To Nazify

To Nazify — To turn one group or faction of society into an existential threat to the rest of it, “requiring” the suppression rights and liberties in order to defeat it. Nazification is a late stage phenomenon of a decaying society.

Ever since Trump’s “go back to where you came from” tweet — an obvious provocation — the nazifying process has been moving swiftly forward. Though they be Trump’s words, the agenda is suicide by success. To the ruling class minions it is consolidating power in preparation for more drastic measures. To the masses the agenda is usually played out as “war” among each other, for this reason or that. And in the wake of the Mueller Embarrassment — and taking steam out of the Epstein story — we have two more examples of the agenda played out as factional “war”. These mass shooting tragedies are becoming more and more common. The most recent events featured a right winger with an anti-immigrant manifesto. The other a pro-Warren satanist? These tragedies come just one week after the Gilroy California shooting.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reports the CIA is pushing to expand the definition of what a “covert agent” is:

The agency has proposed extending a 1982 law, the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, which makes it a crime to identify covert officers who have served abroad in the past five years. Under the C.I.A.’s plan, the law would instead apply perpetually to people whose relationships with the intelligence community are classified — even if they live and operate exclusively on domestic soil.

CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou wrote,

The implementation of this law is a joke. The CIA doesn’t care when an operative’s identity is revealed — unless they don’t like the politics of the person making the revelation.  If they cared, half of the CIA leadership would be in prison.  What they do care about, though, is protecting those employees who commit crimes at the behest of the White House or the CIA leadership.

Kiriakou asks, “Why is such a provision necessary in the first place? What exactly is it supposed to protect? What was the precipitating event?”

This law would certainly come in handy when agents infiltrate lower order groups that form as the ruling class ratchets up social tensions. Is it far-fetched? The very fact that this proposed expansion of the law would protect an agent’s identity from the press for their domestic criminal activities tells Us no. As if confirming Our suspicions, investigative journalist Kurt Nimmo writes, “It takes about five minutes of research to connect Patrick Crusius [the alleged El Paso shooter] to the CIA and its notorious MKUltra mind control program.”

The few who seem to be talking sense about these issues comes from the “right”. Compare this segment of Status Quo dealing with the El Paso shooter to another post by Kurt Nimmo who is also a former Infowars editor. We think that Status Quo is a decent channel but aren’t they just playing their part of outraged liberals “rebutting” the shooter. What are we supposed to gain from this? That killing people is bad? Those who oppose “illegal” immigration are bad people? Nimmo, on the other hand, refuses to engage liberal/conservative paradigm and instead brings up disturbing questions rather than making excuses for mass murder or whatever it is conservatives are supposed to think about this situation.

The significant difference between the two treatments of the issue is the ruling class. Status Quo takes the event at face value, as if there is nothing more going on than some fool who decided to shoot people because he had been radicalized by Trump’s words. The ruling class factor is not considered. In Nimmo’s the ruling class agenda is implied. You may or may not agree with his assessment but it is more accurate, as it reflects the context. Status Quo hones in on the liberal talking points.

The U.S. has experienced so many “mass murders” recently that they have become a regular occurrence, indicating major dysfunction in soicety, and yet the only solution offered by the established order is “gun control”? They are extremely aggressive on this issue. Trump offers destroying liberties as a solution. Just “Believing” in “conspiracy theories” can get you investigated.

“The internet has provided a dangerous avenue to radicalize disturbed minds and preform demented acts.” That’s like saying “we need to shut down the highway because a disturbed mind used it to get to his victim”. “Disturbed individuals” will be subject to “involuntary confinement” if it is determined that they “may commit acts of violence” (Our emphasis). For a decent summary of this police state announcement see The Last American Vagabond (see also Caitlin Johnstone, Beware Calls in US for Domestic ‘Terrorism’ Laws). Democratic leader Chuck Schumer wants to go further than the “red flag laws” mentioned by Trump, and of course gun control is the Trojan horse.

If “we” have been fighting a battle against terrorism for years, and it is so urgent that it requires sending Americans to die and kill abroad and to dismantle liberal democracy at home why does the CIA, FBI, et al. need to fabricate enemies? Is it not well known that the U.S., Israel and others have created these “terrorists”?

What can be said about international terrorism can be said about domestic terrorism. The FBI has fabricated stories more than a few times. In addition to Russiagate, their big thing is terrorist manufacturing. Here’s a story from 2016, where the FBI suggested to one of their dupes to bomb the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center in Hollywood, Florida on a Jewish holiday, and in the name of ISIS. The only thing is the dupe had no affiliation with the (American created) terrorist organization. Trevor Aaronson is the author of The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism: The ISIS Edition. This is from the Amazon blurb:

A groundbreaking work of investigative journalism, The Terror Factory: The Isis Edition exposes how the FBI has, under the guise of engaging in counterterrorism since 9/11, built a network of more than 15,000 informants whose primary purpose is to infiltrate Muslim communities to create and facilitate phony terrorist plots so that the Bureau can then claim it is winning the war on terror.

Does this sound like there’s an epidemic of terrorism to fight or FBI agents promoting the ruling class agenda by justifying their jobs? Are “white supremacy terrorists” any more real than Muslim terrorists?

What to do?

First, when a news story is reported by big media — by network news, NY Times, Wash Post, Fox, any number of mainstream posts — one must ask why are they telling us this? Why do they want us to know? Perhaps it’s to control a narrative that can’t be kept out of the limelight. Jeffrey Epstein’s supposed plan to seed the world with his DNA seems to be an example of this. That dead end takes heat off of the Israeli/American elite child trafficking blackmail ring he was involved in. Which is the safer story for the masters?

Second, when a “terrorist” act occurs, one must think not simply it’s the other side’s fault, but to understand that this action a ruling class provocation against the masses. Politically, it is irrelevant what the individual’s motives are, for they hurt society. A racist act benefits the ruling class. It does not necessarily mean the individual is consciously acting to benefit their masters. By and large media coverage notwithstanding, the mass murdering terrorist is an extreme rarity.

Third, this means the lower orders need to start communicating with each other at “street” level on an unprecedented level. We have been conditioned as part of our ruling class breeding to ignore localism. Too much attention is centralized via corporate media management. Neighbors don’t know each other. Answers are too often sought through officials and the “authorities”. Knowing each other will go along way in inoculating the individual and their community from being suckers for ruling class divide and conquer. Thus when a “terrorist attack” occurs they can know that the perpetrator is not acting in the community interest, and it is the intimacy of the community that helps the individual to understand whether the incident is part of an epidemic or propaganda ploy.

It’s time the masses step up. Otherwise the nazification process, in our present situation will turn white supremacist propaganda into a real shooting war.


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