Inspiration from Trafalgar

From the thousands protesting in Trafalgar Square, London last weekend, in addition to numerous other protests around England against COVID lockdowns and prohibitions on liberty, we bring you British astrophysicist, climate forecaster and activist Piers Corbyn’s speech. Corbyn’s speech is one for sore ears in the U.S. and around the world.

We agree whole-heartedly with his synopsis and answer to the famous and urgent question not enough are asking and acting on: What is to be done?

Corbyn offers these useful memes: “No more lockdowns! Save lives!” “End all COVID vaxx! Save lives!” “Choose FREEDOM!”

He counsels:

  1. Resist and do not comply.
  2. Hold officials accountable – and if they refuse to honor the people’s will, remove them.
  3. Expand alternative media and share widely locally and beyond.

To these we add:

4. Litigate at all levels on the scientific grounds as well as grounds of constitutional and natural rights. This means starting from the fact that there is no emergency.

5. Holding officials accountable means forming voter blocks to terminate plans to institute vaccination requirements, IDs and biosurveillance, and to perpetuate lockdowns and “quarantines”.

6. Outreach and PR efforts (memes, info and art) to disrupt official media messaging

7. Insure transparent elections with citizen oversight and a paper trail

And, as a broader focus for action, we suggest that ending the private banking system and re-establishing public money creation and banking, as is established in Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, is paramount. NESARA and GESARA (with modifications) need to be on the table and minds of all who understand the situation. After all, COVID is foremost an economic war.

Moving towards direct, more localized democracy is another focus.

If you are in the U.S., here are some current efforts you can join to pressure your “representatives” to honor their constitutional duties: – Dr. Pam Popper’s group focusing on stopping mandatory vaccines and COVID rules

NVIC Advocacy (National Vaccine Information Center lobby) – Technocracy scholar Patrick Wood’s group focusing on denial of First Amendment rights of speech and association

We expect there will be more groups to add to this list and will include international legal efforts in future posts. Health freedom voter blocks, however, should be the focus of immediate efforts at state, national and global levels, in our opinion.

In the UK, you can support Piers Corbyn’s campaign against the “New Normal” at

You can also view a similarly rousing speech from David Icke’s son Gareth Icke, which has been deleted from Facebook after 3.2 million views, found here.

If you find this information useful, please do share.

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