The Human Anomaly

The human individual is certainly an anomaly in this animal world, perhaps even a rare occurrence in the whole universe. What other being creates a monster called the ruling class that tears apart the very ecosystems — social and natural — which sustains it? What else but the human ruling class can alter the flow of the natural world and divert its processes to suit a few and their superfluous needs at the expense of the natural world and the masses?

The power to destroy is the power to create, for the power to create hell on Earth is proof that this collection of human individuals can create paradise on Earth. Do your wise men say this? But to create an Earthly paradise is to have a healthy, even distribution of power, whereas a ruling class requires an accumulation and concentration of power which creates hell on Earth.

Hell on Earth is not compatible with nature. It is a human concoction meant to Justify the side effects of ruling class society. Therefore the emergent ruling class must overturn nature’s hegemony and replace it with its own establishment.

Our Creation Story

Nature was once a source of bounty and pleasure. And like all other animal powers, the anomalistic capacities of the human individual were once subordinated to it. “Religion” originally meant to reconnect to, or remember this fount of bounty and pleasure that is nature. The human gave thanks to the animals that suffered for society’s survival. Today, an individual can go to prison for filming the cruelty of factory farming. Is that not a symptom of a sick society? Such conditions, unfortunately, are quite rewarding to the higher orders, including many of Us here at the Preservation Society.

The patriarchal ruling class was formed as a reaction to the seeming existential threats caused by population growth, land exhaustion and/or “loosening of morals”, among other things. The ruling class formed out of fear that society was losing control of what it never really had — because the ruling class had not existed before — that is, the obedience of the masses. The rise of the Great Institution was an acute growth from within society in response to a hostile environment.

Now that growth has metastasized into its own reason for being. It came into existence as a force to protect by destroying, and now it is the end to the masses’ means. But society had learn for thousands of years, coming out of their animalhood, that all was provided by the sun and the Earth. And it was to those entities that they naturally gave their loyalties in hopes of receiving continued cooperation.

Allegiance was to the natural world and their own well being. And there was a natural reverence for the mother for that reason. But the well-being for all does not significantly elevate the few who are no better. The ruling class spirit is antithetical to nature.

Nature does not produce fast enough, cheap enough. The natural world is neutral but giving. It both giveth and taketh away more or less predictably. Respect its ways and you shall come to no great harm. Other animals are stuck in the relatively unchanging rhythms of nature. The human individual cannot escape this nature either, but the human anomaly can tweak its existence from within to make conditions more favorable — or worse — for itself. Nature does not follow the rules of these privileged few. It does not bathe an arbitrary group of people in luxuries in exchange for the rest of the group being dysfunctional, miserable, unstable and destructive. Nature may lead one to a savage death, but it ends there. Cruelty is man’s specialty.

Nature was not compatible with the emergent ruling class, who’s focus had to be kept on enemies. Once the threat subsided, the ruling class kept them alive, realizing the masses did not need the Great Institution otherwise. Foreigners, the poor, women, reformers, and blasphemers of one kind or another. . . the siege mentality has  become so much the norm that we cannot conceive of life without some sort of “enemy” today, be it the weather, foreigners who “hate our way of life” or ourselves. Tribal survival, imagined or real, was the model henceforth.

The Great Institution could not rely on nature to help it. “Let us rule everything!” demands the Great Spirit. Nature says, “Wherever there is good land, and you are willing to do a some work, you can have what you want”. This was not enough for the ruling class. It is Our class’s impulse to dominate what can be dominated.

The ruling class, if it wanted to have control of the masses, needed to control production and possession of land, which nature left arbitrarily sprawled about, and without the benefit of property lines. As long as nature reigned supreme, the ruling class had no justification to exist.

Thus, the primacy of nature in human life, the authority and regulator of the natural order of production and distribution was “overthrown”. Nature became an enemy to be conquered, and animals only served to make “heroes” of the individuals who killed them. The human anomaly no longer had to thank the animal for his sustenance, because there was a new “order of things”. “Man” no longer was a part of nature in cooperation with the environment around him. Now he dominated it. He soared above it. And like Icarus he has flown too high.

Man claimed a right to do what he wanted by the new authority of all things: the ruling class spirit. Today we know him as the Supreme Executive. He would be the guiding force that made misery and “suffering” noble, and poverty a virtue. To this spirit, existence itself became a dirty sinful thing for which one must pay (to the ruling class).

But who would give thanks to such a god? Who would pay homage and loyalty to misery for the sake of the rich and powerful? It makes no sense from a “natural” perspective.

If the masses were no longer allowed to look to nature as the author, provider and protector of their lives, who would they look to? The Great Spirit could not put himself forward as the front man. So he looked down upon his minions and masses, and meditated on his options. Then he caused their vanity to bloat, so that the men of the higher orders created a man-god in their own image, tailored to tempt the shriveled ego of the individual.

Over the centuries the ruling class Spirit has manifested itself in varies ways to best suit conditions on the ground. At first His new religion was close to nature. For the masses respected nature, thus the Supreme Executive appeared as pantheistic spirits inhabiting the natural world. But this was still too close to the “laws” of nature. Gradually the Great Institution weaned his masses off of nature and onto a man-made moral grounding created by a jealous man-god. This is the world of guilt, privation and toil as glory we all know and love today.

The World We Want to Know

Perhaps this is mostly speculation, but  it is grounded in reason, not a particular ideology crafted to pardon the higher orders. It is also Our creation story. It is an allegorical truth which we believe is grounded in the evidence.

For the Supreme Executive, life began at the inception of the patriarchy. There is no reality before that, which is reflected in the understanding of the average individual: no other reality exists.

Charles Hugh Smith provides us with an example. He acknowledges the failure of trickle down economics, which he blames on “central bankers”. “It turns out (duh!) that corporations didn’t use the central bank’s free money for financiers to increase wages; they used it to fund stock buy-backs that enriched corporate managers and major shareholders.” To Smith this is not a man-made, rectifiable condition but an unchangeable circumstance to which humanity must submit.

Like Thatcher, Smith implies there is no alternative — TINA. This is how things work, as ordained by (the ruling class) god. And in fact, thanks to automation, that unstoppable force of nature which nobody has control over, will only make things worse. “The coming destruction of jobs will be monumental, unstoppable and long-term”. Whatever is a “democratic” society supposed to do? The answer is: buy Mr. Smith’s book, Get a Job, Build a Real Career and Defy a Bewildering Economy — make it all go away.

The human anomaly created this situation which we are taught to forget. Life is pain and suffering. Deal with it as you can. Smith, who, according to his bio, bounces around from tropical paradise to big city life and back again, tells us: “In my experience, good luck is rare; the default setting is rejection, disinterest and failure. I concur with Winston Churchill, who held that ‘Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.'”

Words of ruling class wisdom spoken by an individual who had the primordial luck to be born somewhat fortunate, while the other was born into the aristocracy. We too were born into fortune, but We don’t pretend We share this hell on Earth with the rest of the masses. That is not for Us.

This pessimism is of course for your consumption. For the Supreme Executive, on the other hand, failure consists on not getting everything We want.

The human anomaly created this world, and We encourage the lower orders to think “god did it”. If the masses knew it was they who had this “god-like” power, would they put up with the “inevitable” destruction of their society? How long can they go from “failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”?




  • Things just haven’t been the same since the ruling class told the greatest of all lies, that the heavenly father, dropped mother earth and pimped her to the special interests of the ruling class, and the whole idea of this was sold to the masses by the those who claimed a direct connection to their supreme executive. Evidently, this was a fairly popular move as mother earth was ravaged by mindless speculation, invasion, plunder useless wars… by other ruling class startups who use another name but did the same. So went the neighborhood of all creatures large and small, that it was told to the masses that this was good and it became so. Near the end, mother earth and all creatures large and small were, as by the decree of a piece of paper, were owned by those who claimed to be closest to their supreme executive. The ruling class, had nothing more they could own, pillage, plunder, pimp or profit from. So those closest to the supreme executive, the ruling class uploaded their booty into a new reality, a new cloud in a new sky, after they had laid waste to mother nature, and believed their own lies they had made a deal with the supreme executive for what they thought would be a rerun of the previous reality where they could be partners as their own supreme being with their new business partner. However, the heavenly father denied their work leaving the ruling class with literally nothing, leaving them in the void after epochs of “work”. The moral of the story is, only a fool would would believe they could own mother nature and destroy the balance of creation.

  • Speaking of the “Supreme Executive”, and how He (Patriarchial) is the God of choice of the Ruling Class, where the relatively ancient tribes that preceded Them and being more “Natural” in the relative sense, saw Mother (Matriarchical) as the more “loving” caregiver.

    I suspect that their “relative relationships” placed really “bad” things, such as natures storms etc, to be more related to the “Heavens” and thus being “bad” compared to the “good” Mother Earth.

    When one lives in a relative Hell, and finds themselves seemingly helped by that considered an “outside” source, The Supreme Executive, that would naturally be “labeled” Their God, then, as admitted, They would “give” a God to the masses, the God of The Bible (which They wrote and perverted), a God that would “save” them in “the end” of their existence here where, for now, Faith is enough.

    But I have found, via personal experience, that a seeker of highest truth, and being a “creator” of their own Reality, a GOD is the pinnacle of possibility, The GOD that contains all lesser Gods and gods.

    GOD, then. is the “creation”, in the mind of, the truly liberated, those True Beings on earth who can see through the “Smoke and Mirrors” of the lesser fabrications, fabrications using lies and false promises of our so-called “Leaders” … none of which offer that which all seek at the deepest level of their Souls, that which only GOD can supply.

    InsHO and E so far.

  • Wow. The best read since my discovery of J. Krishnamurti. I’m in, until I can’t be.


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