The Heroes That Saved Democracy

Heroes lurking in the halls of the White House are thwarting Trump’s supposedly unhinged policies, so we are told in an anonymous opinion piece published in the New York Times. Says the unknown author who is probably the New York Times, “The dilemma — which he [Trump] does not fully grasp — is that many of the senior officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.”

One scratches the head trying to figure out  what is so horrifying that isn’t happening already and suddenly needs drastic action (that is, if the status quo doesn’t demand drastic action already). What requires heroes to undermine the “democratic process” and to thwart the policies — odious as they might be — of the “duly elected” president of the United States? War after war has been exposed, tax cuts for billionaires are flaunted in broad daylight. Under Trump’s predecessors, children were sodomized and raped in Abu Ghraib, and not just detained. The anonymous hero never mentions those things.

“The root of the problem,” the hero says, “is the president’s amorality.” In this same article they parrot the well-debunked Russia collusion/hacking/meddling story, the supposed poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal, as well as Trump’s supposed “affinity for dictators”, as if Americans were ignorant that they are a dictator’s best friend (until We decide they have to go). The author cites John “I-never-met-a-war-I-didn’t-like” McCain as a paragon of American pie and morality. “Mr. Trump may fear such honorable men, but we should revere them.” Are we to trust such judgment?

True, Trump has been a boon for the ruling class in much the same way Obama had been. His evil, like Obama’s saintliness, is a perfect cover for the ruling class agenda. Trump’s unspecified “sins” make the right-wing agenda, which the anonymous author applauds, appear like conventional policies. We find layers of lies piled on top of lies.

“Don’t get me wrong,” proclaims the hero, “there are bright spots that the near-ceaseless negative coverage of the administration fails to capture: effective deregulation, historic tax reform, a more robust military and more.” You might argue these “bright spots” are business as usual, which is part of the problem. They could be translated from the Profit Logic into English thusly: “crisis-inducing deregulation, massive tax cuts for the rich (or tax loopholes), and a more bloated military for more wars”. The upshot is a gigantic transferal of wealth from the masses to the higher orders by any means necessary.

Next to Trump the evil man, the agenda remains hidden and its outward manifestations (i.e., tax cuts) are just a part of politics we have to live with. The lower orders have been conditioned to gloss over the agenda as minor matters between parties, while hating or adoring its human embodiment. “Donald Trump” is the label slapped on the current incarnation of the ruling class agenda. And that is the basis for love or hate, acceptance or rejection of policies. Yet there is bipartisan consensus on them at the relevant levels of power.

It works in the opposite way to capture Conservatives. To many of them Trump is a courageous individual who is trying to help Make America Great Again. They take Profit Logic literally, and like the insider hero they do not seem to be too embarrassed at the blatantly hypocritical stance they take.

We have a situation here in which high members of the president’s cabinet are openly admitting they are compromising the rule of law because they don’t like some of The Donald’s decisions. It is a rule of law, moreover, that the ever growing millions rightfully understand to be corruption to the core. Presumably, for the dwindling numbers of Establishment Liberals, Clinton wouldn’t have been so evil. She would have been “allowed” to govern because her policies would be supposedly mainstream such as “effective deregulation, historic tax reform, a more robust military and more” — pretty much along the lines applauded by our insider hero. But the problem with having a “respectable” or ordinary politician (as opposed to the saintly Obama or evil Trump) is that it calls into question the status quo. With Trump the status quo is the “good guy”, he plays the bad. Before him, Obama, was the “good guy” stymied by the bad Conservatives.

Playing tag team with our anonymous White House heroes in these pre-mid-term election months is Watergate legend Bob Woodward’s forth coming book Crazytown.  On France 24′s Debate show David Greenberg, presidential historian at Rutgers University, declared Woodward to be beyond reproach as a journalist. “Full stop,” he said. Much of the mainstream media seem to take it for granted that Woodward is being completely truthful. How are we to know? Is Woodward beyond reproach? Jeffrey St. Clair and Alex Cockburn of Counterpunch, profiled the distinguished journalist in 2015:

This week many liberals gasped when Bob Woodward showed up on Fox News to defend George Bush and Dick Cheney’s prosecution of the Iraq War. Woodward told Chris Wallace that neither Bush nor Cheney lied about Iraq’s WMDs, that the intelligence on Iraq’s nuclear, biological and chemical weapons wasn’t seriously flawed and that the disastrous war against Saddam Hussein was probably justified.

Not very beyond reproach there. Woodward cannot be trusted. But this is not to say Trump is respectable or anti-establishment. The attacks on Trump are the squabbles of politicians. What the masses mistake for Russia collusion against “American Democracy” is the political class’s hatred of Trump for his humiliation of them, and to signal to others not to rock the boat. It makes wonderful captive theater for the masses while the deep state of the ruling class gets on with business. And most of this business is out in the open. It doesn’t need to be hidden, just ignored and not pieced together. Thus, without substantive information, labels will corral the masses along the way to self-destruction on behalf of their superiors.

The “left” doesn’t cover the “deep state” much, while the so-called alt-right talks about it, but confuses the issues with folktales about communist collectives running the country, or Christianity being under attack, among other silly things. Yet, We must give credit where credit is due. The alt-right covers the deep state. They might not go into much depth about it, but they know, wittingly or not, that there is another element to running society, even while holding on to their biases. They cover Israel’s growing power and reach, Jewish predominance in banking, Hollywood and the government. Unfortuantely this often veers off into anti-Jewish sentiment. But as former CIA analyst Philip Giraldi said in a fascinating piece, “it is time to wake up to that fact [of Jewish power] and address it squarely”.

We say this because understanding the deep state is a tool that could help lower order individuals overcome their conditioned Liberalism or Conservatism, or whatever they might suffer from. Overcoming divide and conquer is not reflected in the alt-right, but it can be. Understanding of the existence of the deep state could drive home the reality that democracy has more often been a mirage, a liberal mirage, but a mirage nonetheless. It can be shown that the duality of the factions, of divide and conquer, is really the unity of the ruling class. “Both sides” have to see it and come to common ground.

Neither faction of democracy wants the masses to know that Trump is owned by bankers and Zionists interests (not all of whom are Jewish) because they are owned by the same interests. Know More News provides us with a good expose on The Donald that is rarely covered in the corporate media.

In the video, lawyer Alan Pomerantz representing a group of Wall Street banks said, “We made the decision that he would be worth more alive to us than dead — dead meaning in bankruptcy . . . We don’t want him in bankruptcy, we want him out in the world selling these assets for us”.  Bib Netanyahu bragged about controlling Trump. Then there’s billionaire and Trump money man Sheldon Adelson who attended a New York event that raised $35 million for veterans — Israeli veterans, said “I am not Israeli. The uniform that I wore in the military unfortunately not an Israeli uniform, it was an American uniform.” His daughter served in the Israeli military. Adelson hopes one day his sons will grow up to be IDF snipers. This is the American president’s political financier. Adelson unfortunately wore the same uniform that Americans died in often for the sake of Israel (see here for example).

Our clandestine heroes in the White House don’t seem too concerned about nefarious influences running their country perhaps because they are a part of it. Liberals and the “left” should cover the deep state and not let it become what environmentalism has become to Conservatives and the right.

This could the end the two party fiction?


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