Liberals and Conservatives: Who’s Hip?

The rank and file of conservatism and liberalism (we are not talking about the leadership) has the credit of being aligned with the “truth” but on different things. It can be difficult to identify where each “side” is “correct” for several reasons. One is prejudice. Naturally each “side” considers itself correct on all the issues and the other “side” of the coin wrong. Another difficulty is the shifting dynamics and definitions required by the demands of ruling class management. For instance, liberals were once better on civil rights but now it’s a wash. Lower order conservatives have until recently been much more pro-war, though we’ve always had a strain of conservative “isolationists” (but of course leaders of both “sides” have been mostly pro war). Today, both rank and file conservatives and liberals are generally anti-war and anti-interventionist.

Conservatives are hipper to the deep state than liberals. Conservatives are also more forgiving of avoidable environmental disasters, though both parties do very little regarding environmental integrity. Remember when organic food was supposed to be the privilege of latte-drinking liberals? Now we find conservatives as being far better on health issues because of the fake virus. Because of this they are more willing to explore other modalities than allopathic medicine.

Both have their challenges with science. On the conservative side: creationism is somehow science, fetuses are fully formed humans with rights, and a couple of hundred years of toxic industries, mountaintop strip mining and clear cutting of forests somehow don’t affect the environment negatively, even though many of those same individuals accept the dangers of 5G, and that geoengineering can control the weather at whim of the deep state. On the liberal side: being anti-vaccine is somehow anti-science, when actual science says vaccines are no good. Liberals believe they are in the midst of a brutal pandemic, which is disproved by science and the CDC’s own numbers. Then again, many conservatives are afraid to take on the issue of the existence of viruses as well.

Liberals are better on economics, but then many rank-and-file conservatives along with liberals prefer universal health care, and don’t want to see their pensions and social security looted while trillions are spent on wars and billionaires (which has never bankrupted the country). We also rank liberals higher on socialism, if only because more of them understand that capitalism has its issues, and they don’t get into anti-socialist hysterics because of things like Obamacare, which, being thoroughly capitalist (just ask the right-wing Heritage Foundation), is meant to stave off socialist-like policies like the New Deal. Just because big business uses government — something it has always done — does not mean it is socialistic. Rather, it is part and parcel of fascism.

Many on the right, particularly the alt right, are not afraid to take on Zionist power, while liberals are deathly afraid of anything wrapped up in identity.

We are talking about liberals and conservatives so “being better on the issues” must be understood as a highly qualified phrase.

Here is a rough breakdown on who’s better on what (rank and file, not leadership). Purple indicates more or less equivalence on an issue:

Deep StateEnvironment
Zionist PowerCapitalism
“Big Government”Socialism
HealthChurch & State

No doubt you will disagree with some or much of this assessment and there are certainly caveats on “both sides” of all these issues. The important thing to recognize is how the masses are compartmentalized and divided to suit ruling class needs. The conflict between liberal and conservative is a largely manufactured one. Our preferences for one belief or the other, particularly if that belief is not examined in an honest manner, are a function of our conditioning however much sense it seems to make.

We need to start afresh, wipe the slate clean, so to speak, and recognize these conventional fault lines are a construct of the ruling class paradigm of the Five Primal Divisions. We hope liberals and conservatives, especially if they think they see through the system, to challenge their beliefs and to try to understand these issues from the “other side” (of the coin). Is being pro-capitalist a result of one’s studies outside of the establishment any more than being pro-vaccine? How many anti-socialists have actually read socialists? Why is there legislation demanding loyalty to Israel? How many pro-vaxxers have actually explored the science against vaccines?

It is best to tell oneself “Ok, I live in a ruling class society, therefore what I have come to believe is what the system wants me to believe. Any idea that is big is big because the ruling class wants us to know it or that idea can’t be stopped from gaining traction, and so ruling class tries to control that message”. Where do capitalism and socialism fit in here? What do politicians and the MSM promote and reject?

No matter how hip an individual thinks they are, even if they “see through the system”, they will never get anywhere as long as they allow themselves to be divided along lines that suits their ruling class. They need to find common cause that unites the masses against the masters. Being “awake” means nothing without solidarity among the masses, otherwise you’re not fully awake.

Paradigm shifts are happening. Shouldn’t “we the people” keep up?

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