Election 2016: The Stupidity Exposed

The We at the Ruling Class Preservation Society are a non-partisan organization. To us, the properly functioning Establishment political parties are in reality conduits that, on the one hand, direct mass support to the ruling class, and on the other hand, respond to diffuse mass discontent. It is a balancing act to be sure. Our aim, as a ruling class, is unquestioned acceptance by the masses. But unchallenged obedience has the unpleasant side effect of damaging society by rendering its subjects helpless, and thus, ironically  tends to create conditions of potential instability.

The Preservation Society has always maintained that the  masses should not take the political system too seriously. It is their responsibility to push back against ruling class encroachment of their interests. Consequently, they need to oppose their own party loyalties on occasion. At the same time, many of our fellow ruling class minions support the parties and this candidate or that one despite the obvious dangers they might pose to a sound society . It is a constant source of antagonism for us. We are hyper-aware of the fundamental stupidity and destructiveness of ruling class politics, and our inability, as a class, to halt our own pursuit of them.

We at the Preservation Society are much too devoted to the ruling class not to know that Establishment political ideology is silliness primarily for mass consumption. However, it is a core of ruling class principle that politics must not make sense because democracy and a ruling class are fundamentally incompatible. That disconnect must be bridged by something more powerful than informed, rational and considered reflection. Therefore, in a ruling class society, the Establishment cultivates irrational emotions, insecurity, hyper-identity, fear, ignorance and base interests to be the masses’ primary mode of thinking of social and economic issues. The media contributes its part by starve the people of information—though of course it is out there, for those who want to look. Actually, it’s right at your fingertips.

An individual who takes political discourse at face value will usually act against their own interests, and thus act with “stupidity”. The ultimate ruling class goal for its masses is to be incapable of thinking and applying basic common sense. The Democrats can’t figure out if Hillary is part of the Establishment. And the Tweedle-Dum to the Democrats Tweedle-Dee, the Republicans, scurry like lemmings for the cliff, having long since abandoned sanity and stability. At the Preservation Society we say:

There’s nothing dumber than a Conservative except the Liberal, because only the Liberal is capable of losing to a Conservative . . . even when they win — just ask John Kerry or Al Gore. But then, there’s nothing dumber than a Liberal except the Conservative, because only the Conservative is capable of making the Liberal look almost respectable.

From the ruling class’s perspective, a “fool-hardy” and “inept” government provides the perfect cover for corporate malfeasance and corporate-run government malfeasance. The “incompetent” government trope has allowed us to cut public funding savagely or destroy countries at will. That fundamental stupidity of democratic ruling class politics is now coming back to haunt us. Today, the Establishment parties are competing in a traditionally hollow campaign in which, and in different ways, two individuals are exposing the lack of support the Establishment suffers.

Stepping into the electoral vacuum created by the dying and discredited parties are the populist Sanders and pseudo-populist Trump. They expose the utter vapidity of the system on various levels, especially on the Democratic side. Whether Sanders and Trump are successful in seeking the nomination or they peter out, their success thus far is indicative of the severely decayed political Establishment. Their presence demonstrates that the parties no longer appeal to much of the masses. Thus, the mighty juggernaut of the Democratic Establishment is easily challenged by a candidate with no organization or money,  low recognition and little to ridiculing media coverage. A candidate armed only with a little institutional and activist credibility threatens the pillars of the minions’ comfortable status quo. Meanwhile, an absurd, demagogic billionaire has captured the hearts and minds of the Conservative wing, without uttering much in the way of specifics, except to call out the “mistakes” of the past.

Our ruling class colleagues are horrified at the prospects of a little public investment and the specter of socialism, on the one side, and an unpredictable and uncontrollable card that is The Donald on the other.

Trump is the Republican rank-and-file revenge on its leadership. Years of neglect and bad economic conditions have turned away many of them. Now the Party could fall apart with the rise of The Donald. Then who knows? He might become the head of a smaller more right-wing Republican group, that teams up with a few billionaires, which would be the end of the current ruling class order. Or maybe he forces the GOP to wake up and throw their masses a bone, and thus earn their support. It is truly preposterous that someone like the brass-haired magnate should be destroying supposedly competent and knowledgeable politicians. Then again we are talking about Conservatives. We hope that a Donald win will push the GOP to get serious about pacifying the masses, and thus overshadow him.

Sanders, meanwhile, exposes the Democratic Establishment ruling class as “anti-democratic”. The liberal fairy tale of the “party of the people” should be falling apart as we watch the Democratic National Committee lean on their subtle and not-so-subtle tactics to handicap Sanders. But these are Democrats—Liberals. The Party is allowed to do sleazy things and not get reprimanded for them. The DNC has gone out of its way to herd its constituents away from Sanders and into Clinton’s camp. At first they scheduled debates on weekends and refused to schedule more until they realized that maybe more might help lift flagging support for Clinton. Then a suspicious email scandal allowed the media to demonize Sanders, and gave the DNC cover to cut him off from his own information for a brief period. Then the “Bernie Bros” came into being, reminiscent of the Obama Boys from Clinton’s last go-around at the presidency. But none of this seems to matter much to the Liberal rank-and-file. Still, Sanders campaign continues to grow.

In the Democratic “discourse” that has ensued, Democrats wrestled with the question of whether Clinton taking $600,000 for Goldman Sachs speeches was a bad thing (Gee whiz, let’s see now). Indeed, most of Clinton’s public career is the elephant in the room when discussing her “progressiveness”. But don’t expect loyal Liberals to grasp the implications. One marvels at how Clinton, or her supporters, can be so shamelessly indignant at the insinuation that she is part of the corporate establishment. The individual of common sense cringes at the sound of Clinton’s voicing announcing “I’m a progressive”. Still worse, the clueless progressive party loyalist don’t seem bothered in the slightest at the not-so veiled insult hurled at them, when Clinton proclaims she is a “progressive who gets things done”.

Michelle Alexander, writing in the liberal Nation, and Ralph Nader, writing in Counterpunch, among others, have enumerated, from the masses’ perspective, the plentiful reasons Clinton should not get the nomination. Still the loyal Democratic voter struggles in weighing Sanders and Clinton. Sanders has some of the same “blemishes” on his record as Clinton—and they are not so different as often made out to be, especially on foreign policy—but domestically there should be no question as to who presents a greater challenge to the status quo.

The Preservation Society feels it is inevitable that Sanders must come out more strongly against the entire Democratic Establishment, although he has cleverly infiltrated the process. Clinton at this point is riding on the coat-tails of Obama and the Democratic Establishment. Sanders could easily demolish this figment of Liberal lore. We need to trade in the broken-down jalopy for for something newer.

None of this means of course that Sanders will come close to wining (even if he does). The nominating process ensures a massive uphill battle, were he to win the popular vote. The superdelegates will be expected to perform their duty and vote Clinton, which could further discredit the Democratic faction for years to come. Throw in some election fraud here and there — it’s all sewn up for Clinton. That would be in superficial ruling class interests in and of itself, but Sanders can and must deal the party’s coup de grace by exposing their corruption and demanding an end to the superdelegate system altogether.

The Ruling Class Preservation Society believes individuals of the masses ought to view Sanders as an opportunity for the them to push back against the reckless encroachment of the superior orders. A Sanders investment program, if properly contained, yet empowered, is an opportunity for the ruling class, to regain the masses’ confidence.



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