“I Can Pay One Half Of The Working Class To Kill The Other Half”

So said Gilded Age robber baron Jay Gould. Watching politics today, one might think divide and conquer was a well kept secret. The masses don’t seem to understand how they are being played, goaded and prodded into fighting each other. The liberal and conservatives herds, oblivious to the manipulation they are subject to, bash their heads together while We pick their pockets. It’s almost too easy to do. As rich individuals it is comforting for Us. As members of the Ruling Class Preservation Society, unchallenged divide and conquer is concerning.

Divide and conquer is an age old tradition of ruling class society. It is the central process of social control. Divide and conquer has even become a cliche, folklore of ruling class domination. Yet the individual does not see it in their own lives. The hatred one has is rarely attributed to the effects of divide and conquer, but to the supposed faults of the “other”. This is the fruit of proper breeding.

Meanwhile, current and pending ecological disaster is ignored. The for-profit industrial complex keeps growing and the middle class is being eaten alive — after being drugged up with pharma. The masses cannot muster the will to fight back, even though we face the end of human “civilization”.

The capitalist system has evolved into a corporate management heavy oligarchy. There is no “incentive” to invest in society. The owners of society are already bloated fat monsters with no capitalist reason to change. They are entrenched in their ways of making money. We are kings of the system, therefore We are fearful to change it. What choice does the ruling class have? The masters must reinvest in society or they must ratcheted up divide and conquer. You see the choice made in the streets as exemplified by the big media coverage of the white nationalists/Antifa drama.

In Politics its Russiagate in addition to identity. Watch for more intensified clashes among the lower orders as well. The rotted carcass of Russiagate was dredged up with Mueller’s congressional testimony. It was a complete embarrassment to any self-respecting individual. Mueller looked feeble and was forgetful, would not address the laughably fraudulent Steele dossier upon which all this investigation hinges, etc. (Watch Jimmy Dore and Aaron Mate easily dismantle Mueller’s testimony. And then watch David Pakman’s take. You decide.) The forecast is increased and intensified divide and conquer to cover for the crumbling status quo.

These social fractures and conflicts are often rooted in real circumstances, which make them powerful tools. Through the Primal Divisions, these conflicts are deepened and twisted to fit a narrative that takes the heat off the higher orders. Each herd group blames the other for what is really a society evolved and engineered to serve a ruling class. It is something they don’t seem to process. Yet it is the key to lower order liberation. Trump tweets obvious incitement and liberals jump. The so-called “progressives”, AOC, Omar, Tlaib, and Pressley, claim Pelosi singles them out because they are “women of color”, not because Pelosi is a servant of the ruling class while they supposedly represent the masses.

Without giving up their outrage and honest judgments, liberals and conservatives must learn to recognize the invisible hand of the Supreme Executive guiding their compassionate feelings and righteous hatreds. Observe how factions function in the ruling class ecology. Instead of getting caught up in partisan moral outrage, which may be “right” or “true”, look at how these positions are used to serve the ruling class and prevent a unified masses.

The lower orders must be aware that when the “stormtroopers” come out it is not liberal vs. conservative, it is ruling class against the masses. Or conversely, when a group feels the need to form defensive groups it is against their fellow bottom dweller that they fear.

They must continually reach out to the “other side”. Social evolution requires the masses to understand that tribalism and partisanship are part of the ruling class machinery.

Will the masses be able to do this? Or will they just continue to aide and abet Our criminal actions? This is too depressingly easy.


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