Of Racism Past And Present

A Washington Post opinion bearing the title Dear fellow white people: Here’s what to do when you’re called racist made its appearance recently. It makes a great companion piece to the grotesquely condescending 2015 New York Times opinion piece by George Yancy, Dear White America.

The same lessons of subservience being taught in the five step program outlined in Dear fellow white people is one that could have applied to black people at the dawning of American slavery but in different ways. This is not to say we are comparing the “lifestyles” of the modern white Americans and the plight of enslaved black Americans several centuries ago. Our focus here is the process of establishment conditioning and divide and conquer — or mass management if you prefer.

It is also important to note today’s substandard intellectual climate values personal opinion as fact and emboldens “academics” to assumes they know what’s going on in the minds of others.

Unlike the vilification of white people today, the propagandists of anti-black bigotry did not have to worry about convincing “black” Americans that they were “guilty” because they had never been in the majority. It does not matter what the minority thinks in this case. It’s what the majority thinks. And thus, “white” individuals were told, “if you are poor and miserable at least you aren’t one of them!” This traditional pys-ops, if you will, was primarily centered on social relations, the demonization of the “other.”

Today racism at the personal level has diminished significantly (despite what the media wants us to believe). Its social standing is much diminished. Modern kids are by and large not racists, and less and less of the absolute majority of people believe in the crude bigotries of the past. This is not to say racism doesn’t exist, but merely to point that anti-black racism as traditionally promoted by the establishment has less and less effect on the average individual as time goes by — as it should be.

This cannot be allowed to go on. Left unmanaged, the masses might think for themselves, get together as instinct would demand, and realize who their real enemy is.

How, then, does one stoke and revive the most potent gift to first world divide and conquer? Claiming black people are oversexed and hyper-violent just won’t work anymore. And claiming the same about white people is too crude and obvious. The majority group, moreover, the “group” in power, is simply not going to believe lies about itself (We stress the quotation marks, for you, dear reader are not the same as Us no matter what your complexion).

What is a good propagandist supposed to do?

The answer we see playing out is twofold: 1) to play on the enormous resources provided by of the historical legacy of slavery and racism. Where traditionally this legacy had been suppressed, it is now to be exploited to encourage the outrage and righteousness of the “anti-bigot”, and 2) to move emphasis of the battle from social relations to one of internal manipulation. Where once bigotry centered on the evils of the other, now the focus is on the “white” individual’s own internal guilt, demonization of the self.

In the opinion pieces cited above guilt of the “white” individual is automatically assumed just as the “black” individual would have been assumed to be guilty under traditional anti-black bigotry. Further, these pieces (and many others) are to encourage non-“white” individuals to view even the nicest, most-well meaning “whites” — ones with a track record of racial solidarity — as racists at heart.

Dear fellow white people is a step by step program in learned subservience:

Step 1: Automatically accept you are a racist when “called out”.

Step 2: Rationalize your “guilt”, even though you think you are not racist.

Step 3: Apologize and ask where you went wrong.

Step 4: Listen to the lecture you receive. The author says, “Swallow your pride. It’s hard. Don’t interrupt or justify yourself; you’re not on trial. Your goal in this exchange is to listen and learn”. [You are not on trial because it’s already been determined that you are guilty.]

Step 5: Express gratitude for your dressing down. “It is a valuable gift, and your discomfort is productive”. [Productive, that is, for divide and conquer, and the ruling class agenda.]

Replace the word “racist” with inferior and don’t you have the attitude of traditional anti-black racists?

Old racism meet the new budding racism. Will it blossom into full-blown hatred and persecution among the masses? The Supreme Executive hopes so.


  • This is spot on. Stoking the fires of racism and resentment really is the perfect divide and rule strategy. What strikes me is how few people on the political left (or right for that matter) have clued in to this, what seems to me, a very obvious strategy of social control.

    Do they think members of the establishment who have no issue with wars and destroying economies and massive income inequality all woke (no pun intended) up one morning and realized they were oh so concerned about fairness and righting past wrongs which, ostensibly, is what identify politics is all about? Is this why in 2016, when asked during a campaign rally if she would regulate Wall Street, Hillary Clinton answered “Will regulating Wall Street end racism, will regulating Wall Street end misogyny?”

    Challenging this psyop publicly would result in the challenger being shouted down as a racist and a Nazi (or an Uncle Tom/race traitor who needs to be “educated”) thereby, as intended, strengthening the very forces the pushers of identity politics claim to be fighting against.

    This is why people who know what is going on here must join with like minds and condemn this attempt to keep the commoners disunited and at each other’s throats. The longer this nonsense goes publicly unopposed (or opposed primarily by actual bigots) the further down the rabbit hole we go.

    There do seem to be more people speaking out by this, which is a good sign. Six months ago it was very hard to find a “left” take down of this crap that calls it what it is. But it will take a lot more speaking out to break the taboo and the fear of social ostracism that keeps many from speaking their minds.

    The end result, if this divisive rhetoric continues, will be violent civil unrest which the ruling class can use as a catalyst to justify unleashing a more overtly oppressive police state and tightening its control over the masses. Of course things do not always go in the direction the ruling class would like, so it could also end in mass slaughter and societal collapse. Particularly if the economy tanks and global warming begins to bite hard.

    The only hope we have is ordinary people rallying around a common cause. Achieving this in era of hyper-individualism, atomization and an establishment media dedicated to fomenting animosity between people and groups will not be easy and it might even be impossible. But it is our only hope and we have to do it.


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