A Freakishly Chilling College Message from Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is most definitely a robot. Here is a video he made for graduating students of Wright State University, whom he calls the “chosen ones”. In it, he refers to a “before the Great Pandemic of 2020” and an “after the Great Pandemic of 2020”, the former being the “olden times” before the “reset”. He points to a need-ridden dystopian future where they will be required to be “good Americans”. Hanks appears to be reading a script or otherwise robotically oriented.

Here’s his graduation message to students of Wright State:

Tom, why do tomorrow’s humans, our future, need to be controlled? Why should there be neediness? None of this has to happen. You are just reading a script, Tom. You are just reading a script.

This also brings to mind the Clinton Foundation’s statements about “an army of young people” in conversation with executive ordering governors Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo last week. Clinton is also involved with the AmeriCorp-FEMA initiative, the UNITE Act.

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  • Being a member of the secret societies, Tom Hanks is a follower of the Ancient Egyptian/ Vedic blood and death cult that contains in their lodges, as did Epstein in his island, that of Egyptian motif.
    Cuomo is on video record as stating that this is just a test for a much longer purge. Gupta admitted that the death rate of the start is only .1% which is also recorded. Peter Arnet was able to find Osama bin Laden in a week after 9/11 while the rest of the surveillance system of the entire world could not find him and I have this too.

    There is an ancient sex, blood and death cult which uses the Egyptian motif as did Epstein at Orgy Island. Hanks is just one of millions of this cult that originated in the Turkic/Mongol regions almost 5000 years ago. For just a small part, Benjamin Freedman at the Willard Hotel talks of this.

    This is all predicted from the wars of the last several hundred years by writings that are almost 2000 years old. The origins are greater than 5000 years old. When one actually can read, the 2 volume book of RAS Macalister displays just who and what kind of people were in his books, “Excavation at Gezer”. During the entire semitic period, they had no legitimate weight and measures in Judah and Samaria as his cohorts confirmed. They collected the most evil of all sorcery (drug, sex and blood sacrifice as well as forms of divination using the stolen Menorah an the Septagram (7 sides). This was used to predict the celestial movements especially the blood moon (when the moon is directly behind the earth with refraction turning it the color of “red”), lunar and solar eclipses. Read John Dee and one finds out that the black sun is their holy time of a complete solar eclipse and that the lunar eclipse is the opposite, hence the black and white of Jachim and Boaz of a people that never existed, as Israel never existed by was all in Egypt – Akhenaton-monotheism, Amenamope -writer of Proverbs, Ramses II Temple of the Dead is Solomon’s temple at Habu Medinet, 10 commandment was from the Egyptian book of the dead which what 700+ years older than the nonexistent Moses.

    I don’t want to get to long winded, but their symbols are the inversion of the truth from beginning to end as the Hexstar is the symbol of the union of male and female (triangle up – male and triangle down is female and is the union of 2 souls. You will find the Swastika within the Hexstar in ancient Sumar and other places around the world as it is the North Star and the travel of the Big Dipper around it in the four season that can be seen at specific time of night. This symbol is one of the oldest and definitely the most widespread in the world. The Swastika is the symbol of God and the Hexstar the union of male and female giving new life.

    In the Norse, the swastika was the unknown god that was above all others, just as On was the same in Egypt and Ether was for the Indus Valley as monotheism is the oldest belief and polytheism occurred later as perversions of truth became prevalent throughout the world.

    Those that chose to be evil did something that was not allowed under any circumstance and that was to be as wise as the serpent and to gain this was to EAT the serpent thus blood was spilled against what is left of some of the origins of faiths that are 10s of thousands of years old and their cities and global traverse is known but kept out of any history but those that have found papers such as John Powell the explorer of the regions of Arizona to have the same gods, pyramids and ceremonies as the Egyptian and this is a no brainer as the pyramids around the world of significance are almost equal distance between them and the research of haplogroups prove it.

    What is left of some of the original script?
    “You shall not eat the blood of any creature, for the life of every creature is its blood. Whoever eats it shall be cut off”

    “If any one of the house of Israel or of the strangers who sojourn among them eats any blood, I will set my face against that person who eats blood and will cut him off from among his people”

    And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food.”

    Indigenous of the America’s learned from their peacemaker that the life they live and all on it is not theirs but for the next 7 generations of all creation. They Hebrew of Neighbor is the same but is perverted. Testing of people in prison that are fed a vegan diet only return 2% while the others are 95% (look these tests up).

    The Hyksos are what we know as “Israel” which should be IS – RA – On. When one reads archeological expeditions, the Canaanites are clearly a vile people except for those that followed their false faith. It was a pathetic area and had jars with the bones of babies that were eaten as well as young people and all sorts of animals. This was a common practice of those of the Turkic/Mongol regions of Attilla the Hun (Kaganate of the Khazer kingdoms) and the Khanates. This practices was global for thousands of years and is why religious doctrine appears to be written by a megalomaniacal bipolar schizophrenic nut job.

    The earth is dying and the few that do have their “prophecies” correct are the indigenous of many of the western hemisphere tribes (more on this later), and Buddhists but not the leaders as those that follow the empathy that was written in out “hearts” / DNA has been adulterated.

    What is the word of the creator and why is it not written? The word or thought of the creator is manifest in creation. Any written word would be perverted for the advantage of those that would use it against the rest of the trusting.

    When one hears about the Franklin Credit Union Coverup or Pizza-gate, that is only the tip of the iceburg. I can’t explain what their acts were but I did get to see some of these dungeons in Omaha as perversion at the highest level picked on those as, according to Purim, were young people without flaw.

    20 minutes are cut from Eyes Wide Shut and Kubrik was killed soon after. Waters of the world are going from green tides to red tides of crimson bacteria and red algae and research it for yourself. Rivers, creeks, lakes and the oceans are turning red. It is part of Geoengineering which is done on a global scale as those that own the wealth of the world and manufacture money also manufacture war, disease, pandemics… and many are complicit in their active or ignorance. All institutions have failed now and few notice changes in the population of wildlife or the death of trees due to poisoning from above as well as below and the chemical makeup of the air is filled with nanoparticles that will be death for most all living things on this planet as even honey bees are down to their last 15% since 50 years ago.

    These are the people at the mid to top that pedophiles and murderers run with and that is what the famous and well paid for no reason are part of.

  • The short of it. There are people that believe that money is everything and that they don’t have to share anything with anyone or anything. Many of the indigenous tribes of the America’s have a “prophet” called the Peacemaker. Each tribe was to work for the next 7 generations for all creation and the end cannot justify the means and all the bounty was to be shared by all creatures. The tribes within each nation was given a name of an animal of which it was not only sacred as all are one’s neighbors, but the name given, which was from the mother’s or wife’s tribe when married, was to make sure the creature that the tribe was named after was to be looked after and succeed.

    The crap of the system today is the antithesis of any form of sharing and their gods are wealth, power, access and control and this is the definition of the heathen. There are several books on parasitism but one of the worst is Carnagies “How to Make Friends and Influence People. This is parasitism. The book of John Stuart Mills of his treatise of Economic is as sick as the Talmud in that anything can and should be taken by those stronger than others and to hell with the well being of those whose who are victims of genocide (simple math and reading old newspapers makes the Holocaust that of the German and Japanese people who were firebombed into oblivion).

    The most evil of all heathen set of books are all those of the Abrahamic faiths who have proven their faith is depraved as their fruit is death.

    The entire world need a reset and those with the money, and all the institutions are a total failure and are in the realm of quacks and their quackery.

    Quack — an ignorant pretender to a profession or or professional skill.
    Quackery — charlatanry. 1783, Crabbe, Village 1, “A potent quack,
    long versed in human ills, who first insults the victim
    whom he kills.”

    Oxford English Dictionary

    Those of the new world to be made in their image have been in the process of wiping out most all life on earth and replacing it with their own genetic makeup and other forms such as transhumanism and the “Borg” ability to work as a unit in an enhanced reality. This is what he means and these people of which have been around this for thousands of years are in need of being purged from the planet entirely if the web of life is to survive at all. Our can has already hit the wall and has gone over it and is going to crash. How hard that crash is depends on what can be done NOW and it MUST BE A HARD RESET and the extermination of the parasite based economy and the belief that man is divine and all else is a resource. Going on further, Jews, of who destroyed their fellows the Samaritans (Danites disappeared to the Norse long before) and even destroying Mt. Gerizim and Mt. Alba have had the bloodiest history of all mankind including human sacrifice as it goes much farther than even this. I’m 5th generation from Judaism and 1/2 Danite. Researching my history all the way back has been a and eye opening experience and the secret societies that have all but put this planet away into a dead zone have little left to do. So much for their New Secular Order of the Ages.

  • Everyone, especially corporate America is jumping on the band wagon about racism, etc… But the bottom line is, blacks attitudes and actions won’t change. It gives them more opportunity to whine, but average people who have to put up with them every day will see that nothing has changed. Only the rhetoric of the 1% who actually run this country and their useful idiots.

    The billionaires like Bill Gates and Soros are only front men who are allowed to become rich by the REAL rulers of the world. The trillionaires and quadrillionaires like the Rothschilds!

    Like George Carlin said, “It’s a big club, and if you ain’t in it, YOU AIN’T IN IT!”


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