COVID Sadism Against Youth in Germany and England

Teachers Freeze Out Students As Part of COVID Measures

Amidst mass awakening in Germany and England as witnessed in recent protests, the German and English establishments have doubled-down on their fascist attacks on the population. Youth in particular are being targeted by their COVID psychological operation.

A recent report from Germany discloses that some teachers are opening windows to freeze students into wearing masks, despite a mask mandate having been overturned. If the students comply, the windows are closed. Some teachers are even “deliberately mumbling” in order to get students to wear masks, bargaining: “If you put on your masks, then I’ll take mine off.”

From RAIR Foundation USA:


Posted by Amy Mek
On September 10, 2020

Schools in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany ended their controversial compulsory mask requirement in schools on August 31, 2020. Although there is no longer a mandate, a students explains teachers are using manipulative methods to force students to wear the Chinese coronavirus masks.

In the following video translated by RAIR Foundation USA, a student explains the actions teachers are taking to force students to wear masks:

Excerpted translation:

“So, people, since I recently returned to school, yesterday, I could clearly recognize how deceptively the schools operate. Although the mandatory mask requirement in the classroom for schools [in NRW] was overturned, what they are doing now is really clever.

As soon as students enter the classroom, the windows and doors are all opened. All the students are sitting there with, really, every window open. Doors too. There’s an enormous draft. It’s freezing cold.

Then the teacher says, “We’ll close the window when you put your masks on”.

So you have the choice between getting sick because you’re freezing the entire time in school or you put the sh***y mask on. Most comply at that point.

Teachers come into classes saying, “Oh, yes, I know there isn’t a mask requirement, but nevertheless I would ask you to put your masks on so we protect each other.”

Students are being directly manipulated.

I’m talking about students from the age of 19 or 20 years old at vocational schools.

Maybe even 25 years old or whatever. They acquiesce directly.

There are other methods. A teacher is wearing a mask and mumbling.

Teachers who put masks on purposefully mumble behind their masks so that no one can understand.

When the students say they can’t understand, or we can’t understand, the teacher’s ice-cold response is, “That’s your problem. If you put on your masks, then I’ll take mine off.”

That’s how it works now. Absolutely manipulative. Extremely disgusting.

It’s just completely disgusting how manipulative the teachers are acting.”

School Windows Kept Open in Britain but Students Prohibited from Wearing Coats

The UK’s Mirror reports that in Walsall, West Midlands, just northwest of Birmingham, England (central England), teachers at Barr Beacon School are conducting classes with windows open, ostensibly to provide ‘better ventilation’, while prohibiting students from wearing coats meanwhile.

The school’s policy has angered parents for exposing their children to cold and flu, which will inevitably, they say, be called COVID. But some parents affirmed the draconian and irrational measures, with one man saying: “Too right, about time privileged cupcakes learned to man up. Best get to the shops and stock up on thermal underwear and thick socks.”

Barr Beacon School’s policy comes on the advice of a group of establishment and government-linked academics called the Independent SAGE group headed by Sir David King, the former Chief Scientific Advisor and former Special Representative for Climate Change to the British government.

Sir David King, Independent SAGE “Behavioural Advisory” expert

The Independent SAGE group was formed earlier this year after a government-linked “behavioural advisory” group called SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) came under fire for the secrecy of its membership and activities, as well as its lack of relevant expertise. That SAGE group includes infamous Imperial College computer modeler “two million Americans will die” Neil Ferguson and Dr. Demis Hassabis, “data scientist” and chief executive of Google’s DeepMind subsidiary, which works on artificial intelligence. 

Like the official SAGE group, the “independent SAGE group” has a “Behavioural Advisory Group” consisting of mostly professors of psychology, as well as criminology, anthropology and a “social interaction” professor who specializes in “conversational analysis”.

For a group that claims to be “following the science”, one might ask of them: what science and what thinking underlie such a decision to torture children?

There is no scientific evidence of “asymptomatic” i.e., spread of so-called infectious virus, anywhere, period. In fact, a very significant Chinese study published in August found that 455 asymptomatic contacts of an alleged COVID virus carrier developed absolutely no “COVID” symptoms. In June 2020, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the World Health Organization’s emerging diseases and zoonosis unit said, before being forced to retract the statement under purely political pressure: asymptomatic transmission is “very rare”. (She still says “asymptomatic” people need to be “traced”, however, but says the focus of tracing should nevertheless remain on the “symptomatic cases”.)

And in 2015, COVAIDS grand poo-bah Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted what the “virus” experts have known for years:

[T]he one thing historically people need to realize is that even if there is some asymptomatic transmission, in all the history of respiratory-borne viruses of any type, asymptomatic transmission has never been the driver of outbreaks. The driver of outbreaks is always the symptomatic person, even if there is a rare asymptomatic person that might transmit [no science on this], an epidemic is not driven by asymptomatic carriers. (bold, interjections ours)

As to the issue of why indoor air in particular is seen as a threat, for which these children are being subject to cold air from open windows, and for which restaurants and all other indoor activities are now suspended, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claims to have science backing the deadly threat of indoor air.

Its page “Indoor Air and COVID-19 Key References and Publications” cites no evidence of asymptomatic indoor air transmission of alleged SARS-CoV-2. Instead what it does cite are:

  1. Op-eds by scientists
  2. Reports of dispersal of aerosols in areas with symptomatic cases, including hospital wards
  3. Computer models of how “human bio-aerosols” spread, the only data that cites a “non-symptomatic case”
  4. Scientific and epidemiological studies of symptomatic cases and locations
  5. A US government study (NIAID, AMRIID), done in an “aerobiology” lab, using nebulizers to generate aerosols

The “evidence” presented by the EPA also includes an article in which experts were said to disagree on the issue of whether the alleged SARS-CoV-2 was even airborne in the first place, as well as a study on ferrets that allegedly were able to “transmit” SARS-CoV-2. Many of the publications were merely “comments” and not peer-reviewed papers. Certainly, this page needs a thorough review, as the idea of the “killer bio-aerosol” is currently ruining many a life.

Further, one finds at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website a page entitled “How COVID-19 Spreads” absolutely no evidence for any statements made by the CDC on this page. There is no evidence for person-to-person transmission, as the CDC notes that the alleged virus “is thought to spread” (italics ours) in its main content, contra its definitively-stated headline. There is no evidence of contracting COVID by touching surfaces. Or else it would have been cited, and it was not.

The SAGE group have a YouTube channel if anyone wishes to comment on or query these esteemed “experts” on the science and presumed thinking that went into the decision to force children to attend open-air classrooms.

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