Stop The UNITE Act: Another Illegal, Unconstitutional “Contact Tracing” Bill

No masks, no tracing!

In addition to the TRACE ACT (HR 6666), which as noted in a prior post, proposes $100 billion in 2020 to create an industry of “contact tracers” to illegal surveil, detain and force medical treatment on the people of the US, the Congress has also proposed the UNITE Act, (“Undertaking National Initiatives to Tackle Epidemic Act of 2020’’), which allocates unspecified unlimited funding for an army of 500,000 newly unemployed, including veterans, per year from 2020 through 2022 to also perform so-called contact tracing on the American public.

The UNITE Act aims tomobilize individuals in the United States in the fight against coronavirus by expanding volunteer opportunities in AmeriCorps, expanding employment opportunities at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and utilizing the expertise of Peace Corps volunteer leaders whose service ended on March 15, 2020, and for other purposes.” (emphasis ours)

Democrat Congressmember John Garamendi of California’s third district, who is co-chair of AmeriCorps, introduced the bill on April 21. According to Garamendi’s House website, “The bicameral legislation ensures that existing national and community service programs are fully mobilized in order to assist in testing and contact tracing, especially for vulnerable Americans such as the food-insecure, elderly, and homeless.”

The UNITE Act also provides for an additional 10,000 in FEMA “staff”, to combat what the Act calls a “common, invisible enemy”, from the current time until two years after the alleged pandemic ends. This proposal, like the TRACE Act, similarly violates the Fourth Amendment and other constitutional, international, human and natural rights by assaulting US persons and invading communities and homes under a medical pretext.

As aggregated and reported by Blacklisted News and MassPrivateI, AmeriCorps is well known to be a poorly managed agency with a history of sexual misconduct among its staff.

Contact tracing hit the headlines last week after former US President Bill Clinton, his daughter Chelsea Clinton, through the Clinton Foundation, in conversation with law-violating state governors Gavin Newsom (CA) and Andrew Cuomo (NY) called for an “army of young people” to comprise a coronavirus “trace force” last week.

The need for a contact tracing force appears in large part premised on the idea that the majority of people are “asymptomatic carriers” of SARS-CoV-2. This idea is not based in fact, but again on scientific sleight of hand.

As reported in our prior post, When #Plandemic Models Fail, Invent Hidden Outbreaks”, the idea that healthy people are in reality ill with a latent harmful virus derives from (1) apparent scientific fraud by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Dr. Anthony Fauci and (2) unscientific and flawed epidemiological models from Stanford University and Imperial College.

The WHO and Fauci appear to have simply misapplied a figure of 81%, taken from an early, large Chinese epidemiological study for “mild symptoms or mild pneumonia”, to “asymptomatic” cases. In actuality, the Chinese study indicated that only 1% of cases were asymptomatic. The later Western epidemiological studies offered wildly variant results for the number of assumed asymptomatic cases, yet admitted flawed and/or ignorant assumptions and were criticized by statisticians and peers as “junk science” on social media.

While many alt media and mainstream media accepted these studies as evidence of the low fatality rate of .1% cited by Fauci in his New England Journal of Medicine editorial (while he still cited a 1% rate publicly), they do not appear to understand that he got this figure through an “assumption” that conflated mild/mild pneumonia symptoms and no symptoms into one category: “asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases”. This assumption was incorrect because it did not accurately reflect true asymptomatic cases but rather the mild/mild pneumonia cases.

In other words, a pretty big fudge.

And, the CDC’s overestimated and miscalculated fatality rate was already explained through its guidance to call virtually everything COVID and medical whistleblowing to that effect. The only way they get to the .1% fatality rate is to assume that large numbers of people “have (or had) COVID” without knowing it, while retaining the fraudulently reported death and case statistics.

(In recent days, Project Veritas has spoken with funeral homes in New York who revealed a similar story of people being told their relatives died of COVID, when they in actuality died of long-term or other ailments such as dementia.)

This is important to understand because contact tracing is based in large part on the idea that many or even most people may be “infected” but asymptomatic, even though the numbers from official “testing” results still suggest that is not true. In fact, the recently imposed mask-wearing mandates de facto assume everyone may be infected but asymptomatic. That’s simply irrational.

And because officials assume a long viral “incubation period” of two weeks, which according to the CDC is usually three to five days, therein lies part of the alleged threat. But of what? A cold? Covid toe, ie, chilblains? Even with a 1% fatality rate, this is not a threat. It’s a joke. In any event, the incubation period idea does not appear to have any real science behind it at all, but exists only in “virus theory”.

Finally, the alleged virus is claimed to be super-infectious without any evidence to this effect. The above-mentioned epidemiological models made ignorant and unreasonable assumptions about transmissibility. As also reported in our above-mentioned post, a lead epidemiologist at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, who created one of these models, admitted that scientists don’t really know how respiratory viruses transmit. However, person-to-person transmissibility is another reason asymptomatic cases are still seen as dangerous.

The false ‘asymptomatic’ assumption also underscores the disturbing face mask mandates handed down in recent days and weeks.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams told Americans in his odd, illogical reversal on mask-wearing at the beginning of April that masks simply would not protect them in public. However, he said, data had confirmed that the mask could stop infected people from unknowingly infecting others.” (emphasis ours)

So, the mask can’t protect you because the virus can allegedly get through the mask, but it does protect others from you. Clearly that’s an illogical statement. Both cannot be true. And in fact they are not. Adams made a purely bunk statement.

In reality, there is no science to suggest masks protect anyone from disease, for any reason.

The data he refers to appears to be the later epidemiological models as noted above, which were not peer-reviewed but discredited online, but this needs verification although the mask policy change timeline appears to support this. Further:

“The change that caused the CDC to make the official announcement on Friday came from data that showed many people who carried the disease were asymptomatic and didn’t know they should have been self isolating to protect others. 

“It’s important to know that a significant portion of coronavirus patients are asymptomatic,” Adams said. He also said that some people are infectious but without symptoms for up to two weeks, further necessitating the extra precaution. Adams had noted in the past that the advice being given to Americans regarding the efficacy of face coverings had been unclear. … Asymptomatic and presymptomatic people, he said, posed a significant threat by coughing, sneezing, or even breathing near others.” (all emphasis ours)

One might assume from the Surgeon General’s guidance that all the mask-wearers think they may be infected. But they don’t. Most behave as if non-mask-wearers are infected and masks protect them from the unmasked. That has been the observation from the epicenter of New York City. New York governor Andrew Cuomo has even encouraged “social shaming” of those not wearing masks. They are called “disrespectful” or “selfish” or even “killers” who do not have a “right to infect”. Cuomo has also said those not wearing masks are “disrespectful to frontline workers” and had his daughter start a “Wear a mask!” “ad campaign” targeted at the 63% of New Yorkers not wearing masks.

Andrew Cuomo’s insane face mask mural

For the mask to be a mandate, it must be assumed that enough people are infected without knowing it – until proven otherwise. In other words, guilty until proven innocent. So, healthy people are being treated as if they are not healthy. This is the real social impact of assuming people are “asymptomatic carriers”. This is a crux of the #plandemic psyop: to make people think they and others around them are sick, and perhaps to induce real illness.

There is no true evidence or justification for governments or officials to assume healthy people are sick when they are not, and then force a medical treatment on them.

These two “contact tracing” bills, HR 6666 and the UNITE Act, together comprise an egregious assault on the public and its true health and safety. We encourage others to join the effort to demand Congress immediately stop both of these bills dead in their tracks, and to pursue private and/or collective legal cases in intrepid defense of our natural rights. We hope to provide more info to that effect, but for now:

Here is a list of Senate contacts to contact your US Senator.

Here is a database of House contacts.

Contact all other local and state as well as federal officials through this site.

Submit a statement of non-consent to Congress on HR 6666 using this form.

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