attacking Trump or, conversely, making excuses for him, leads the masses to essentially fight for the “status quo” by ignoring the bigger issues. Instead of going after the (easily cured) causes of poverty, a portion of the masses will focus their energies on “opposing” Trump, while others hide behind ideologies.

It doesn’t help one’s cause when focus is turned to a red herring or a false flag. Public distraction and deception is vital for a ruling class democracy to function. Many at the Preservation Society engage in such intrigue. We openly admit it, for these crafts are an essential part of ruling class domination.

The Global Times is correct in saying that whether Trump is impeached or not will not destroy the country, but “[t]he fact is that US politics is in trouble, and the benefits brought by its system are being squandered.” This is the process of reversing what the masses have gained through the struggles of the last hundred years or so.

The late nineteenth century society saw the rise of political liberalism and the so-called “welfare state”. Wasn’t this the natural evolution of capitalist democracy? Presumably this was what the masses had been fighting for. Who doesn’t want society to benefit them? Yet the rise of democracy and a government increasingly responsive to the needs of the masses was like a tidal wave washing over the old liberalism of merchant laissez faire. This assault on privilege and the ruling class was harnessed and directed onto inevitable enemies.

The assault on privilege was, as per ruling class custom, turned into an assault on tradition and the nation. The lower orders were told their identities were being changed, and it was true. Class divisions were breaking down as the middle class emerged. The ruling class were supposedly no longer superior, the masses were their “equals”. Women were speaking up. It was a veritable deluge of privilege smashing and “lowering standards”.

In the US the ascendance of the robber barons and the trust monopolies gave birth to many popular parties. Rising populism made the government sit up and pay attention, even if their fixes were nominal.

It would seem the ruling class everywhere was endangered by these new republics and their mainstream acceptance of socialism. But like any other healthy body, the ruling class’s immune system kicked in against this natural evolution. The rise of liberalism and labor drew a reaction from the narrower, more conservative minded and less educated. The reactionaries believed their identity was under attack. Their national traditions were being eroded, and so on. Would this reaction be natural on a large scale without the influence of forces that make it not only possible but probable for a portion of the masses to oppose its own liberation and cling to its old idealism, like old Catholic women cling austerely to Jesus?

Rather than being a mere “reaction” to liberalism reactionaries are ruling class society’s white blood cells. They attack those that threaten the ruling class authority and exposes its undemocratic nature for those who care to see.

The reactionary role is traditionally played by the conservative sectors. They are the well-bred masses that have been conditioned for one reason or another to interpret the increased leniency of the ruling class towards its masses as a loss of some kind. Today, the reactionaries on the streets are the liberal crowds, though right wing reactionaries are never far away. It all depends on which is useful at the moment. Immigration, identity politics and Donald bashing has consumed much of the energies of the mainstream.

These Liberal “movements” are supposed to be anchored at grass-roots level, though even the mainstream “mythbuster” Snopes could not ignore billionaire George Soros’s funding of liberal protest groups. The website say it’s true that “[a] grantmaking network founded by George Soros provided funding to some groups that engaged in Ferguson-related protest activities.” They say it’s false that “George Soros gave money to various groups for the express purpose of promoting Ferguson-related protests and riots.” Expecting to find a memo in which Soros actually orders disruption in the streets will be difficult to come by, but there is no shortage of evidence. Among his many activities, (see here and here) his foundations have been all over the US and Europe, and linked to various color revolutions.

Where right-wing authoritarians were central to disrupting the growing liberal tide in the first half of the twentieth century, today the ruling class uses liberalism to disrupt and distract from the realization of a “crumbling” society as the Global Times puts it. And the issues  — identity and immigration — are central to both cases.

The fetishization of Trump as would-be dictator distracts from the major fact that both austerity-loving parties of Liberalism and Conservatism were soundly rejected by the population. Ruling forces push the Trump drama to make it seem as if it’s about Trump and not a dying society and its unrelenting status quo.

The demonization of Trump also makes it easier for that potential slide into dictatorship, if only because individuals believe it is at hand with the Brass-Haired one. It won’t take the masses by surprise. They have better things to do. How much easier and tempting does that make it for Us in the higher orders to pursue such a route? It’s all up to you down there.


  • As being one “down here”, I have taken your “warning” to heart. I have been doing my part in trying to promulgate the very same message to the “sleeping” victims, my fellow human-beings.

    “You Folks” always let us know what you are going to do, it is your Dark Spiritual Duty to do so, that supposedly lets you ‘off the hook’, having done your duty in that regard makes it all ‘our fault’, thus as far as you are concerned, it all becomes just what we deserve, right?

    In the ‘beginning’, Our being born here on this Planet, we each came here for a reason, most likely based upon Last and Past Life experiences, likes, dislikes, and what we did about them, especially in relationship with our fellow Beings.

    It is my belief that this world experience is a “melting pot” of sorts, and the “stew” we eventuate will be very much our ongoing mutual experience. There are ‘good’ intentions and there are ‘bad’ intentions, there are even ‘neutral’ intentions, in that many folks, most likely most, are just along for the ride, giving it little thought, for sure no deep introspection.

    As one who has given it all the deepest introspection that I can muster up, I know that this earth experience, and all Uni-versal experience, make a difference, primarily in personal outcomes, and secondarily in our mutual outcome.

    Thus following the line of ‘good’ versus ‘bad’, those are relative words in that one man’s garbage may well be another’s treasure. What I would call ‘good’ then is that which will eventuate in my idea of ‘my’ future relationships.

    Because I envision this UNIverse as containing the Whole of relative ‘good’ mixed, to one degree or another, along with the ‘bad’, the Law of Karma will dictate our relational outcomes. So, do as you will, harm none, and you will have an outcome that “I” would call good by “My” standards, that being quite the opposite of the outcome that others, such as Yourself and Your minions, prefer to call ‘good’. Like Truth, the Truth of truth, all things are relevant, the good as (+), along with (=), the bad as (-), is just the natural order of Everything … (+=-) is the way that it ALL works, no matter which way we look at it, there is no getting away from anything and everything, thoughts and deeds all add up to an eventuality.

    But the major difference between ‘Your’ thinking and ‘Mine’, seems to be the belief in what (+=-) actually means. As I see it, you folks do not believe in the possibility of a ‘good’ outcome available for one and all, were people to realize their Spiritual commonality and the result available through cooperation for common cause with the goal being UNITY based upon LOVE.

    Rather, it seems, Power and Control, used to ‘separate’ the desirable from the undesirables, is ‘the way’ to have an outcome that eventuates in what you desire and believe to be the most feasible and the best possible outcome for your future ‘happiness’ … ?

    I think that I have it figured out, I, through ‘My’ Spiritual experience(s), have a belief, actually, faith, that there is no way that we can get away from each other, that the (+=-) is the highest Truth (TRUTH) of a UNIverse, and those that would be compassionate to another, as a fellow traveler, will always ascertain differences as ‘relative’, a natural part of the overall UNITy, (+=-) which is LOVE based.

    It seems to me that ‘Your’ view of (+=-) is based upon Your Spiritual belief in the ability to separate out the undesirables, one way or another, ideally, to not be ‘contaminated’ by them (us). You take the symbolic truth of (+=-) to use the (=) symbol as the opposite meaning of what I see in it. I see it as the LOVE that replaces the FEAR that the ‘Authorities’ of this world, including the Religious ones, prefer to use for their more selfish benefit. This comes from a prioritization of the Material over the Spiritual, a valuation system where Physicality trumps Spirituality, a Fear of the long-term potentials, and thus an ignorance concerning the higher truth (which would eventuate in the most simple and basic truth), the Truth of TRUTH which is the application of (+=-) where the ‘third member’, the (=) stands for INclusive LOVE rather than EXclusive FEAR.

    ‘Your’ system ‘seems’ to work best for You (You, being inclusive of all who think your way, nothing meant to be personal, as I see hope for you personally because you are at least thinking about relationships in knowing (realizing) that the Host is necessary for the Parasite to live on.)

    Anyway, where (=) means an INclusive Spirit to us, to you it means using it as your ‘tool’ to manipulate us, to turn that (=) into a Divisive (/) element of Separation, to pit us one against (/) the other, what is called Divide (/) and Conquer~Control. You have distorted and corrupted the world religions into ‘Dualistic’ (+/-) Systems, INstitutions of Power and Authority, that teach and promote the extremes of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ as being the best that it can get, the ‘world norm’ … the Priests of Religions and the Politicians of Governments stand in the position of the (/) in that “they” divide us, but, Your people, the ones at the top of the Hierarchy, what we call the Hidden Elite, the .01%, or fewer, usurp the role of the (=) as you deceive and divide all that are ‘below’ yourselves, doing so in secrecy where only the ‘minions’ working for you are visible to those below. Out of sight out of mind I guess.

    Bottom line, we are not as willingly deceived as You might prefer to think, it being due to the intended deceit and the ‘slick’ way it is dosed out to us, a dosing administered by Your folks and one that will not go unaccounted for via Karma, you see, INtent is very important in the greater picture.

    IMnsHO and E.

  • It has gone past the point of no return along time ago. A very, very long time ago. Some I am told and read that believe that a preempted nuclear strike is the answer. A world wide cashless society that will lead to population reduction and control over the masses. A one world religion is talked about by others. Control of the food through genetically modification. All forms of government from the top down are criminal organizations. Justice and the rule of law have perished. Constitutions, Bill of Rights, international law, all personal privacy laws, are gone. All trade deals are criminal documents. Etc, etc, etc.
    Being in the fall of my life I have seen this unfold before my eyes, the trillions stolen, the millions murdered, and the beat goes on. These fools, psychopaths, Panjandrum, will come to an end along with the rest of our species eventually sometime in the future and the earth thousands of years later will heal itself like it has for ever. I only wish I could be a fly on the wall when those who make it into their bunkers realize they are in prison for life with no get out of jail free card.
    Plutonium-239 decays through emission of an alpha particle (helium nucleus) and has a half-life of 24,000 years. To the extent that hydrogen fusion contributes to the explosive force of a weapon, two other radionuclides will be released: tritium (hydrogen-3), an electron emitter with a half-life of 12 years, and carbon-14, an electron emitter with a half-life of 5,730 years. Both are taken up through the food cycle and readily incorporated in organic matter.


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