The Establo-Alt Media And The Man Behind the Curtain

Not So Alt Media?

Why is so much of the independent media, the alt media so reluctant to call out the fake virus? Why won’t they admit that there is no evidence for the existence of infectious germs?

The corporate government is just playing accounting tricks. They’ve admitted as much when the White House’s Dr. Birx said they take a “liberal approach” to counting deaths. Add to that inflated numbers, and yet the alt media still seem to think the “virus” is real, or that a bioweapon has gone off and reached every corner of the Earth with spectacular speed. Disinfo agent Francis Boyle sounds the alarm. He says CV has “gain of function” making it even deadlier than it “naturally” would be. “We are facing here an existentially dangerous biological warfare weapon that we have never seen before,” Boyle says. Yet hospitals are empty. A $21 million tax payer funded Brooklyn, NY, field hospital closed recently for lack of CV patients. It’s not just New York. NPR reports at cost of $660 million field hospitals across the US have closed without having many “patients”, if they had any at all. Authorities tell us it’s mostly sick, elderly people are supposedly dying from this. Some “gain of function”.

How powerful would it be if the alt media and audiences saw through this ruse? It would be a tidal wave of truth washing over a desert of lies. The unity and solidarity of truth among the masses is a potentially powerful force the ruling class always wanted to undermine. The mass solidarity of truth creates energy difficult to combat. Unfortunately, good as the alt reporting might be, they all too often unwittingly they lead their audiences astray. Fortunately for the ruling class, that energy for the truth is dissipated in distractions. The alt media go on wild goose chases for phantom bioweapons at labs across the world, or they accept the establishment narrative where once they somewhat guarded against it.

The “alt left” media is most guilty of this offense. They have bought right into this “crisis” without question, without batting an eyelash, hook, line and sinker. Instead of reporting on the biggest historical upheaval in history, they rehash how Bernie might have won or they relive their past glory of debunking Russiagate. They are clearly terrified of challenging the CV narrative.

Even Marxists sound like liberals, whose purview or “philosophy” has dwindled down to a myopic focus on identity politics and whatever “social justice means”. Class, economics and history are out of fashion. Much of the “left” believes in the establishment narrative. If you oppose lockdowns and question the virus and vaccines, you are guilty of supporting the menace of white nationalism, even as some of these “left” have supported postponement of primary elections and praised China for its authoritarian “efficiency”, although Francis Boyle, prefers the policies of South Korea because they are more “democractic”. Among other things, the democratic South Korean government has mandated a “GPS-tracking app designed to monitor and punish people who break quarantine”.

The “alt right” has been much better at dealing with the establishment and its lies. But there are some deficiencies here as well. You can see some struggle with the existential issue of the virus. They’ll acknowledge that it maybe be a hoax of some sort but they’ll skirt the fundamental question of whether the virus exists, and go back to their niche. Most will not tackle virus existentialism. Instead, many in the alt media will dive into the brave new world to come without first seriously dealing with the visceral fear of a fake virus, thus undermining their own message. If you have not debunked the fear, you can’t make the nightmare go away no matter how vividly you describe it.

Is Everything Being Questioned?

Question everything, they say, but then proceed not to question the veracity of something many call into question in the first place. You would think this kind of reporting challenge was right up alt media alley. They may conduct the almost obligatory interview with Dr. Andrew Kaufman, as if it is something they have to do to maintain credibility. He gives them a devastatingly clear and simple presentation debunking virus theory. Their task done, they move on without irony, without embarrassment to speculate how the bioweapon of a fake virus was developed in this lab or that, or they interview Boyle or Judy Mikovits, or they regurgitate a report from Dr. Fukushima of Tsukuba University claiming that CV maybe could have possibly potentially been in Japan in August of 2019, seemingly oblivious to the discussion they just had with Kaufman. Aren’t people curious for closure on the question?

Like their lame stream media counterparts, much of the alt media avoids tackling virus existentialism rather than debating or trying to debunk it. That doesn’t look good. It makes them look like the establo-alt media. With few exceptions, alt talking heads have not followed up with Dr. Kaufman to challenge him with contrary claims. They have not invited other experts to debunk him and prove to the world that viruses do in fact exist. They don’t follow up with other guests who might share Kaufman’s rejection of germ theory, such as Amanda Vollmer.

And has anybody asked Judy Mikovits or Francis Boyle, who says CV is an “existential threat”, if they read any of the studies claiming to have identified the coronavirus itself? Are they familiar with Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s work on exposing the fraudulence of viruses and germ theory? Are they aware that Louis Pasteur wrote in his diary that “viruses are nothing, terrain [the body] is everything”? Has a biological weapon (not a chemical or toxic weapon) ever been successfully deployed? Has anybody in the alt media challenged Judy Mikovits on her claims of “teaching” viruses to do what they couldn’t do before? Can she provide proof of the existence of viruses? We’ve never heard these questions asked, or those people questioned in that manner. Why is that?

Now, Dr. Kaufman, debunking viruses, and Dr. Fukushima of Tsukuba University claiming to have found a CV victim in 2019 cannot both be right. It is not difficult once a little effort has been made to understand the issues at hand. First of all, there has been no satisfactory response to Dr. Kaufman’s conclusion that there are no viruses, something most of the alt right say they are open. Moreover, it is not any great skill to discover that Tsukuba University is in bed with big pharma. On page 34 of a promotional power point document we find the likes of Pfizer, Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Bayer, Eli Lilly and GE. Then there’s the somewhat terrifying curiosity of Tsukuba’s collaboration with Toyota in their quest for Society 5.0, “defined as a ‘super-smart society’ ”. Given the context of massive collapse and change wrought by a decaying system, a fictitious virus and the unpopularity for plans to implement “smart cities”, this press release from 2017 sounds rather ominous

Through social measurements made with effective application of the Internet of Things (IoT) and coordination with the University of Tsukuba’s Center for Artificial Intelligence Research, the center will contribute to the sustainable cycle of growth in communities. Specifically, the center will conduct studies into the causes and solutions of issues that require improvement from a social engineering and mathematical engineering approach, and will support human resources training and intelligence development.

There are several socioeconomic issues that threaten the existence of regions outside the Tokyo metropolis. These include the decline in industrial competitiveness as a result of the rapidly aging population and increasing depopulation of rural areas, a shrinking workforce in agricultural, forestry and marine enterprises, and an aging infrastructure. In particular, there are issues that are difficult within the industry structure, such as agricultural support, child care support, disaster prevention/mitigation and other elements of social infrastructure of future communities. These are key issues where Japan must address with urgency through coordinated effort between industry, academia and government as part of the drive to realize the establishment of Society 5.0 as raised in the Fifth Science and Technology Basic Plan.

These plans for Japanese society parallel the US’s (and no doubt other states’) plans to submit their population to a total technological surveillance state. The great Whitney Webb writes

Last year, a government commission called for the US to adopt an AI-driven mass surveillance system far beyond that used in any other country in order to ensure American hegemony in artificial intelligence. Now, many of the “obstacles” they had cited as preventing its implementation are rapidly being removed under the guise of combating the coronavirus crisis.

A footnote from the Tsukuba University-Toyota release says, “Although it is focused on mankind, Society 5.0 refers to a new society where science and technology innovation takes the lead, with the aim of balancing economic development and resolving social issues.” Is it possible that the Japanese corporate-government also views the “virus” as an opportunity to implement its Society 5.0?

Tsukuba University hardly sounds like a disinterested witness in the paradigm-shifting virus game. It is this University that tells us a covid patient maybe could have possibly potentially been present in Japan in August 2019. This unproven “deadly existential threat” then laid low, infecting no one else yet surviving miraculously without a host, until it suddenly hit Wuhan months later, where it decided to begin its career as the scourge of humanity. Or was it first in Wuhan and remained inactive till it went to Japan where it infected one individual before returning to China? And we still haven’t established the existence of the virus in the first place! To the MSM that may be a minor annoying detail of conspiracy theorists but that minor detail is the foundation of their lies. In the alt media it should at least be a raging debate upon which all else hinges.

Merely presenting conflicting information does not bring one to a constructive resolution about what to do. It only helps to promote the status quo: since there is no proof either way, just contrary statements, why should one change their mind? Luckily, for the sensible individual the truth can be found, and at some point we to need to come to an informed conclusion about whether this fear is real or not, and not compound the fear with dystopian futures without first addressing the lies upon which they are built. Showing the masses that there is nothing to fear but the idiot behind the curtain is more powerful than anything else you can do. Who doesn’t know Gates and Fauci are evil? The herd will only apologize for them and still believe in the virus. Without debunking the lies it is easy to corral the herds for vaccinations and general ruling class domination. But stripped of lies how can the ruling class herd its masses? It would be nearly impossible if the masses were a truly informed citizenry.

We like much of what the alt media does but it still seems to have trouble shaking off its establishment breeding. Or is this virus hoax the most effective peer pressure tactic we have ever seen? Perhaps the reluctance to question the existence of a virus has nothing to do with reporting and geopolitics. Unlike most corporate-government frauds and crimes like Russiagate, 9/11 and all wars, the virus is uncomfortably close to everybody. In the end the non-virus crimes only affected a relative handful of the population, while the rest of us went on with our lives. Fearless reporting could be done from the comfort and security of your home — as if you were a watching movie. It is happening there not here, to them not me, but now we have become directly involved in this ultimate fraud. Let us note here that this phenomenon of “it is happening there not here, to them not me” is constantly occurring in any ruling class society. It is a fundamental principle of divide and conquer.

The genius of the virus is there is no “them”. It’s all of us. We are all directly affected. Our family and friends, our next door neighbors have become potential secret police. There is a lot of pressure to go along, to not be ostracized by our community, and to bend to ruling class will. It is no longer a political science debate but a reality of terror and fear. It is no longer just about “objectively” reporting what the establishment doesn’t want you to hear, but about navigating an increasingly authoritarian state whether you are home or not. For the middling classes of the first world “the comfort and security of home” has been shattered.

There is a lot of good reporting being done thanks to the alt media, but that does not excuse it from avoiding the crucial questions. Don’t let the fake virus go undisputed. That is the man behind the curtain. Expose him and this nightmare ends, and we can go back to our previous dystopia.

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