Mass Confusion

The final bid to manage the crumbling empire and turn it and the first world into a third-world medical surveillance state has had mixed success. For the most part, first-world herds obediently wear masks as they are told, and commit economic suicide by staying at home. That is not the problem. The real trouble was trying to manifest the death and infection numbers, keep the doctors and medical staff quiet, prevent people from noticing empty hospitals and maintain the semblance of legality of executive orders that are outrageous acts of unconstitutional tyranny. This information could potentially wake up the herds. The information war is too large for the establishment to control. The truth has been getting out despite the sometimes tepid and scientifically limited reporting of the alt media.

Consider this little tidbit in the propaganda war. Search for the (game-changing and highly recommended) book Virus Mania on Amazon and you’ll find it the only book listed by its back cover. Note that the faux-whistleblower Judy Mikovits book to the right, Plague, is a best seller.

Amazon book search list for “Virus Mania”. Only book to show up with back cover displayed instead of front.

Here is the font cover. Are they getting sensitive to the mask thing, or what?

The inability of the corporate US government to produce mass death on a biblical scale was starting to dawn on the masses. Plus, the “social restriction” measures threaten to undo the basic functioning of society itself and will be difficult to accept as people re-emerge into their human behavioral patterns, especially as summer dawns. Something had to be done.

Then George Floyd was murdered by cops. Suddenly we are transported back to a time Before Corona where the masses were kept occupied by police brutality against black people – and only black people. Other races are often harmed by cops. The exclusive focus on the murder of black men (never women) by white cops (never mind there was an Asian assisting in this case) is used by ruling class global media to assert that the US suffers from “structural racism”. Indeed the UN just admonished the US for this exclusively white original sin. We call this operation Gladio Home Version. It’s a long-running campaign many are tired of.

So was the alleged Floyd murder real or not? Officer Derek Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck as clear as day. There was no attempt to hide or shield what was going on. But there was also no video of the other side of the car. It otherwise appeared to be murder in broad daylight by a white officer of a black man.

It turns out that Chauvin and Floyd both worked security, with overlapping shifts, at the same El Nuevo Rodeo club that was sold just months before it was burned down in recent related riots. Club owner Maya Santamaria’s LinkedIn page does not list her ownership of El Nuevo Rodeo. Chauvin’s neighbors had no idea he was a cop, thought he worked in real estate, and said he kept to himself. All of this looks very suspicious.

By the way, Floyd tested positive for COVID, but died from cardiopulmonary arrest.

The establishment clearly wants its masses to stay home; they want businesses to remain closed, and in a word continue to the shutdown at any cost. The ante had to be upped. They also want to encourage and further inflame anti-white sentiment especially by non-whites, through rage at white police brutality, and ultimately to distract from and disregard the failing COVID operation. And they clearly want to push the population to accept a more severe level of martial law. Most of all, they want to further their divide-and-conquer agenda between white and non-white, between corporate minion and everyday shlub, and is what we must keep at the forefront of understanding.

Ben & Jerry’s show their righteous “anti-racist” indignation in a statement: “We have to stand together with the victims of murder, marginalization, and repression because of their skin color, and with those who seek justice through protests across our country.” Standing together with the victims of murder may be a little too late for them. And supporting individuals because of their skin color and not their human color is part of the confusion plaguing the masses. They have been trained to view things from a lens that sharply focuses on division by skin color rather than economic class. This applies to both “left” and “right”. Both view the other as the problem and ignore the Supreme Executive, Great Spirit of the ruling class, hanging overhead.

Further, Ben & Jerry’s attacks ‘white America’s white privilege’:

Unless and until white America is willing to collectively acknowledge its privilege, take responsibility for its past and the impact it has on the present, and commit to creating a future steeped in justice, the list of names that George Floyd has been added to will never end.

At a time when some 40 million individuals have filed for unemployment and hundreds of thousands of businesses have been destroyed, these white, Jewish multi-millionaire ice cream hucksters wag their fingers at the powerless lower orders. Is it lost on the herd that Ben and Jerry have far more power and influence than any middle-class Trumpster, or Obama supporter for that matter?

The Ben & Jerry’s corporate statement also demands Congress “pass legislation ‘that would create a commission to study the effects of slavery and discrimination from 1619 to the present and recommend appropriate remedies'”. This echoes the 1619 Project propaganda of the New York Times Magazine, which claims racism is naturally American and front and central to everything that happened in US history. They want the masses to go to war so the corporate state can step in and ‘restore order’.

The establishment wants liberals to be outraged at the alleged racism of ordinary impotent white people and ignore the conditions that perpetuate the Great Disparity of wealth and power that makes the ruling class possible and of which they are a part. The establishment wants conservatives to persist in traditional racism against people of color, and they want to corral the informed into an endless debate on the authenticity of the whole story, just as they have gone off on wild goose chases about bioweapons. The alleged Floyd murder is a powerful tool for the ruling class because it is understandably a highly charged matter.

The establishment does not want the masses to recognize that the murders by police represented by the Floyd case are perpetrated by the same system that has led many to despair, death and suicide over a manufactured virus resulting in very real and impactful lockdowns. Meanwhile, the ugly, naked face of the corporate government – which is fascist and not communist – and its Israeli-trained thuggish police are going way beyond “law enforcement” and are little more than out-of-the-closet storm troopers. From the ruling class point of view, skin color exists for the purposes of mass management.

There is no doubt the COVID operation has been floundering. Before Floyd’s alleged murder gave the Feds the green light to create chaos and incite violence, Moderna’s Fauci-Gates jointly funded mRNA COVID “vaccine” trial didn’t go so well with some of the subjects. Out of 45 trial volunteers, four had a “Grade 3 reaction” to the experimental “vaccine”. From

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) describes a Grade 3 adverse event as “severe or medically significant but not immediately life-threatening; hospitalization or prolongation of hospitalization indicated; disabling; limiting self care” such as “bathing, dressing and undressing, feeding self, using the toilet, taking medications.”

About 9% of participants experienced these conditions. In a population of say 300 million, that’s 27 million individuals. And we still don’t know the long-term effects of this gene-modifying technology. You can read about the awful experience of one of those participants here. Despite having suffered a fever of 103, severe nausea and fainting that almost cracked his head open, the 29-year-old still has faith in “vaccines”.

Nonetheless, CNN reported “positive” interim results for the Moderna trial.

In Germany, an Interior Ministry report leaked by whistleblower Stephen Kohn denounced the “manifold and heavy consequences of the Corona measures” and warned that they are “grave”.

Key findings from that report:

— The dangerousness of Covid-19 was overestimated: probably at no point did the danger posed by the new virus go beyond the normal level.

— The people who die from Corona are essentially those who would statistically die this year, because they have reached the end of their lives and their weakened bodies can no longer cope with any random everyday stress (including the approximately 150 viruses currently in circulation).

— Worldwide, within a quarter of a year, there has been no more than 250,000 deaths from Covid-19, compared to 1.5 million deaths [25,100 in Germany] during the influenza wave 2017/18.

— The danger is obviously no greater than that of many other viruses. There is no evidence that this was more than a false alarm.

— A reproach could go along these lines: During the Corona crisis the State has proved itself as one of the biggest producers of Fake News.

The leaked report also noted: “A Corona-focused German healthcare system is postponing life-saving surgery and delaying or reducing treatment for non-Corona patients.”

Kohn “has since been suspended from duty. He was advised to obtain a lawyer and his work laptop was confiscated”.

The German Interior Ministry claims it was the private opinion of one employee and the not the official stance of the government.

In the US, more than 600 physicians share the same analysis expressed by the German whistleblowers, and signed a letter to US President Donald Trump “calling the coronavirus shutdowns a ‘mass casualty incident’ with ‘exponentially growing negative health consequences’ to millions of non COVID patients.” “Suicide hotline phone calls have increased 600%,” states the letter. The doctors also noted millions of preventable cases of stroke, heart attack and child abuse as well as dental neglect, poverty-related uncertainty and worsened chronic conditions.

The CV narrative is falling apart. But it is shocking to see many of the world’s masses come out on cue to protest police brutality, but not the unprecendented prison measures places on whole populations leading to such cataclysmic economic implosion. “Lockdown” after all is a prison term and practice used when inmates get unruly. The illegal lockdowns have undeniably led, and will lead, to many more deaths and hardships than the alleged murder of just one man.

Meanwhile, the larger political-economic system, run by privatized money printing, which is now no more than predatory “finance”, which requires police brutality is left unchallenged and seemingly unnoticed. Imagine if instead we saw another Occupy protest against the $7 trillion taxpayer theft passed as “stimulus”, for the lives of all, instead of an aimless outcry against the alleged murder of just one individual.

Is it not the irony of ironies, or utter and complete insanity, that they wear masks while chanting “I can’t breathe” behind those masks (which are not even recommended by the WHO)?

Protesters want to end police brutality but not challenge the system that makes it happen. They can’t even recognize their own participation in that system.

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  • Well I’m glad you have the time to be alert for the turning of “the first world into the third world vaccine surveillance state”, but I’m all set on crazy, I’ve had three years of Trump.

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