Ruling Class Society Vs. Human Instinct

Watching the collapse of the status quo is an astonishing thing if you let it sink in. Society turns into a madhouse. Impending disasters of all kinds are converging upon us and Washington has been dominated by the Get Trump Show for his entire presidency. Pursuit of Trump is the only conflict liberals and conservatives have as they dole out largess and protection to their paymasters at the expense of the masses and destruction of the middle class. Liberals no longer seem to care that their leaders are not very liberal. The same can be said for Trumpers who, perhaps unbeknownst to themselves, are no longer Republican conservatives.

The upper echelons have achieved absolute domination of society. The ruling class has complete control of everything. This is comforting enough for the Supreme Executive, but as individuals who must live in this society without the protections of ruling class privilege it ought to be frightening for the lower order. But it is a law of nature that a ruling class left unchecked will destroy the society that feeds it. The ruling class with the assistance of its herd among the masses is committing social suicide on our behalf.

For example one can say with little hyperbole that, as reported by Whitney Webb, the “Orwellian state” has arrived with the issuance of a memorandum by Attorney General William Barr

to all U.S. attorneys, law enforcement agencies and top ranking Justice Department officials announcing the imminent implementation of a new ‘national disruption and early engagement program’ aimed at detecting potential mass shooters before they commit any crime.

This will be made possible through the software of an Israeli company called Carbyne911 which will extract data from phones and other devices. “If these untransparent algorithms flag an individual, that could be enough lead to court-ordered “mental health treatment” or even imprisonment regardless of whether or not a crime was committed or even planned,” writes Webb.

We at the top don’t mind so much, for We know these surveillance and intervention programs are not meant to target Us. They are, rather, to protect Us from you! Nevertheless, it frightens the Preservation Society. These anti-democratic programs are a step toward arbitrary rule, and away from “the rule of law”. This is bad for the ruling class because it forces the powers that be to form factions and heighten tribalism, as opposed to the cooperation and negotiation characteristic of “the rule of law”. The ruling class knows this full well; nonetheless We continue to pursue a course of weakening the masses and destroying democracy every chance We get.

This pre-crime surveillance plan comes two years after “President Trump reinstated a controversial program . . . to ship a wide array of surplus military equipment to local police departments, giving them access to everything from armored vehicles to grenade launchers.”

Consequently, Barr’s announcement is quite an alarming attack on the constitutional order and the “liberties” enshrined therein. Is this what the “people” are clamoring for? Where is the outrage? Where are the civil libertarians? The believers in small government? Where are the constitutional lawyers? The ACLU? Not a peep out of the media on this. If it’s not reported in establishment news outlets, then it didn’t happen.

As the masses are distracted by political drama, and they deliberate on which puppet they would like to preside over the emerging Israeli-run surveillance third world police state, the established order is constantly busy revitalizing division and alienation among the ranks ranks of the lower orders . . .

Whiteness = Racism

Ever refreshing the Primal Divisions in ruling class society, the NY Times recently printed an opinion piece by retired Princeton historian Nell Irvin Painter in which she attributed an attack on a black girl by two males teens of Indian descent to whiteness. They were acting out whiteness. Dr. Painter establishes the double standard: “Instead of asking what the boys’ reported racial identity tells us about the nature of the attack, we should see the boys as enacting American whiteness through anti-black assault in a very traditional way.”

We are to ignore the “Indianess” of those boys’ actions by blaming non-present “whiteness”. Isn’t assault the problem here? Dr. Painter never tells us why “whiteness” is necessary to implicate. Should we then ignore “race” if this attack was perpetrated by a “white” boy. Her consistent and logical answer would have to be: yes ignore the race and just blame “whiteness”.

She says the racist attack by nonwhite boys shows “race in the making, and show how race is something we perform, not just something we are in our blood or in the color of our skin.” Then why single out “whiteness”? The alternative explanation of “racial division” is too frightening for a Princeton professor to consider. Racism, the Supreme Executive would like us to believe is the fault of your neighbor and their “whiteness”. The law of ruling class society is neighbor against neighbor, never neighbor with neighbor against the ruling class.

The venerable Princeton professor does not seem to know that bigotry has been practiced by all people, and that it is moreover a function of ruling class dynamics. Much of India in fact is particularly tribalist. Perhaps it would surprise her to know that many Indians and Chinese believe in their own supremacy as the world’s “oldest historical cultures”.

India’s current president Narendra Modi has worked for a well known Indian fascist group known as the RSS. He has promoted ethnic and Hindu supremacy. In 2014 Arundhati Roy introduced Modi to her audience:

In 2002, when Modi was the chief minister, a train full of pilgrims coming back from the destruction of this Ayodhya mosque, which was disputed, the train caught fire; nobody knows who set fire to the train, and 57 [Hindu] pilgrims were burnt.

. . .

In reaction to that, under his watch, right-wing Hindu mobs went crazy in Gujarat. They burnt, and killed, and raped, and something like between 1000 and 2000 Muslims were massacred openly on the streets of Gujarat. 100,000 people were drive from their homes. The people who did the killing were helped by the police.

There was a member of the legislative assembly, called Ehsan Jafri, who had the temerity to stand against Modi in the elections. His house was surrounded by a mob of 20,000 people. He made something like 200 phone calls, asking for help. The police vans came there and went away; they didn’t do anything. The mobs surrounded the house. … There were many people sheltering in his house. He came down and he said, ‘Look, do what you like to me, but let the women be. Let the people who are taking shelter in my place be.’

They cut off his arms; they cut off his legs; they dragged his body around the place; and then they killed all the people. They raped the women and they burned them alive. And Modi said ‘well, if there is an action, there will be a reaction.’

And this man is now the front-runner to be the prime minister of India.

Today that man is still Prime Minister, and has the approval of “progressive” Tulsi Gabbard.

“In the New Jersey incident,” writes Dr. Painter, “the heritage or skin color of the boys suspected of the assault doesn’t matter. What matters is that they were participating in this pattern and thus enacting whiteness in a very traditional way.” This is the Primal Division of neighbor from neighbor.

Reactors And Reactions

Meanwhile among the lower orders an internet phenomenon has developed. It demonstrates, that left to themselves, the instinct of individuals is try to get along and even build meaningful connections with one another. It started with Our informant, a white man, seeing a youtube video of a black person “reacting” to a Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath song. He clicked on it with curiosity, and watched someone experiencing a masterpiece for the first time, and how excited it made that person to discover it. Our informant reports that it was funny and fascinating. The comments section was filled with appreciation of the artist and the “reactor”.

Like excited friends, commentors made other song suggestions, and related the first time they heard the song. Some expressed their gratitude to the reactor for reviving their appreciation of music. Older individuals cried at the enthusiasm a young reactor expressed on listening to songs that might have been from another time and universe from the young reactor. “Love you man, I’m a 64 year old white woman who grew up with this. Thank You for this!!” said a not untypical comment.

Suddenly online “relationships” developed. Lots of reactors felt they had embarked on a journey they had not anticipated going on. It had been a life changing experience for many. Then white kids started getting in on it and discovering the same music . . .

This is an organic occurrence among the masses. The ruling class did not have to manipulate them into it. The reactor phenomenon goes against the grain of what Princeton, the NY Times and the rest of the ruling class apparatus is pushing.

The significance of this “phenomenon” passed Us by until We came across a reactor, a young man named Justin Walker. He seemed to have hit the nail on the head when it comes to divide and conquer. Justin had just finished watching a Janis Joplin video and said thoughtfully that he was appalled and disgusted with himself.

“I’m mad . . . I’m mad because my cultural Differences have kept me from being able to see something like this,” he said.

Was this dramatic acting? If it was, it is excellent scripting. No matter. We applaud Justin’s insightful words, perhaps more insightful than he knows. Those words could apply to anybody in society of whatever background. He has created a metaphor for us.

Individuals are finding each other and even building bridges that somewhat undermine the claims of racial hatred and white supremacy supposedly raging across the country. “Whiteness” doesn’t even seem so evil. As Justin crossed that barrier of social alienation he instinctively understood the lies perpetrated by the ruling class to sucker the masses into hatred and ignorance of one another, he glimpsed an infinitesimal small possibility of paradise that is only kept from us by our own collective ignorance.

We don’t want to oversell the reactor thing, but merely to point out the sometimes subtle antagonism between the unaware masses and the spirit of ruling class domination. The masses want to connect and enjoy good things. This is why We must sew divisions. We cannot bear the thought of the lower orders enjoying the good life, which is also an indication of potential power. Unfortunately for you, that means surveillance and more evil “Whiteness” or whatever bogeyman is convenient at the time. Will these reactors start receiving hostile and even racist trolling? Would it surprise you?

And you should be angry too, for you too have been swindled. You should demand more, but don’t expect Us to help, we’re only the ruling class.

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