The Great Middle Class Massacre

The Shrinking Middling Class

The American middling class has never been a large percentage of the population despite myths of a vast empire of a smart, upwardly mobile middling sort. This was land of milk and honey, where a “man” could, by dint of hard work, rise to be a respectable business owner or professional.

Investopedia cites a Pew Research poll which said the “portion of American adults living in middle-class households fell from 62% to 59%”. That’s not good, but at least 59% is still a good chunk of the population to be middling class. That seems like a healthy percentage until you realize that Pew considers, as of 2015, a family of five living on $54,000 a year to be middle class.

It is gets worse. From Zero Hedge:

According to the Social Security Administration, the median yearly wage in the United States is just $30,533 at this point. That means 50 percent of all American workers make at least that much per year, but that also means that 50 percent of all American workers make that much or less per year.

And while Pew says 59 percent of the population is middling, Social Security Administration said 59 percent of all American workers made less than $40,000 last year.

Is that what the masses consider a middling class life? It is shocking to learn. None of Us at the Preservation Society could fathom living individually on $54,000 a year (never mind an entire family!). We have to salute such sacrifice. Thank you and bravo.

The acceptance of exploitation, of sacrificing, of fear of scarcity is anchored in a sense of guilt, perhaps vague, that is deeply ingrained in the mind of the individual since birth. It is a sense that one does not deserve abundance and that one has done something wrong. Guilt is a feature of every ruling class society. A sense of self-deprivation helps the individual accept their lot. One needs to be conditioned to accept these lowly circumstances.

(For those who can see, witness the deeply embedded guilt Youtuber Yaron Brook exhibits in worshiping Amazon and superficial capitalism against the common knowledge of the destruction of the middling classes as presented by Jimmy Dore. You may or may not agree with Dore but We are interested in Mr. Brook. Can you detect the warped guilt factor driving his inane and nonsensical rant? “What power does Amazon have exactly?” he asks with perfect ruling class profit logic. He supports the shrinking middling class. It should also be pointed out that we all have incorporated ruling class guilt, but Mr. Brook takes the cake.)

Free spirits are naturally repulsed at what is required to merely live in a ruling class society. This may be well understood by the individual or it may be a subconscious understanding that comes out in other ways. The rejection of the ruling class establishment manifests in the criminals, eccentrics, artists and the mentally broken. There had been a breeding error in these cases. The lucky ones are those that made it into the shrinking middling class life and are “happy” there.

Even when you get to the level of the little professionals and little business owners, who may legitimately be called middling, what quality of life do they live? They are constantly worried about money and live within a restricted range of motion and mediocre options. Nonetheless they strive for that illusion of liberty. Uninspired and unfulfilled as it may be, it is an illusion the herd among the masses readily accept due to “proper” breeding in accordance with the ruling class agenda. Perhaps this can only be seen from Our higher vantage point.

This marginal mediocrity of a failing “middle class” has been experiencing epidemic level suicides and opioid deaths. Why is the “middle class” getting massacred? Because of interests rates? Regulations? High wages? White nationalists? Socialists? Those are all much better answers than the truth. The ruling class is taking back what’s theirs. Yet this historical development is not big news.

The Middle Class Paper Tiger

Small as the middling class might be, it has become overly self-important due to its comparative wealth and education. Moreover, the modern first world middle class has been the most successful and powerful class the unprivileged ranks have ever seen. They have “succeeded” because it was in the interests of the ruling class to allow it to happen. Now We are finally rolling back this historical anomaly — the lynch pin to the liberal first world order — and threatening the ruling class status quo with it.

The middling classes are the social control group that keeps the masses down. You’d think the ruling class would keep this social group fat and happy. But We cannot help Ourselves. The middling classes have too much arrogance and wealth to be left alone, and the ruling class imperative to powerful to ignore. Thus, We attack them. Meanwhile these smart, “responsible” middling class individuals go about their lives being “productive members of society” as if its just another day at the office, as if the only wars going on are in other countries against other people.

The middling classes have always been taught that they know what they are doing, that they participate in the capitalist economic system of their own free will, a system they’ve been forced to adopt and internalize as part of their own identity before they could reason. They think they know capitalism best because they own businesses. If these middling class professionals know what they are doing, why are they running society and their class into the ground? This does not speak well of them.

We have also been taught the “people” are in control, government is by the “people”. But when it comes down to brass tacks the middle class is impotent. They decide nothing except which brand to buy and which puppet to oversee them. They are not in charge. They can’t even defend their own existence.

The middling classes have no answer to the destruction of their society, except to pretend everything is “normal”. They prefer not to peek behind the establishment curtain. Deep down they must know, buried under all the denial and the labels grafted onto their egos, they are but isolated individuals, shriveled egos, insignificant specks of dust in a society that will eat them alive if they are not compliant, and which may eat them anyway.

We at the top only encourage the ignorance and irresponsibility of the middling classes. This is ruling class suicide. We are too successful because We have met a ruling class objective: rendering the masses impotent through the middling classes. It is too easy to do.

No one should take corporate media polls seriously, but do lower-level blacks and other liberals really support Joe Biden over Bernie Sanders? Is it “normal” to have 65-degree weather in early January in the northeastern United States? Do conservatives understand there is no communist takeover?

Our success in controlling the masses and particularly the middling class has been spectacular. The middling class is the goose that lays the golden egg of a stable and prosperous liberal ruling class society.

For all your worth middling masses, can you just save yourselves?


  • Peasant mentality is endemic in the middling classes–its essential to their survival like water to fish. Neo-feudalism rules the day, it’s just not evenly distributed yet. The Little Business Owner will happily bow to his leige lord in return for a little fiefdom to rule. Its clear just by reading the sycophantic commentary to Brooks’s video you link above; lots of little bootlickers repeating ECON 101 garbage like its a sacred oath they’ve sworn to uphold.


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