Your Own Private Waco

With the masses facing diabolical ruling class madness, so many are looking to the establo-alt media for ideas on how to “resist”.

At the end of Episode 382 of the Corbett report, James Corbett offers his listeners some options on how to resist vaccine mandates and general government encroachment into our lives. We applaud this, but unfortunately, he doesn’t further explore the possibilities of mass action. By contrast he often devotes much more of his time exhorting the lone individual to act without the context of solidarity.

A prime example is the video below. He instructs audience to not give their voluntary consent to the “powers-that-shouldn’t-be”, or rely on the “ever-loving nanny state”. How this works out in real life, or during a forced government shutdown that takes an individual’s livelihood away, is not discussed in his discursive and theoretical conversation. In another video he says “the only solution that matters is non-compliance”. A lone actor may or may not spark a mass movement but a lone actor cannot solve social-wide problems individually, nor will they have solved their own problems for very long. It is the mass movement that matters.

“I fight. I fight for my freedom,” says Gerald Celente from his basement (4:27). Celente recently held a July 4 rally in his “revolutionary” hometown of Kingston, NY, wherein Judge Andrew Napolitano of FOX News fame offered these encouraging words: “Some of you will die in a government prison.” Celente reminds his audience constantly, that if people just subscribe to his Trends Journal, at a rate most cannot afford, they will be prepared for the worst.

Peggy Hall, the Healthy American, admonishes struggling small business owners who don’t risk it all by taking on government by themselves. In another video, Peggy’s solution to the unconstitutional mask “mandates” is to demand that businesses offer “mask-free” shopping hours, or that individuals claim a disability as mask-avoidance measures. Welcome to the New World Disorder.

Richie from Boston calls for those with credentials to “stand up”, and yet claims that the masses can’t and won’t win anyway, according to the Christian Bible, so they should just pray to “God”. His personal plan is to pray and eventually die, presumably in a hail of bullets, in his own private Waco. This seems to be the plan of a lot of alt right YouTube commenters.

Conservative/libertarian commentators in alt media are certainly on the “right” side of things with regards to Covid and what are being called vaccinations. They know that Covid is a scam of epic proportions, although most of them, except for Richie from Boston among a few others, still buy into the erroneous belief that viruses exist.

They do a good job of pushing against mainstream establishment lies that liberals buy into. And they have done a fine job in railing against corrupt authority, but unfortunately, like the clueless liberal who raises their fist in defiance of the establishment while wearing a face diaper, they have not escaped the conditioning of the liberal/conservative paradigm that all masses have internalized growing up under ruling class conditions. As a result, they haven’t been able to offer real solutions or ways forward, for people to act collectively as well as individually. Indeed, many rail against collectivism as a ruse for communist evil.

Most cannot bring themselves to think or utter words made ugly to conservative tradition: “organize”, “solidarity”, “unity” (Celente being the exception here), “union” and “cooperation”. They cannot truly call for effective, concerted action that benefits both public and individual. They do not see that these two entities, public and individual, are not truly opposed but indeed organismic and symbiotic.

Thus their heroic calls to duty will never amount to a serious threat against the higher orders. Judge Napolitano did not call for the proper defense of the Constitution and human rights. Like Celente, he focused on the worst possible outcome.

Occasionally they may mention “organize” or point to groups here and there that are trying to do something, which is all well and good, but mass cooperation or mobilizing neighbor to neighbor is not central to their thought. Isolated defiance is the order of the day.

One can be independent-minded as can be, pray all day long to various mythical gods, “stand and fight” by yourself — whatever that means, or be the lone duck willing to sacrifice what’s left of your business to government thugs, but what’s that going to get you? An ineffectual, strictly symbolic martyrdom.

None of them exhort their audiences to seriously organize or take legal or other action. They don’t encourage their audiences to become a formidable mass actor. If they really wanted to transcend this unimaginable dystopia, why shouldn’t they, the brave credentialed and the masses get together to make a potent team?

But no. Each individual might as well be their own isolated island. Decades of disdaining organizing and collective action in favor of the cult of libertarian individualism, as opposed to classical Enlightenment-derived liberal individualism — which We note was only won through collective action — has rendered flap-jawing “freedom”-loving conservatives a paper tiger. But to be fair, today’s liberal is also unfamiliar with organizing and instead lets billionaires simulate organization for them. This is most obviously seen in the example of the Soros/CIA front that funds the Democratic Party, Black Lives Matter.

For the better part of two centuries, organizing for the benefit of society was the domain of lower-order leftists. Such organization, however, paid great benefits to the working masses and small businesses, and expanded civil liberties. And while rank-and-file conservatives were flag-waving every war, it was rank-and-file leftists — real leftists — who were organizing antiwar protests.

The inability to think in terms of grassroots organization has made conquest by fake virus the easiest takeover in the history of the world. No military was called out onto the streets; there was no coercion at gunpoint, no roundups to force people into their homes and shut down their businesses, schools and gathering places. When the illegal lockdown orders and later mask mandates came down from petty tyrants, all the masses had to do was walk out of their homes, without masks, and go have a meal or shop at the local mom and pop — not alone as Corbett advised, but as an organized group, as a — dare We say it? — union of like-minded citizens taking effective action, pressuring local businesses to defy illegal orders and enabling them to draw support from such resistance — thus drawing encouragement and strength from one another.

Immediate civil disobedience was needed to overcome fear and put the kabash on the impending police state, followed by concerted legal action to defend natural rights as solidified in constitutional republics. Because this foundational principle of popular sovereignty is what the ruling class most despises and is now trying to destroy once and for all. And, people needed and still need to demand a reversal of what We and Catherine Austin Fitts call the “leveraged buyout” of America, i.e., the Fed Treasury thefts and CARES Act “bailouts” (which included $25 billion in Covid testing funding). Alt media reports merely bemoan endless Fed money printing but never raise the idea of simply demanding the money back and redirecting it towards the real, popular economy — which can only happen with concerted action.

Unfortunately, none of this needed action happened and it is still not happening while people angrily or anxiously click and type anonymously while taking no effective action to restore freedom. Liberals have accepted the fake virus and the destruction of society as we know it, while conservatives couldn’t organize their way out of a paper bag. Instead, many conservatives prefer to sit at home with a gun on their lap waiting for their private Waco moment, without putting up a true challenge to the ruling class, in true defense of their rights and freedoms, not to mention those of their children. What are a few dead storm troopers to the Great Institution? Have so-called patriotic conservatives given up, ready for suicide by military like Richie from Boston? We certainly hope Richie does not choose that path, as he is an awake and aware, colorful and insightful member of society and we want to see him around for a very long time.

Perhaps it is because a certain mindset of the right does not believe there is any such thing as society. There’s just alienated, isolated miserable individuals who need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

Arch conservative British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said of those who need their fellow/sister citizens’ help and solidarity:

. . . too many children and people have been given to understand ‘I have a problem, it is the Government’s job to cope with it!’ or ‘I have a problem, I will go and get a grant to cope with it!’ ‘I am homeless, the Government must house me!’ and so they are casting their problems on society and who is society? There is no such thing! There are individual men and women and there are families and no government can do anything except through people and people look to themselves first.

Certainly the ruling class likes the sound of that, for solidarity and organization among the masses has brought them great rewards. Blacks, with non-black solidarity, were able to rid themselves of Jim Crow oppression and achieve higher levels of social and economic achievement, and women were able to free themselves from total domestic slavery, availing themselves of greater rights, education and economic power. The labor movement brought the masses the weekend, higher wages and benefits. A study by an economist from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, for one example, reports that “Historically, union wage levels have been consistently higher in all reference periods between 2001 and 2011.”

Are conservatives unaware of this history? It seems so. The ruling class has successfully convinced them that organization and collective effort is communism and, reflecting a 75-year CIA indoctrination, that’s bad. And that’s who many alt right YouTubers are fighting: communists. Somehow the privatizing bankers and venture capitalists and private equity firms, the private foundations and private corporate intelligence firms issuing orders to petty tyrants of governments around the world, whom their private money selects, are communist, simply because government is involved. But it is these private fascist forces who are performing this leveraged buyout of economy, government and freedom.

Alt influencers do not see that, today, government is merely the junior partner in the equation. In a recent interview with CNN alum Greg Hunter, Celente correctly identified the character of the globalist ruling class as fascist, but, Mussolini’s definition of fascism notwithstanding, succumbed to Hunter’s alt right anti-communist pressure and re-corrected his already correct statement, labeling it communist.

Is the power of organization unknown to these alt media influencers? Why haven’t they called for action to defend and uphold the constitution? Celente has been contacted about starting pro-constitutional legal action but does not respond to such calls to our knowledge. Judge Napolitano did not call for mass action in defense of the Constitution. The two together have the power to mobilize such effective action. Why don’t they simply get together not to uselessly rally and kvetch, but to organize effective group action?

And why shouldn’t any of the masses who are truly the People do the same? They are more connected than ever despite fascist orders to “social distance”. Social distance is meant, We believe, to prevent organized resistance as well as to isolate individuals. But the People are not isolated. They are truly capable of organizing effective class action or collective and various individual actions on constitutional grounds. It is only for them to turn on a light and realize they can do it.

The power of the mind is not a “spiritual” thing like other would-be alt media leaders believe and would have many believe — believe truly being a lie — namely those self-selected spiritualist retreat participants from Celente’s rally, like Amandha Vollmer, James True and Dr. Andrew Kaufman, whom We fully otherwise support in stance. The power of the mind is to realize, and to actualize, through action, in material reality, energetic aspects inhering therein.

The stark choice is obvious: Sit around and wait for your own private Waco, squander your awareness and participate in social suicide, or organize together for liberty.

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